Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tuesday Morning

 I was driving home from work on Tuesday morning, and these crazy cool clouds caught my eye.
 How cool is that!? It looks like one of those calendar pictures don't you think?

OK, maybe not, but still cool clouds.
Wednesday, August 27, 2014

St. Louis Wrap Up

Ok I'm ready to finish up with the trelogue of St Louis, so let the random-ness BEGIN!
 SO, it was rainy and hot when we left Iowa for St louis, but lucky us, it cleared up as we went south...if only the heat would have let up too!
 We stopped at the famous Schlafly Bottleworks to sight-see and pick up a little souvenir or 24. 
 They are a pretty good sized independent beer brewery, and have a very loyal following among Beer lovers.
 Then we went on the blues cruise-aboard the Becky Thatcher replica steam boat. I swear I'm the worst selfie picture taker!!!
 Such a pretty night on the river-HOT though!
 The arch looks great in the heat and the river is always beautiful at night.
 While in St Louis, we also went to a couple of estate tag sales. Yup-we went garage sale-ing in St Louis!LOL!
 This big old house was the one where I got a couple of souvenirs for DD. Look at this house! They were selling EVERTHING! The neighborhood was pretty muckety-muckety, and had big Keep Out signs all over!
 These flowers were made of Jade-at least that's what the tag said. The house was just full of tons of artsy little figurines and such.
 Here's what I came for-green glass, I'm not sure if it's what DD likes, but I got several pieces and a couple of other things for a bargain price of $25
 We also went to another tag sale, and with the heat, that was enough!!
 We drove over to The Hill neighborhood to go to Volpi Italian meats.  This is such a cute neighborhood, all decked out with Italian banners and close neighborhoods. Hubs loves the Volpi salami and summer sausages, so we picked up a little meat.
 Look driving down the freeway.....we were behind this van, with a giant dog on top! I laughed so hard...I couldn't get a good picture, because, well I was driving you know?!
 And here's Hubs communing with nature at the courtyard at our Hotel. Free morning coffee, and bumble bees buzzing in the hosta plants, what a nice morning!
I have to mention, I had checked the map to make sure we were not close to Ferguson, you know with the rioting and such, I just kind of thought it might not make for a good vacation. Anyways, we were quite a ways away from Ferguson so I didn't give it another though. Until Gretel the Garmin GPS told me to turn left near Florissant, MO-it;'s another suburb, and well what do ya know-TV trucks, police cars, and National Guard people! YIKES!!! REPROGRAM GRETEL-REPROGRAM!!!!!! No problem I asked the Nice National Guard person where I could pull over and reprogram Gretel and he nicely pointed me to a space in front of his Humvee truck. OK-we made it back to the hotel with no problem!  That's all I got left for St Louis! YAY!
Tuesday, August 26, 2014

And We Ate...

So the one place on my list of places to eat that I thought we should not miss was called Bailey's Range. It is located in downtown St. Louis, which made my Hubs cranky...Downtown is not his kind of town. Anyways I made him come in. 
Range is in a classic old downtown building and has the greatest eclectic/shabby chic/modern/cool decor!
 Look those milk cans with the bottoms cut out are the lighting fixtures, and behind that you can see the random old window panes hanging. The windows for a kind of non-divider-divider between the dining area and the kitchen. The center of the room is a long dining table where you can be seated. We chose to sit at the counter/bar.
Range serves dozens of kind of Beer, on tap, in bottles all kinds and most of it is of the trendy micro brewery type. But they also have all kinds of favorites in bottles too. 

 Here's Grumpy Cat...Oh I mean Hubs, see those bottle behind him? Those are all the kinds of soda pop they have in bottles to choose from. WOW! Plus they have their own brewed root beer and other beverages on tap.
 I loved the look of this restaurant the minute I walked through the door.

