Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Antiques Roadshow St Louis

So awhile back-like February, I applied for tickets to go to Antiques Roadshow. They had stops this year in Milwaukee and in St Louis, I couldn't decide which one to apply for, but went with STL. It's a random drawing, so I wasn't too optimistic. But whatdoyaknow? I got tickets!
The way it works it is, the Roadshow volunteers line up everyone and are filed into the proper assigned lines based on your ticket time. You're allowed to bring two items to be appraised. I read the on line directions carefully, they tell you things to NOT bring. They take a look at what you are bringing and assign you to the group for your item. Like glassware, paintings, militaria, toys, and such. We lucked out and had two textiles and two folk art, meaning we would only need to wait in two appraisal lines instead of 3 or 4.  Hubs took his favorite art. This table that he had made, features a carving by my BIL Steven Kelsey on a tree.
The last time I went to one of these, was with DD in Chicago-the lines were awful that time. The lines here were not too awful, but we chatted with people in our textile line that had been in line for 2 hours for militaria, and we saw the lines for glassware and watches were crazy long next to us.

 We had only about 3 people in front of us for textiles and the same for folk art too! WOW! What a great thing! So the table....I was skeptical....I didn't know what they'd say about it....Ken Farmer(We've seen him quite a bit on the show!) was called to collaborate with our initial appraiser, Nancy Druckman. They loved the burls in the wood, they loved the color and the shape. they loved the carving, they just thought it was a wonderful piece. And a retail estimate of.......$500-$700!!!! WOW!!!
Our 2nd folk art item was this set of bookends. Mom was pretty sure they were brought back from Europe when Grampa & Gramma went there in the 60's. And she was RIGHT!! Appraiser Nancy, said she felt these were created for the tourist market, likely in the northern parts of Europe and even though they aren't REALLY old, they still would be valued at $100-$200!! YAY!!!
 Then we had our textile items. Up first was this quilt that I have from my Great Aunt Grace. It's a very unique pattern, I think and all hand sewn. And I like the orange fabric.
The appraiser was Katy Kane and she also thought it was a unique design-"the stars look like pants don't they?!"...yes they do! She said that quilts are not as pricy as they may have been in the past however this one with the few flaws (a small stain and a bite out of an edge) would go for about $150. YAY!!!

And the last item we had was this Hawaiian shirt that belonged to my Grampa. He and Gramma went to Hawaii in 1959 and this shirt returned with them. I've always loved the fabric and the bright colors so I was hopeful! Appraiser Katy said it was lovely and obviously for the tourist trade with the cruise ship motifs. Another appraiser agreed and said the buttons were correct too-real coconut shell or the like. They both agreed it is in excellent condition and said it would easily retail for $150-$300! WOW! I knew I loved this shirt!!

So that's how we came out at Antiques Roadshow. Best experience ever! There was a long line for the feedback booth and  Hubs wasn't in the mood to wait in another line, so off we went!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Independence Day Weekend

SO I popped up to the folks' house and we stopped in Marshalltown , Iowa to
Relics Midwest   they had a big sale advertised on Facebook,Relics Midwest so I drug mom & Dad along to look around. They had never been and neither had I. Lots of doors! And look at the registers!
Lots of architectural salvage type items love the trims.... Dad bought a couple of things
One was this teapot-I bet it's called something else-that fits on the hole of his stove out in the garage. Looks pretty good, doesn't it? He said he had been on the lookout for one for awhile that was the right size, so SCORE!
And I checked on the anvil stock. Yup, still plenty of them around. Seems like a lot more really big ones though;
I made Dad take a picture....oopsy a little blurry
There's a better one!
The anvils are always interesting to see.
This big one is actually part of the's a mystery kind of, Dad says it's unique. So that was all the fun I had there.
Then on the 4th I was up early to hit the Ackerman Antique/flea market at the Johnson County Fairgrounds in Iowa City, Iowa.
This is a really big event. I always see stuff I've never seen before-look at the size of these crocks!!
This booth was my absolute favorite-total Mid Century Modern....
Look at those glasses, oh my goodness-If I didn't hate to dust so much I'd have that cool lamp!
They even had a little bit of Jadetite-I think DD has some of these bowls though-I really should get a list from her.
WOW! I've never seen so many figurines in one group. There's a whole city worth of people here!!LOL! And you can have your choice for only $5!!
Whoa! Look out-here's couple of escapees from figurine town at a booth a little ways away.....
Here's a picnic basket I've never seen before-It's from the Hawkeye picnic basket company and made in Burlington, Iowa. And it's insulated. Pretty cutting edge stuff, and it can be yours for only $200.
 I'm going to get one of these metal baskets eventually, but I'm too cheap to pay $30
  There doesn't seem to be any shortage of them...Mom has one that used to belong to Great Grampa & Great  Gramma Roskamp.
 Crocks were there in full force and they seem to be a little pricier than I have seen in the past.
 The lightening rod trend seems to be going on-I love the one I have from DD out in my garden....
And I love the great mid century look of these clocks, but I already have a nice one from Anita!

