Sunday, April 15, 2018

Fun Was Had By All...

So, I started cutting up this vintage panel to make into a quilt-likely for the church auction or something else, since the fabric was donated to me to use as I wish. It's cute, but I hope I can improve on the dated color scheme! So on to fun things!
 This little blond girl, Susan,  turns 30 this week and so DD and the rest of these friends-since-childhood ladies got together to surprise her and celebrate!
 Hubs made her a platter of armadillo eggs-hot jalapeno stuffed peppers-her favorite!
 DD's got some serious party shoes on! Glitter Chuck Taylors? Who does that?!
Anytime these girls get together, it's bound to be fun-And bonus-Our favorite local band was playing that night too! Why the heck didn't I get a picture of Interstellar Cave Dweller?
Gotta love a little family beverage time. Only a few more of these ladies have birthdays coming up so I imagine we'll be at another 30th celebration at some point! We're so lucky that these "kids-HA" invite us to join them!
Wednesday, April 11, 2018

It's Spring?

So there was a big auction up at Hawkeye Downs in Cedar Rapids on Saturday. I went to be a lookie loo before I had to go to work.
 SO many nice things to see there. A ton of these tiny sewing machines.
Look at this tiny little picnic basket!
 And look, there's a metal picnic basket over on that other table! I had to go before they got to anything I might have bid on. There were a lot of old quilts too!
 Then on Sunday afternoon-look here! It's Spring! Mother nature must not have gotten the message!
 We got several inches of snow by Monday morning....
 Lucky for me-it's warm enough that I don't have to snow blow!!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Baby Quilt Finish!

So, DD works with a Dr. who will be having a baby soon. She said their baby room theme was vintage travel luggage/Giraffe. OOO K. I found this awesome vintage fabric at Hobby Lobby it's Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements. He does make some really wonderful fabric-and paper too!
 A little while back I saw this Quilt a long at Polka Dot Chair.   She always has the nicest quilts! I thought I'd give the quilt a long a try-just not right at that time. Her pattern is called Seasonal Safari. I like the way each row is different-and they're nice big blocks-so that means QUICK!
 I had a little struggle with these big hourglass blocks...I fixed it after DD pointed out that the intersection was not good. Thanks Sweetie!
 I messed around with the layout for a while. I added some extra strips in between the rows and I chose not to make the 3rd quilt a long row-it looks like a saw tooth and I just didn't like it.
And I made a zigzag row instead of a plain row too.
 So I got it all together and used one of the dotted prints I had in my stash for the binding.
 I LOVE it! The colors in these [pictures are a little odd....
 Must be because it was kind of late when I took them-bad light.
 Here it is after a wash! Love the crinkly goodness!

I love the way it came out! I hope the new baby Momma likes it too!
Friday, March 30, 2018

Books and Lists and Fabric

 So Saturday was so snowy-I had to wait until Sunday to go to the Shelter House benefit book sale. Lucky for me, I got off work in good time to get over there by noon-opening time!
 Every year there are sooo many books and stuff for sale. I got a quilt book-who doesn't need a little more inspiration? Am I right?
I resisted the cassette tapes though!
 Hubs sent me with a list-I just took a picture of it since the last few trips to town I keep losing his list. Hmmm, wonder if that's some kind of sign.....
And I need to get going on a baby quilt for one of DD's favorite Dr. people. I still love the sloths, but maybe not.....
Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A Little Yard Work

 So the power company cut off a bunch of tree branches at my Mom & Dad's house. Being good kids, my Sister and my kids and me went over there to get the wood moved. See DD is almost done...see the pile behind her?
 We probably won't get an A for neat wood stacking but it's better than it was! We stacked it closer to the garage so Dad can cut it up to burn in the garage when it's cold.
 One thing was a pretty big deal, see that? Ben drove Grampa's pick up! He pulled close to the piles of wood that the power company left.
 Then we loaded it in the pick up and moved to the next pile. Then unloaded over by the garage.
 At the same time. Julie and Dad were burning the pile of sticks that was piled up.
 It was a pretty fast burning pile!

 One thing I can tell you is that hackberry wood is a lot heavier to pick up than walnut!
Dad pointed out this big old walnut tree is almost all hollow-look at it on the North side-I sure don't know why they wouldn't take the whole tree down! It's bound to fall at some point. They're putting in new power poles, so they cut away the branches they wanted, but you's think they would be a little concerned over a whole trunk falling on the lines.
 All done for now.  Really good weather for the fire-hardly any breeze. Glad this work is done.

Friday, March 16, 2018

One Year Later-Ringo the Dingo

One year ago, I got the phone call.....
 Moooom, this dog needs you.
 Really? I don't think so!
 Gosh he is cute isn't he......
Look at those pretty eyes-he looks like he has eye liner on!!

 Weeeelll, I don't need another dog......
 Somebody will claim him I'm sure-I'll check and see if the vet can detect a chip......
 We got him an appointment for shots and neutering.....
 And here it is a year later......We've loved having Ringo be OUR dog.
Happy Gotcha day!