There's also an upper balcony you can sit at too. We didn't go up there though.
 I had the Range Root Beer, they serve beverages in jars and bottles, the water came to us in a tall clear glass bottle and the drinking glasses are all jars. Some of the jars advertise Range seasonal beers. Pretty clever marketing because I bet folks steal the glasses all the time!
 SO We ordered a side of onion rings....just look at them.... they were delicious. They came with a little jar of chipotle mayo to dip them in, but of course I had to have ketchup, and they MAKE THEIR OWN KETCHUP.  I ordered the American burger, Hubs ordered a cup of chili and a side of fries. He said his chili was the BEST HE'S EVER HAD! WHAT????? Well, I'm glad grumpy cat didn't want to come here right?
 Here's my American burger. I have to say this was very likely the BEST burger I've ever had, the meat was delicious, it is advertised as 100% grass fed Missouri raised beef and I  loved it. The American burger comes with a glob of fried macaroni and cheese on top and it was such a delicious little bite! OH My!
 Anyways we slurped up all this Delicious food and headed for the hotel. 
Now the only other restaurant we went to in St Louis  was a diner.  On Friday we took the time to go to the White Knight Diner. 
 It's an old fashioned, old school, back in the day, kind of diner. That outside decor isn't retro-it's original. It probably seats 15 people, and sits on a corner in old downtown St. Louis.
 Inside is a lot of stainless steel and just what you'd expect in a diner. A flattop grill and a deep fryer. I had a burger and fries and Hubs had a turkey melt sandwich, The food was fine, plain old diner food. Nothing special-It's like eating at McDonald's except on plates.The down side was the place was so dirty! I mean the floor was dirty, the window sills were dirty, the whole place just felt gritty.  Anyways, the plates were clean so we ate and left...none too soon for me, but it was Hub's choice. So that's all the actual restaurants we ate at the rest of the tie we the zoo, at Trader Joe's, at the hotel.
 If you've never been to Trader Joe's it's an all natural, clean eating kind of grocery store. The thing is EVERTHING is Trader Joe's brand.
 Yes everything, I bought lip balm, and milk and cookies and a bag of clementines and they are all Trader Joe brand.
Eating in the city is always such a fun adventure, I think I'll stick to making the restaurant choices form now on though.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The St Louis Zoo

So as I may have already mentioned, it was about 100 degrees F in St Louis last week when we visited.
 But I wanted to go to the zoo, so here we go....we waited until Friday afternoon. It was right at 100. Of course. OK so when you enter the parking area...did I mention the admittance to the zoo is FREE? You only have to pay $15 to park if you choose to drive to the zoo. Imagine if you took the could do the zoo for like under $5. Actually if you had a carload of people, you could really come out pretty economically.
 There are really beautiful sculptures scattered along the parking lot and walkway as you go into the zoo.
 We rented a scooter for Hubs, only $26 for all day! And worth every penny so I didn't have to push a wheelchair in 100 degree heat!!!!!
 Rhino, and Hyena

 Birds and Rhino
 cool fox
 HIPPOS! Look how cool this enclosure is. Those smart hippos, were swimming on this hot day!

 The zoo keeper was moving the cheetah inside when we got here.

 Elephants...and another cool sculpture on the wall of a lizard...made you look twice at that!!

 The elephants were looking very good!
 So the sea lion enclosure was very cool, really cool in fact, you could stay oout in the sun and watch them .....
 or go into the AIR CONDITIONED TUNNEL....YESSS! Ahhh it was sooo nice to get cool!
 This was a really awesome display, for the sea lions, the water was moving over the tunnel so it was a wonderful effect.
 I think this was my favorite place in the zoo.

 Flamingos, and a little further along the giant bird cage.
 I had wanted to see the giant FLIGHT CAGE, because it was originally built for the 1904 St Louis World's Fair. I think it's cool that it still exists and the birds do fly around in there...I didn't want to go in but it was cool to see.

 Moving along to the Red Rocks area of the zoo looking for some big cats.....

 cute gazelle

 tall giraffe,
 Ohh camels!

 Can you see the leopard?
 actually two of them and the tiger soaking in the sun...
 Phew! That's enough animals I think. We moseyed on down to the main plaza where it was Jungle Boogie night! Every Friday night through the Summer they have a live band playing so folks can come and enjoy the zoo

 Even in the heat there was a good crowd.....
 The band was good, and the people were all having such fun!
We loved this lady! She danced every dance and was so full of joy, it made us smile in spite of the miserable heat!!There was so much to see at the zoo, we probably only went through about 2/3 of it all, but we did enjoy the visit!