Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Christmas Tree Box

SO, I am so happy with how this box for my Christmas tree came out!!! 
I used scrap lumber from the garage. These are the old slats from the park bench. I replaced them on the bench in the back yard a few years ago, gosh back in 2012!  I just cut them to 22" and made 2 frames.

 I just guessed at the 22" size by putting my tree stand down and measuring with little bit of room to spare. Turned out, it was perfect!

Oh and I got a new POWER TOOL!!!!!!! I LOVE this thing!! It's an air nailer and it will handle brads and staples. I got it at Harbor Freight in Cedar Rapids on sale for only $15! YES-WHAT A DEAL!!!
 I've never used an air nailer before and I couldn't believe how easy and FAST it was! I whipped up these frames in just a few minutes.
 Then I used some of the last pallet wood boards I had around to start filling in the sides. I took a measurement of the length of the Christmas tree trunk to the floor and went with 9" tall for the box.
 Then I started cutting 8 1/2" long boards from the pallet wood. It was kind of like a Jenga to figure out which pieces would fit in to fill the 22 inches of space. Being weathered pallet wood it broke into smaller width boards, and that was good. It all fit in great!
 The air nailer made quick work of nailing the boards in place. I was amazed at how fast it went!
 SO I got it all together, and see how I was thinking ahead and left a little ledge around the inside? Pretty smart! I cut a scrap piece of Masonite-like cardboard-like stuff to the correct size and then drilled a hole in the center, just a little bit larger than the tree trunk with my saber saw.
 I hoped that the branches would pretty much hide the cover on top and luckily it does!
 I can't get over how good those rustic pallet wood boards look! You might notice that all ornaments at the bottom third of the tree are unbreakable plastic or metal-the dogs tails are a weapon! They can fling a poorly wired on ornament 10 feet in one wag!
 This tree is kind of narrow-it's the same on as last year-I know, I know, but I just wasn't thinking about using a different one this year. And the box fits just right. I'll have to test it out with the other trees next year to see if it would look good.
 I got Ringo to sit still for a moment.......
Just one moment!!
Friday, December 8, 2017

One Christmas Gift Done!

 So I have a Pokemon Lover in my family-truth be told, I think there are actually several of them. That's just judging by the Pokemon GO! Ap usage I see. Anyways, I decided to use up my scraps of Pokemon fabric and make her a quilt.
 This is a cute free pattern I got from Christa Quilts. It's called Modern Puzzle and came together really easily. It's an easy to make block and the pattern is FREE!!! Thanks Christa Quilts!
 I used all the pokemon fabrics in my stash as well as scraps of a lot of other fabrics to make the blocks.
 I had this cute Mickey Mouse fabric on the shelf, so I used it for the back!
 It turned out pretty cute and I hope the kiddo likes it!
 I just did a quick meander quilting job on it and used the scraps for the binding.
 This time I used one of Bernie's decorative stitches for the binding. It took a LOT longer than just plain stitches, but it is pretty cute, and I don't use the fancy stitches very often.
 The red thread looks really good with all the crazy block colors!
One gift down some more to go!
Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Box Is Here!

 As my calendar says it's the last day of November and of course, the arrival of THE BOX, all means it's almost time to get the Christmas tree out! I'm planning a great one this year!
 My employer #pgemployee (hello social media guidelines)-the corporate portion- sends us a lovely gift this time of year every year. It always includes a selection of products and a gift, it was a backpack this year, and chocolate covered almonds! Way back in the day, it used to include fruit and a canned ham. Oh how times change.
 Anyway this is one of the products that came in my box. I had not seen this before! I googled it and it comes in Olay body wash, and also in Old Spice varieties in addition to the Ivory one I got. WOW! I LOVE this! I am not a fan of original Ivory soap-it's not creamy enough to suit me. But this scrubber-WOW!
 The soap is kind of soft and is packed in this little two sided wash/scrub pouch. Kind of like soap-on-a-rope!!The blue side exfoliates-Oh is it nice! LOVE IT!  And it's really nice Ivory soap-creamy and it makes my skin feel soft and not dry.
 And as much as I like liquid soap, I never use it because I HATE that plastic poof scrubber thing that you really need to use to get the full benefit. SO this is 100 times better than washing with that poofy thing. The white side is a non woven fabric, and the blue side is kind of plastic-ish fabric-nothing like the poofy thing though-thank goodness! I think I'll get another one of these in the Olay variety. Google tells me it costs $6.99 at Target-so about the same a bars of soap I think.
 And I'm working on a quilt-a Pokemon quilt for Christmas for the youngest grand. We'll see how this comes out.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

 So I started the day with hauling some chairs over to Dannie's for the dinner. I sure am glad old Wellie the pick up runs so well.
Lunch was so good! One of the best. I might say that every year, but really, such a lot of good food! And of course the family. 
 Bean and the kids and Mom & Dad and the rest of us. Ben made green bean casserole-it was very good!
 Jean made corn casserole-always a hit, and Mom made the cranberry jello-also a favorite of mine.
 Dannie did a lot of the work-the turkey breast, and the ham. Daniel made the stuffing and mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes and gravy and some cole slaw too.
 I brought the ice cream for dessert! Along with Dannie's Costco pie-phew, what a great meal!

 My family really is the best!

And I don't care what anyone says that giant Costco pumpkin pie is delicious! I got the leftovers!!
Sunday, November 19, 2017
So, awhile back, I signed up for this quilt along. A block was posted every week, and at the end you'd have a big quilt. See, like this block from week 3-I think.
 Moda Bakeshop Oda May's School of Sewing
The quilt a long was also a kind of a mystery too. They didin't give a picture of the actual quilt, just  a black & white drawing.  
SO, I had a hard time getting it together. I discovered that I like things where you can cut out all the parts and know you have enough fabric. I decided to use scraps from my blue and green bins and the gold background fabric I had in stash.

 And it went OK, I liked making the blocks, but the drawing didn't really show all the borders and additional sashing that needed to be added here and there.
And I did get it all together. I had zero gold fabric left so I had to make do. I always imagine that's what folks did back in the day when they were making quilts. They sure didn't go buy more fabric-and I had purchased that gold on vacation, and couldn't find anymore around.

 Mom ended up getting my backing fabric for me-thanks Mom! So I was quilting it on Bernie, and as I was struggling to move the quilt, I couldn't see what I was hung up on.....
Ringo was laying on the quilt as I was free motion quilting it!
It is a big quilt, so I was really working to move it around on Bernie, and Ringo was not helping in the least!
 SO I got it all done and used the leftover backing fabric for the binding too. It looks good, I think!
 See it's actually bigger than my full size bed! SO I'm glad to have this project done.
I didn the quilting a little different, I just made squiggly lines on all the blocks, the quilt was so big that it was the only was I could see to do it. It is far from perfect, but it will be warm and cozy!