Well I saw a lot there, so it's on to the 4th of July parade in Coralville with the family and then home to Oxford for their parade. Jaymie is running her lemonade stand again, and let me tell you she made a killing! Over $30!
Ben got off work in time to come to the parade.
I'm getting better at taking selfies don't you think? Kevin photo bomb!!
We all had a great time at the parade.
The kids always get a lot of candy and it just wouldn't be 4th of July without the parade!
The only thing I bought was this new dog toy for Ringo at the flea market! We'll see how long it holds up.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Fix it Time

 So, the microwave oven stopped working. It turned on but the turntable didn't turn and there was no heating up happening. So I googled what to do, and it seems like there is a door switch that is bad and can easily be replaced...if you believe the youtube folks. Well first thing is the screws on the cover of the microwave are this unique kind. They have a bump in the middle so I had to go find the proper tool. It only took me two trips to the hardware store to get the right bit!
The T20 size was the right one...who knew?!
Here's what it looks like inside the microwave.
 And here's the switch that might be bad...well I watched the youtube video again and I was supposed to check the current before I removed it...ooopsy, so I poke it back in there......
 And guess what? It worked. The switch must have been loose or something because when I put it back together it worked just fine! Well how about that!!
 The other thing I fixed, well finished, was this-it was a project in a nice plastic bin that Mom started...I'm guessing in 1982...when I moved her sewing stuff around, I came across it.
There wasn't a pattern with directions with it, but it looked like the pieces she had cut out it was going to be some kind of tote bag. So I just made my own idea of what it should look like. Shae had the top bottom and four sides cut out of the quilted on both sides with coordinating  fabric and she had lining parts out of rip stop nylon.

And here's what I came up with. A cute picnic kind of bag with a zipper on top and lines with the nylon fabric. It could also work for swimming suits or damp stuff too.
 I think it's pretty cute, and there's nothing better looking than a finished project!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Yard Sale Weekend

 So I got DD up early and we got the yard sale all out of the garage. We had good shoppers the entire day! From 7am-1pm we had people there almost all the time. We ended up doing pretty well. Julie sold her shoes and made pretty good money and I sold so much stuff! About $300 between us all. I made a haul to the Salvation Army with the rest. Done for a long time!!

 Jaymie made a killing on the cuteness of her lemonade stand! The stand worked out really well.
And the only really big thing we had left was this cool rocking chair. I've got it posted on the facebook group so maybe it will get sold yet!
 Then on Sunday I did a little home maintenance. The front porch steps were feeling a little bouncy. I tipped it up and then could see that the screws are failing. The cross beam underneath had come un done.
 A few new screws in there and that's all done!
 Looks good, and now when you step it feels firm!
 I did a little garage sitting then with Ringo. Bob came out to visit with him. They seem to have an understanding.
 Bob liked playing with the long leash!
 And the last thing for the weekend was spending a little time with the family. And look Uber Son has a haircut!
 I guess he was ready for a summer hairdo! He's a handsome fella no matter what I say!
And I'm getting the hang of the selfie...well sort come the kids all look cute as can be, but I look weird? Oh well... Done!