Friday, June 24, 2016

Eating Out on The Company at 30 Hop & the Museum Visits

 SO the company paid for lunch on Deployment day and we chose to go to 30 Hop.

 Located at the Iowa River landing ares in Coralville, Iowa it's a nice looking place with an outdoor balcony seating area. Too hot for us that day though.
It has a kind of minimalist industrial vibe. Metal chairs and industrial looking tables on cement floors make for a kind of echoing place to eat.
 Their menu is crazy-They obviously are more popular for their beer offerings, but they also have a lot of vastly different things to choose from.
I like the rustic flag on the wall behind us! We had the company money to spend so we had appetizers-Grilled brussels sprouts, Chorizo Cheese dip and Caprese Skewers....those skewers were slippery little suckers, our waiter had them slip off the plate on to my shoulder! YIKES!!I had a light olive oil treatment for my hair! By far the chorizo cheese dip was the best thing to eat.
 I had the pulled pork sandwich which is served with apple slaw on top. It is listed on the menu as peach bbq. but I failed to taste any peach flavor at all. It was a very good sandwich though. I ordered a side of salt roasted carrots too. They had a great flavor but were very under cooked-crispy like a raw carrot. 
The guys ordered things ranging from the shrimp tacos to the 50/50 burger.  Overall everyone enjoyed their food.
 Next stop. The Johnson County Historical Society Museum and the Antique Car Museum of Iowa.
 The Historical Society has a nice homey exhibit-lots of displays about the small towns in Johnson county.
 Here's the board about Oxford!
And a lot of information about how things were back in the day.

 Very interesting stuff to see.
 Then on the other side of the building is the Antique Car museum of Iowa. You donate $5 to go to each museum and since we were spending the company money-we did both!
There are a TON of cars here! 
You are free to walk around and see them all, and there was a guy who would answer your questions.
Look a Book mobile!!
So we had a great day and of course we bonded as a team to be more productive. YUP, sure that's it!
Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Work Outing

So it is time for our annual deployment day at work. Deployment day is the day when management tells us what they expect from us in the coming year and they also outline the latest business plan for the year. As part of the day our work teams are each asked to depoly a meaningful activity to do as a team to help build cheeer and goodwill. We also get to go fo rlunch too! So out team decided to get some exercise (management is always saying we need to be healty) and get some outdoor time by visiting the Veterans Trail at Coralville lake. 
This is the trail that Hubs was honored to be recognized on in 2001. As one goes along the trial there are benches and resting places as well as a bird-watching shelter all in honor of a Johnson County Iowa veteran.

At each stop there ids a placard with a Quark code that links to a short video presentation about the veteran that is honored. 
It's a lovely little walk in the woods and it also gave us time to complete the written work we were assigned to get done! Then we hopped over to the Fossil Gorge located just a little ways away from the trail.
The Fossil Gorge was uncovered several years ago when there was flooding at the dam and the fossils from the Devonian era were uncovered after centuries of hiding!

There is an interactive display that children and adults both will find enjoyable and educational.
It's a really pretty, sunny area to visit and has interesting fossils all over the place. 
Here are some of the informational placards and a good look at some fossils.

People can explore the area and find the numbered areas in the stone and use the guide paper available there to identify to fossilized creatures. 
We saw tadpoles in the little pools.
It was a lovely morning to spend outdoors and we all had a good time. Up next-- LUNCH!
Monday, June 13, 2016

Mirabito's Italian Restaurant

So on Saturday night I went to dinner with Hubs and my work team. Every year my employer,( #P&G Employee) encourages us to socialize with our co workers and families. So we decided to go to supper with our spouses. Miabito's is a small family owned restaurant located in North Liberty Iowa. 
This is Shut Up and Eat! We all laughed!
They had a pretty good looking menu and I thought the prices were very reasonable.

There were 10 of us seated together and I think everyone enjoyed their meal. The service was good and the food arrived quickly. I had the Stuffed Shells Florintine-$13 and
Hubs had the Shrimp Scampi- $18. As you can see the plates are presented well and the portions are plenty big. SO it was nice to enjoy a night out at Miabito's.
Thursday, June 9, 2016

So Disappointed In Schwan's

So, you know how I really like some products from Schwan's. We have a really good route delivery guy, Wade, and he stops by every other week. Well, my favorite snack of all is Bomb Pops. Not the icky kind from the grocery store, the kind only Schwan's sells. Now for the disappointment. They are discontinued. Wahhhhhhh! No Bomb Pops.
So sad, I don't like the multi flavor pop sicles, and the strawberry ones are good, but they are too big. And the yogurt bars are too expensive.
 And on top of that...they have also discontinued the natural casing hot dogs too! Hubs and Uber son both like the flavor of natural casing hot dogs-they are tasty. But so sad, I have nothing else I want from Schwan's... except biscuits, they do have the BEST frozen biscuits, but we don't eat a lot of biscuits in the hot summer months. Guess I won't see Wade anytime too soon. C'mon Schwan's bring back my Bomb Pops and Hot dogs!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Long, But Not Long Enough, Weekend

