Monday, March 23, 2020


 First...can you even believe the price of gas?! I actually got gas for $1.65 the other day!!!
 Anyways, I've been moving stuff out so the flooring people can come and install new carpet and flooring. First out, the heaviest stuff...that means you big sewing machine!
 Ringo is confused about the whole thing.
 Our carpet has been getting pretty horrible with dogs and kids and life in general! I got hubby to agree to new LVP-that's Luxury Vinyl Plank- in the computer room-similar to the kitchen/living room area.
 My kids came over to help me tear out he old carpet...aren't they the best! Unfortunately it turns out that you can't go to the landfill to dispose of anything. Regular people are not allowed, but business customers are, so we'll be holding on to the old stuff until they installers come. The kids had to unload it out of the pick up and put it in the garage! much work!!! Never let me try to save money on installation again! Just remember this and say no!!! SOOOOO much HARD WORK!!!
 Roll that old stuff up-DD is prying up the tack strips.  Ben & Jean do really good work-roll on family!!!
Here's what we're getting-carpet in the bedrooms and vinyl in the rest of the places.
Our original LVP isn't available any more, so we have to decide on something different-either try to match or coordinate. I'm a little bit stressed about having a fella come to the house with the way things are with the virus and all. But I'm going to ask him the four you have a fever, do you have a cough, have you had shortness of breath, have you been in contact with anyone with symptoms or confirmed with Corona Virus?  I don't think I can deal with the mess of all the furniture and stuff in the living room and  in the garage for too long, so I hope he passes!
 This is hard to deal with!
And all this in the garage! UGGHHHH!!! I sure hope today goes well!

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Birthday & Junk

 SO Friday was DD's birthday. Hubby treated us to beverages and supper at the local Coralville American Legion. There was a band and they always serve food when there's a band. Perfect!
 We had a very fun time. It's always nice when the family can get together.
 And yes, we're a bunch of old people, but the band could not be better! They are called Notes from the Underground and they were really good!
 Then on Saturday I woke Darling Daughter up and we went out to the Largest Yard Sale at Sharpless Auction house. I quit going to their weekly auctions because they started charging a 10% buyers premium, but the yard sale can be good. I wanted to find some hooks for coats in the laundry room and we always keep an eye out for the popular green glass.
 There was a wide variety of stuff as always....and since we were in the neighborhood, we popped in to West Branch to visit a couple of shops there.
 223 Vintage is a new shop in West Branch, Iowa. They have quite a range of things.
 It was their grand opening, so they were pretty busy. Up the street are a few more antique shops, so we stopped at them too.
 Winner of the ugliest & largest set of dinnerware I've ever seen! And I also made a quick stop at the quilt shop too! It was a great day indeed!
And bes tof all I got the hooks I wanted at the yard sale. They are doing their job already in the laundry room! Yes, those are my snow boots- a certain grand dog will chew them so.....

Thursday, February 27, 2020

The I-80 Shop Hop

 I stopped out at the Clarion Hotel to visit the I-80 Shop hop. There is always a nice selection of shops with lots of pretty things to see.
 The weather was really nice, and they had a pretty good turn out it seemed like to me anyways.

 I saw this fish panel in the photo below...but the shop was sold out. The person told me she wished she had brought more of them!
 I like this bight star quilt!
 I bought a panel for Easter-I better get busy! Easter is coming right up

Monday, February 24, 2020

Frolic is DONE!

 So back in November I started the Frolic Mystery Quilt Along from over on Bonnie K Hunter's Quiltville Blog..
The mystery quilt comes along every year in November and Bonnie K Hunter is famous for her use of scraps, scrapiness, and these mystery quilts.
 SO, I'd been collecting the instructions as they came out every week or so, but I kept having things come up while I was trying to get it all cut and sorted and up to speed!

We went on vacation....

 and I had to stop and make a couple of other more pressing quilts.....
 And the holidays came and went....but NOW IT'S TIME!
Look at this...the blocks are set on point, so there were a bunch of setting triangles to make.
 Look at the mess of seams!! Nothing seems to want to play together nicely at all.
 And the borders! OH my goodness-sooo many pieces!!!!!
 I just went my own way with the border...I had so many extra pieces!! The Designer said there would be extras, because she thought it was the best way to make the directions work for a mystery quilt. Booooo!
Anyways, I got the border done and the top is complete!!!! This thing is huge!
 And so it sat around for awhile, waiting for a day warm enough to spray baste it outdoors with my garage door method. Finally Saturday was the day!!!!
 Look at the size of this beast!
 I am loving it a lot. I struggled with a little breeze, I struggled with the spray can that wouldn't spray and the can whose nozzle fell of...GRRRRR. I was so frustrated!
 But look, one whole day meandering around with lovely purple variegated thread and she's done!!
 It finished at about 92" square.
 It went through my Babylock  fine, not too much struggle.
 I couldn't find a place high enough to hang it up, so the ground was pretty dry here!

 Love this backing fabric I got at Hobby Lobby for only $3 a yard! I needed 6 yards so that was a total steal!
 I'm glad this one is done!
Here's the original made by Bonnie K Hunter. You can see all the ones folks made by visiting her blog, facebook anmd Intsagram pages.
I'm just glad to get this one in the wash and decide where to put it!