Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Yard Sale Weekend

 So I got DD up early and we got the yard sale all out of the garage. We had good shoppers the entire day! From 7am-1pm we had people there almost all the time. We ended up doing pretty well. Julie sold her shoes and made pretty good money and I sold so much stuff! About $300 between us all. I made a haul to the Salvation Army with the rest. Done for a long time!!

 Jaymie made a killing on the cuteness of her lemonade stand! The stand worked out really well.
And the only really big thing we had left was this cool rocking chair. I've got it posted on the facebook group so maybe it will get sold yet!
 Then on Sunday I did a little home maintenance. The front porch steps were feeling a little bouncy. I tipped it up and then could see that the screws are failing. The cross beam underneath had come un done.
 A few new screws in there and that's all done!
 Looks good, and now when you step it feels firm!
 I did a little garage sitting then with Ringo. Bob came out to visit with him. They seem to have an understanding.
 Bob liked playing with the long leash!
 And the last thing for the weekend was spending a little time with the family. And look Uber Son has a haircut!
 I guess he was ready for a summer hairdo! He's a handsome fella no matter what I say!
And I'm getting the hang of the selfie...well sort come the kids all look cute as can be, but I look weird? Oh well... Done!
Thursday, June 22, 2017

Father's Day at SugaPeach

So it was Father's Day on Sunday . DD and Uber Son along with the family took Hubs out for lunch. We tried a new place called SugaPeach, located in North Liberty, Iowa.
SugaPeach is set up kind of like a cafeteria. You can see the selections and choose what you like. There's a big menu too. Hubs was pleased to have some okra and collard greens.
Son had the Chicken & waffle.
I think Lovely Jean had the sampler, chicken & fish with a side. The food was good and the people there were so very kind and took care of every little thing we could have wanted.
There's one in every crowd and Young Kevin was it on this day.
 I like the simple graphics on the walls at SugaPeach-this one mentions many well known Southern cooks. Another has cafeterias and eateries of Southern renown.
A quick family shot before everyone left to get busy with the work of the day! Everyone is so busy on the weekends, we were lucky to get this time together!
Happy Father's Day to my hubby-what a couple of great kids we have!
Sunday, June 11, 2017

Computer Day

 So I got my Mom a new computer. This one! It's very neat and tidy. It might have a slight learning curve to go from Windows Vista to Windows 10 though. But at least it's all up to date now.
 I only had two issues with the whole thing, 1 was this printer. Deep won't print in black ink. I know, it seems so simple, change the ink cartridge...well that didn't work. Check the levels screen, nope. Clean and print test pages, nope. Align ...nope. I guess it'll be a new printer for Mom next. THe other issue involved getting her emial address book on to her new computer-you'd think it would be there and easy...but Nooooo! Not easy and not there.
We went for lunch and made a stop over at an Antique/Junk shop near State Center.
 E-29 Pickers at the Big Red Barn located off county Rd E-29 by Sate Center, Iowa had a nice little shop in their barn. I have this same Miller sign going in my yard sale on the 24th. Come and buy it for a lot less than $50.
 Here are a few of the items on display in the shop.
 Since it's located in the middle of no where, I think they must have a pretty dedicated clientele.
Anyways, it was a nice diversion from the computer drama.
Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Art Fest in Iowa City

So DD and me took Lucy to the Art Fest in downtown Iowa City Iowa over the weekend. She did a great job! I mean Lucy....DD is always awesome:-), she greeted other dogs nicely and there were a lot of dogs to meet! In this picture she was about done for the day, she drank her water and was ready to rest.
The art was wonderful as always!
Even the bookmobile was there!
Art, art, art,
This chair is from the furniture folks over in Amana.
Art, art, art!
The rose bushes in downtown were blooming like crazy! So pretty!
This little Dude was selling his original, made while you wait, artwork.
A+ for entrepreneurship!
Drums and musical instruments. The vendor told a child nearby that you had to be as tall as the didgeridoo to play it!
This booth from ArtiFactory is an organization that holds classes and instructional, informative meetings all about art. We had a great day. I just love seeing all the creative work!
Meanwhile at home, Jager is eating mulberries off the tree about as fast as they get ripe! Silly Doggie!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Backyard Time at Beans

SO over the weekend I was lucky enough to get to roast some marshmallows with Bean & the family. You know Bean... Ben +Jean=Bean.Kids and dogs and marshmallows, what a good time!
Here's Bean! They got a nifty little fire pit-perfect for hot dogs and marshmallows!

The dogs all are wearing these cute red lights-gifts from my favorite Wells Fargo employee!
Yup, those marshmallows look perfect Jean!
What a nice way to spend the evening!
Monday, May 29, 2017

Catching Up

Don't the Peonies look pretty! One day they are not there and the next day, POOF!
I brought a few in the house-they're so pretty!
I still don't have the lawn mower figured out....
It's time to go to a professional.....
My friend Loretta passed away on Tuesday. She was quite an interesting person.
Her health had been declining for quite awhile. I'll miss her.
Monday, May 15, 2017

Deep Sigh.....

So for Mother's day, my sister and I took our mom to lunch at Perkins in Marshalltown, Iowa. It was windy outside. So much for a quick selfie. Deep Sigh.... LOL!!
Other than a quick trip to Minnesota  see my favorite cousin, I've only been dealing with this darn lawn mower. I called in the "expert" a friend of ours who works on small engines. 
That was last Tuesday......deep sigh....
Wednesday, May 3, 2017

So This Happened Last Week....

