Tuesday, December 16, 2014


So, look! I finished the Randall Boggs's been the bane of my existence, but a lady I know at work has a kid and all he wants for Christmas is a Randall Boggs could I say no? Here's the tail section and, here's the finished costume.
It's made of fleece because I couldn't find felt in the right color-Darn! But Finished!
Have I mentioned that every time I go to a store, they don't have what I want? I'm thinking the retail industry is against me. Never mind.
I got my Christmas decor up! Yay! Look at this adorable Ho Ho Ho banner that my Mom made. Last year I didn't get any Christmas decor out because we were in the midst of the great dishwasher flood/flooring drama. This year, I'm all back to normal!

 The shepherds, and wise men & Mary, Joe & Jesus are in place and the goats-new last year-are now in place at the stable! Finished!
 DD dropped her Christmas shopping off for me to wrap...did I say I could wrap...I don't think so! But look here's a cute wrap job-brown paper with cut out letters and I used my Red, Duck brand tape to hold these two odd sized gifts in a nice stack! I'm so smart, and festive too! Finished!

 ANd she also bought this large heavy gift so I sewed up a Christmas gift bag to fit it and the handles of the gift stick out so it can be easily carried-it's pretty darn heavy! Finished!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Best Tree Ever...No Really

So you know how I always go with a theme for my tree these days... and you know how DD and I have been hitting auctions and yard sales all over the place for years. Well lookie here.
 All of these wonderful vintage ornaments are from that work! I love them soooo much!
 They are almost all glass and some are Shiny Brights and some are just cool as can be!
 Some have frosting on them,
 and they just have the best look to them all. Probably because they are made with something toxic from the 60's.
 Who knows, but I think we'll be fine for a few weeks! Oh isn't that pine cone one sweet!
 I can't remember the last time I had a multi color tree, but this is a winner. Thank goodness DD has some multi colored lights in the "storage Facility"...aka  her bedroom.

 I am sure pleased with how it turned out, I think I'll add some paper stars or paper chain as soon as I have a little time to make some.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Like Clockwork

 So, I have this totally awesome vintage clock. I got it from my sister..Hi Anita! I just love the look, but it's electric and it doesn't work...darn it! So I thought I'd just take it apart and replace the guts.
 This baby was made in the USA and is all metal, boy, they knew how to encase a clock back then!
 SO I got it all apart, and cut the cord and it's coming a long pretty well.
 ewww, look there was an old boxelder bug inside there!!LOL! It's vintage too I think! Anyways after two trips to Hobby Lobby to get new clock guts, I got it back together....
 It looks awesome! I did have to cheat a little bit because the clock guts available to me were a little bit too tall to fit under the glass clock the handy man's secret weapon saved me on the backside!

I'm so glad to have this clock on the wall where it belongs. Now to get my tree up and Christmas stuff out!
Monday, December 8, 2014

My Mary Kay Resource

 So my DD has embarked on  the Mary Kay journey. She is also having her first event to sell Mary Kay. I spent my Saturday making some of these little Hershey kisses with her contact web page on them...cute huh?
 Here's her table all set up at the Marriott in Coralville Iowa yesterday.  Doesn't that look good!
 We framed some color copies of Mary Kay information...and she got some roses...mmmm, they smell soooo good!
 Lookie how cute is this girl!?
Hey if you want to learn more about Mary Kay's product line head over the  Dannie's Mary Kay Page.
Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It's official!

Yes, it's official! The P&G Holiday box has arrived and that means it's officially the holiday season! YAY!
 All employees (like me) at Procter & Gamble (#PGEMP) get a holiday gift box. Let's see what it is this year! In past years we've gotten things like throw blankets, chip & dip tray, Pyrex cookware-travel pans, luggage, and my LEAST favorite ever- an Ice Bucket.
 Oh look another piece of luggage, a tote bag! 
 Oh good, I love getting a Christmas card from a multi-millionaire......Thanks A.G.
 well looks like they want us to be healthy again this year...a water bottle, some healthy recipe cards, and P&G earbuds......
 Oh and some product...that's always appreciated.....
 Well it really is feeling like Christmas time around here.
 I got a new bag and look.....Santa is out front to great me every day!!!
 And the one thing you always KNOW will be in the box...World Famous chocolate covered almonds.
Let the merriment begin!!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

What A Great Idea

So I needed to whip up about 30 stockings to give away on Christmas eve at my church. The plan is to put crayons and a bit of paper to color in it and be happy. So my friend Google helped me find a great idea from Here... 
Unfortunately OOPI doesn't seem to be posting much to their blog, but this idea made it all worth while!
I'm thinking this is a brilliant idea! Look at that cute drawstring stocking!!
Here's mine. So I serged off the tops of the stockings, and then here's the life changing part...thanks to OOPI's idea!!
 See you fold over the corner on the top of the back  side of the stocking, just a little bit in a triangle way.
 Then just serge the seam all the way around, leaving the top open in a little V shape.

 See when you're done it's like this. The side seam is complete and you have a little notch V shape at the top.

 Now fold over the top of the stocking to form a casing. And look at the place where you made the little triangle V shape!!
 See it makes a completed casing! No raw edges are hanging out, you can tuck in the serged thread ends and it looks so nice when you sew the casing down,
 See how that looks? Now you just run your ribbon through the casing and you;re done! None of that silly leave an opening stuff to make a good looking casing. This idea is awesome!

 That is a casing to be proud of! Look at that! The little bit you fold over makes it so fast and easy to form the casing opening!
 I used red ribbon-thanks DD!
 And I only took pictures of the stocking before I threaded the ribbon through, but it was bunny fast to get through those casings!
SO I whipped up these 30 stockings pretty darn fast!  Now on to more things!