Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Backyard Bonfire Time...late reporting!

So I had quite a pile of stuff in the backyard burn pile-mostly branches and pallets. Yes, that is Ringo on top of the pile...he figured out how to be king of the hill!
Anyways it was time to burn it down! So I had some good help to get ready....Dannie mowed the lawn like she always does, with some help....and Poodle helped too-she kept the toys gathered up, and
Ringo was helpful and ate the apples that are falling from the apple tree next door. 
See there was plenty of fuel for the fire! It was a perfect day too-warm and still. It was a really fast burning, hot fire!
We shoveled coals into the fire bowl so we could roast hot dogs and brats and of course make s'mores! We stayed out until past dark, it was such perfect weather.
A few days later Dannie used the big magnet we borrowed from Dad to pick up the nails left in the fire area. 
There was a lot of dang nails-burning pallets will do that!
Now she won't have to worry about getting a flat tire on the lawn mower!
Saturday, September 16, 2017

Blaze Pizza

So there's a new pizza restaurant in Iowa City, Iowa.  Blaze Pizza.
Dannie and I stopped in after the flea market at the fairgrounds on Labor Day....yes, I know I'm a little bit behind in blogging.
 Anyways, the Pizza was really good.
 It's a lot like going to Subway, in that you get to make your pizza anyway you like it. They have lots of ingredients to choose, and our person did a lovely job of making our pizzas. 

 Pizza costs just $7.95 each and the toppings are included! I think that's a great deal!
So I had them build my pizza-lots of good stuff on there....and Dannie had their signature white top. Both were really good and the pizzas come out fast from their fast grill oven. Kind of like a stone fired oven, but no stone is the best way I can describe it. You still get that nice crispy crust. The only thing I would improve would be for the people that cut the pizza to get a sharper tool-we had to use the plastic knife to cut our apart!
 The beverage selection apparently changes, but the day we were there we had Blood Orange Lemonade-it was WONDERFUL! And just to make me even happier, free refills!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Aunt Francie's 80th birthday celebration

So my Aunt Francie celebrated her 80th birthday with a really fabulous party organized by her children. My cousins did a wonderful job of organizing the whole thing!
There was a fun lunch of Maid Rites, cake and Cedarcrest Ice Cream and I was lucky enough to have my kiddos there!
And see there?  Mom is working the paper.....There was an Aunt Francie crossword puzzle, and I WAS IN THE PUZZLE!!
AND, as if there needed to be any more good things, Lovely Jean got me a SELFIE STICK!!!!!
Look see there, the stick is a thing of wonder...wonder where to point it! HAHAHA
I keep trying, but I can't seem to get my SELF in the picture, LOL!
DD took pictures while we were visiting and mingling.....
Poor Ben......
He just plays along.....
One of my cousin's grand daughters was especially interested in Dannie's big camera.
How cute is that?
The future photographer!
It was such a fun party. So many people stopped by to wish Aunt Francie a happy birthday!
I'm getting better with the stick here...see!!!
Ben & his Grampa, we all love their sense of style, it must be the blue plaid gene pool!
I imagine Dad looked pretty much like Ben when he was that age.
Here's my wonderful cousin Robin, she and her sibs did such a great job getting this party together!
It was held at the Fisher Community Center in Marshalltown, Iowa. One of my favorite places when I was a kid. I hadn't been there for many years! But I remember this sculpture very well! One of my all time favorite works of art.
I didn't know it was a memorial, but now I do. I took a selfie with my sculptural friends!
Gosh, you'd think I would have had at least one picture of the birthday lady! What a miss!
Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Baseball & The Eclipse

So I took the Gingers to watch the Cedar Rapids Kernels and the Eclipse at the same time!
 They had a noon game special, hot dogs were only $1! We got there early and had to wait in line for a little while....but we wanted to get the eclipse glasses they were giving away at the gate!
 They kept each other entertained.....
and in line.....

 And we had great seats for the game, too bad the weather didn't cooperate very well with the eclipse!
 But how bad could it be, as long as there is ice cream?!

 As the eclipse progressed, tit got dark enough that the field lights turned on. It was pretty cloudy though, so it was hard to see much of the actual eclipse.

Ice cream face didn't keep her from watching the least what could be seen of it.
The sun was actually, right there!
 After the game-which had a very exciting double play to end with a win for the Kernels- the Gingers wanted to have photo ops with the memorial tank in front of Veteran's Stadium....
 They are pretty photogenic, don't you think?
 Hams, one and all, I say!

 A great day at the ball park overall....and an eclipse for the ages!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Row By Row Expereince FINISH!

Row By Row 2017     
  SO I collected block patterns for rows from as many of the quilt shops as I could while we were on vacation. Hubs was very patient while I hurried through shops in almost every state!

 SO I got started with one of my favorite shops-the people there were so nice and it was a great little shop in Manteo NC. I ran the fabric for the banner through my computer printer, it says, On the Go 2017-That's the theme.
 I had more than my share of applique to do. This van pattern is from Cotton Cottage Quilts in Valparaiso Indiana-
 Notice the Popcorn trailing behind the van? As the lady at the shop told me, "We always have popcorn in our block"...You know why, right? Yes because Valparaiso is the home of Orville Redinbacher!
 Here's Barney Fife's patrol car from the Creative Sewing Machine Shop in Mt Airey NC.
It took me awhile to figure out a layout for this mish mash of blocks!
 I couldn't decide which other block should go vertical-the red & turquoise block is the pattern from Heritage Handwork in Amana or the turquoise arrows from Home Ec Workshop in Iowa City.
That block from the Quilt In A Day shop in Paducah was pretty boring, but I changed one of the cars to a white car sort of like our Kia! I added the highway signs too, that looks a lot better!
 The sailboat block from Sara's Thimble in Virginia Beach VA had to have a partner!
 This is the crazy block from Expressions in Threads in Le Claire, Iowa. It was a nightmare to complete! It had so many tiny patchwork pieces! 
Most of the patterns were a single page or maybe two pages, this block had 22 pages!
 This block about made me crazy! What kind of sadistic person uses 3/4" blocks to snowball a 1" square for headlights!?!? It also included ideas on how to include battery powered lights to it!
 Anyways, I settled on this layout-with the sailboat and the Home Ec arrows on the vertical sides.
 I pieced the license plates that I purchased at some of the shops that had them available into the vacant spaces-that worked out really well! I quilted it with a variegated green thread that looks really good too!
 And here it is all finished!
 I used a green print from Riley Blake on the back along with a hunk of sunglasses print I bought at one of the shops-I sure don't remember where though!
 And the binding is also Riley Blake called hashtag that I bought in Valparaiso. SO I worked as fast as I could because the deal is, if you are the first to bring your completed quilt into your favorite local shop you can win a prize of 25 fat quarters!
 And here's my prize from Home Ec Workshop in Iowa City Iowa.  I chose some fat quarters and also some yardage and they gave me a bonus-A Riley Blake magnetic pin bowl for using their block in my finished quilt!
Well that was fun! And now I have a whole pile of new fabric to work with!