 SO, The Memorial Day weekend started out with just beautiful weather! I snapped a couple of pictures of the Flags in the Marengo, Iowa cemetery on my way to have lunch with my folks and cousins.
 The local Scout troops were placing the flags as I stopped to take these pictures-Who doesn't love to see Old Glory snapping in the breeze against a bright blue sky! Just lovely!
 So then I got busy and made the TEST DRESS for the upcoming wedding. The actual dress will be grey taffeta & lace, but I wanted to check for size and try out the pattern first.
 Instead of making a boring old muslin, I made a 4th of July dress instead.
 It came out pretty cute. I wouldn't choose this pattern for a casual play dress, but now I know how the pattern puts things together. Maybe I can make the REAL dress with out any problems. I'm thinking I might change the order of assembly to put the zipper in before the side seams are done-might be a little tricky with the bodice-waist seam though. It was a little sketchy putting in the zipper in an almost finished dress which is what the pattern says to do.
 That circle skirt on the dress was a little tricky, but I pressed the heck out of it with a spritz of starch and it rounded up nicely. It really does need a ribbon or belt otherwise it looks a little sack-ish. The REAL dress will have a royal blue ribbon sash. I know I will be adding some thread belt carriers to the side seams. The pattern doesn't call for anything to keep the ribbon in place.
 I'm not a huge fan of the bias tape around the neck and arm holes, but I guess it is the cleanest finish for the lace. The actual dress will be lace over the whole thing not just the yoke.
 There was also a fashion try on for the groom.  Doesn't he look handsome in a bow tie, with  a little clown in front of him!!LOL!
 And later she took a selfie so I could post a picture of the dress on the girl. A busy girl like her makes a dress look so cute!
 Then it was off to the Veterans Trail  service out at Coralville Lake. The Army Corp of Engineers work with the Johnson County veterans organizations to recognize several veterans every year for their service.
 The flags atop the dam just look outstanding, and it was a beautiful day. Hubs was recognized with this honor back in 2001, so we like to go and visit with the other veterans. It is a really nice ceremony.
 The trail itself is a barrier free, wheelchair accessible trail that is a wonderful walk though the forest with places to sit and stones and markers with honored service peoples names engraved on them.
It's a great place to visit on a perfect day and a nice way to end a short long weekend.
Friday, May 27, 2016

A Finish!

So, there's another baby at our church to be baptized soon, so I figured it's a good chance to move out a little bit more fabric. Back in March I finished one Here.
 I used Bernie to embroider the kiddo's name- a little bit of wash away underneath!
 And I've had this bit of flowered humming bird fabric for awhile and it looks great with the green Riley Blake fabric-I got it in Minnesota awhile back...remember that trip?!!
 Here it is all quilted with a quick meandering pattern...
 and this cute print binding is just adorable!
 All washed up and ready to go!
 I love the washed crinkly look and this one washed up really beautifully.
 Ready for little Lexi to play on!

Peony Time

I've been watching my peony plant get ready to bloom.

 In no time at all it just POPPED!
 Love these big flowers!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Sunday Funday

SO on Sunday DD and me and her pal BJ went to the Ackerman Flea-Tique market!
 SO much great stuff there!  Look at this cute play refrigerator! It has a painted on icemaker!! What little kid wouldn't be thrilled with that!
We go to this show almost every year and this year was the biggest yet! SO many great antiques and crafts and junk! Here's the outdoor iron artist, wonderful stuff!
 This coffee table was really different! DD loves it!
 I like this one a lot better, I bet we could  do that.LOL..snort!!!!
 Here's the real gem though. This table with an iron register grate set into really beautiful wood. Selling for something like $350. LOVE IT!
 There were vendors inside the buildings at the Johnson County Fairgrounds and also a lot of stuff outdoors too. Rusty old stuff and new crafted stuff.
 Manly kind of things..... and really cute DIY ideas too!

 I bought this unusual pair of Wiss scissors. They are 7 1/2" Left handed but have this odd tab on the top handle. I thought they were manufactured with it, but maybe it was added on for some reason.
I've never seen anything quite like them. SO I will add them to my wall-only $3.
 Isn't it great when old things are so well preserved? Just think of all these kinds of things that were sent to the burn pile over the years. I guess that's why people will pay for them these days!
 It was a beautiful day too! Sunny and bright with just a tiny breeze.
 And just to make the day complete, the peonies are starting to bloom in the yard too!