Saturday, January 4, 2014


I don't think I showed the finished (well almost finished) table runner I made for the Christmas gift exchange at my Aunt Francie's. It came out pretty cute despite the kind of rotten directions. 
 I had to stop by Hy Vee today for a few things. The tour bus out front should have been a clue that it would be busy in there. Really? Who parks a tour bus at Hy Vee?
 I used my Kohl's cash-you know that is some awesome marketing on the part of the Kohl's folks. I mean, yes it's "free" money from spending money-You get I think it's $10 for each $50 you spend but it has to used by the date specified, which was tomorrow on mine, but a person is sure to come in the store to use the "free" money, right? Well I did! Look at this cute purse I got! I actually got two purses and a Christmas decoration for 5 bucks total!
 I've been thinking I need to make a bow tie quilt. I made a sample block. I dunno, I like the shape, but I'm sooo color challenged! I can never decide, all one color, solids for the background, light background, dark background, scrappy, ????Yikes! I'll sleep on it!

Now I'm just bracing for the horrible cold snap that is supposed to hit us.
The high temperature on Monday is supposed to be actually -14 degrees.  Wait did I say that the HIGH temp....oh dear, yup.

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