Well, I guess I knew it was too good to be true, a dog the NEVER chewed anything he wasn't supposed to.....
Ringo, Ringo, Ringo......Deep sigh-at least a replacement is only $20, it could be worse. A new one is on it's way.
On Sunday I did a little repair job for DD. The horn wasn't working on little Sparky, so of course, start with the simple thing, the fuse.  Which, as it turns out, wasn't so simple as I thought it would be. 
Did you know there are at least 4, yes FOUR! different sizes of little fuses? I knew there was regular kind-Oh the good old days!, and there are mini, but there is also MICRO size and these mini, LOW PROFILE fuses-really? Dang car people, what's wrong with keeping a simple standard!!???
Anyways, I got the correct one-I should mention that it would have been helpful if the old fuse was available, to compare and match, right? Unfortunately DD had lost that little tiny fuse when she took it out....deep sigh. Truly it is a tiny little thing!
Now, here's what the diagram in the manual looks like. We're going for fuse number 8 for the horn. Ok, looks simple enough right? HaHaHa! Those crazy folks in Chevy car planning obviously don't have a clue what the actual fuse box looks like. Here it is.
I think they could use a little practice in making the diagram match the reality. After a little  searching and taking a couple of good guesses, I finally got the fuse popped into the correct slot. What a Pain! Now little Spark has her horn back! YAY! That's enough for me!
Saturday, April 29, 2017

Rainy Day Browsing

I popped up to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to visit my elderly friend and afterwards stopped by an antique show at Hawkeye Downs. I thought it would be a bigger show-especially since they charge $6 for admission (well, $5 if you mention you saw their ad in the paper)!
It seemed like a pretty small turn out due to the bad weather I think. There weren't a whole lot of vendors either-but most were vendors that I had not seen before. Like this one with all of these gorgeous vintage purses! 

Things aren't all bad, when there are buttons though, right?
Seemed like a lot of glassware and a TON of jewelry! I had a nice time browsing, but didn't buy a thing! Out in the rain once more to have a nice lunch with a dear friend then back home to dogs with muddy feet!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The To Do List--Easter edition

So, DD is moving, and there is a couch and loveseat left in her condo that is just awful! I put getting rid of that mess at the top of my to do list. I warmed up my muscles and loaded them up in the pick up-reclining couches are NOT light- and made a trip to the local dump. Yes I hate to add to the landfill, but honestly, these pieces were just too awful to pass on to anyone! Buh bye awfulness!!
Then my next item was to get the riding lawn mower ready to go-the grass is growing like crazy! I knew I had a slow leak in the front tire last summer, I aired it up every weekend for my gardener. SO I got the wheel off and took it in to get it fixed. Unfortunately the leak was in the sidewall and couldn't be fixed so I had to get a new tire.
SO I got the tire back on and checked my fluids and thought I'd be ready to go....well darn it it won't start. I really should take better care of the battery, it was pretty corroded, so I got the baking soda after it and, I put the charger on it and hoped for the best!
Well the charger says it's good to go, but still no starting for the mower, so I went to town AGAIN! and bought a new battery.
Now only one more thing, get the old battery out and put in the new one. Wouldn't you know it the cable on the positive side wouldn't un-bolt for anything! I WD-40'd it and tried every tool I have to get it loose and ended up breaking the I wonder if my cable was bad to begin with, Oh well, I've got the battery so now I need to replace or repair the cable. Off on ANOTHER trip to town.
The cable has a little fuse wire on it and I couldn't locate a cable like that anywhere! So I just got a new end loopy thing and put that on and I got some new bolts too. Those things are a pain! You'd think there'd be a better way to connect a battery. I don't have a crimping tool, and it was HARD to get it on there but I got it!!!
Looks good-fingers crossed.....And Hallelujah! It started right up!! Too bad it's raining now! Mowing will have to wait until Sunday when I'm expecting about 14 people and 6 dogs to come for dinner. So the next to do list item is to get a table in from the garage.
This antique table belonged to my old friend who now is in assisted living. When she moved I helped her sell and move and donate almost her whole house. Nobody seemed to want this table, but I really thought it pretty cool. SO I just stashed it in my garage all this time. Don't judge...and no hoarder references please! It has two leaves and the ends drop down so it doesn't take up much space.
I think it was happy to have people sitting at it after all these years! It worked out perfectly!
I also needed some springy/Eastery table decor, so I whipped up a couple of the 15 minute table runners out of some fabric I had on hand. I mean, my to do list was almost done so why not stop and sew a little, right?! I love this ice cream print and paired it with the Iowa shop hop fabric from a few years ago that I had been holding on to for no good reason. Pretty! That pretty much covers the to do list for last weekend!
Other than the non blog worthy-ness of things like vacuuming, and cleaning the bathrooms. And I was totally negligent and didn't take food pictures! Hubs made one of the best hams I've ever eaten and a wonderful macaroni and cheese and cole slaw! Julie brought a delicious pasta dish, Bean brought ice cream and strawberry shortcakes for dessert and we all had a great meal. Mom brought her deviled eggs-an Easter favorite! Amen!