Saturday, September 24, 2016

Scattered About Saturday

 So, there was an auction sale over by Amana, Iowa today. I thought I'd drop by and see if there as anything I had to have.
 There sure was a lot of stuff, probably 6 or 8 hay racks full of...well..junk. And a lot of it was really just junk, at least to me. One whole building was table after table of glassware. I sure don't need any dishes!
 This family sure lived it up back in the 60's or so I'd say. There were at least 4 sets of golf clubs, tons of water & snow skis, boxes of badminton, volleyball and who knows what kind of nets. Anyways, I gave up on the treasure hunt and went to the grocery store.
Have you noticed, tis the season for pumpkin spice everything?  Did you see this? Even Life cereal has gotten into the act with pumpkin spice cereal!!! I passed on that.
 When I got home I finished a little October door banner or my friend in assisted living.  The other day I cut out the pumpkin shapes from a piece of black fabric that had been in the fusible bin for quite some time. See I thought I would be so clever and make it look like stained glass...sort of.
 I just sketched some pumpkin shapes and started cutting away. It really didn't occur to me that the orange scraps would need to be fused on there and there really isn't much room for the pieces to over lap. but it worked out pretty well.
 I'd have to think a little more to make it a little more fool proof if I ever get this idea again. But not too bad!!
130 is her apartment number in case you were wondering. I felt like it needed something in that space so why not?
The pumpkins are fused to the scraps of orange fabric then I stitched the whole thing to a piece of Pel-tex for some firmness. A little rick rack around the edges and October is done!!
Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Pinterest Winner, Winner Potluck Dinner

 SO, Sunday was the annual family reunion potluck lunch, so I ,of course, sought out a pinterest idea for a great dish. The rule is always this-make something you like, that way if nobody eats it you're not stuck with something icky. SO sliders seem to be the latest in food trends, Here's the link to the recipe from Land O Lakes.
It took longer to assemble these little things than it did to bake and eat them! I used both Swiss and American slices, 1/4 of each, and 1.5 slices of ham for each sandwich. Easy as can be. I changed the recipe and used 2 Tablespoons of honey instead of brown sugar in the butter sauce.  I tucked them snugly in the pan and drizzled the melted honey butter over the top and put them in the fridge overnight.
I made a pan for mom & dad too. They were a hit at the pot luck! I only had maybe 4 of them left-we had a pretty small turnout or I think they would all have been gone! I'm so glad to have a pinterest win!!
Saturday, September 10, 2016

Mad Modern & The Chair

So I headed up to Cedar Rapids to attend an estate sale...too bad, nothing there that I needed to buy, so I hit a few garage sales. I was really hunting for a chair for my friend who lives in an assisted living apartment. She is having a hard time getting out of her favorite chair. I had looked at new chairs in the furniture stores and they are too low, too wide, too expensive, too soft, I'm feeling ya Goldilocks!
Anyways I had almost settled for a chair at one of the consignment shops, but didn't want to pay their price, I thought I'd drive home and if they still had it next week then that would be it, then I stopped at a  stop sign just a few blocks from the New Bo Market and saw this........ 

WOW! What is this wonderful place of Mid Century wonderful-ness????!!! 
It's Mad Modern! I had never seen this place before, look here's the picture from his Mad Modern Facebook Page.
It used to be a service station obviously and is located just a couple blocks from The New Bohemian Market in Cedar Rapids at 227 16Th Ave SE. Anyways I bought the striped upholstered chair in the top picture. It sits firmly, is a great height and is just the right size for my friend's apartment. And best of all she can get up from it all by herself!

Here she is sitting in her new chair. I'm so glad it suits her so well, but if she wouldn't have liked it I would have kept it for sure! Not a huge fan of the upholstery, but I could fix that, Love those cut out solid wood arms, such a great design!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

P & G Everyday and A "Mug-Shot"

So you know I work for P&G (#PGemployee) so I like to keep up with what they're showing to all of us consumers! They have this website called P&G Everyday. It has coupons and little tips and you can also submit reviews of P&G's products. You do have to create a log in and password. 
They will send you an email every once in awhile-I get one about once a month. And sometimes the email comes with a coupon. Like the one I got for this......

Yup, they sent me a coupon for a free mug from Shutterfly!
BTW, I didn't get any compensation or anything for this blog post about P&G Everyday & Shutterfly. I just thought I'd share with you how I got this cute mug!
 So I went to the Shutterfly web page and downloaded some recent photos...go figure, wedding again!! I put in the coupon code that came in the email from P&G Everyday and I only had to pay shipping-about $8 I think it was. And look how cool this is!!
  I get my P&G Everyday email at work ( I forward it to my home so I can access my pictures) so I only had one day before the coupon expired, because I had been on vacation at a wedding!!!
 I think Lovely Jean will like this mug for her new desk when she moves jobs into her new area in just a few weeks.
 Hi Lovely Jean-I know you're reading this, so you should stop over and pick up this little beauty when you get a minute!
And sign up for P&G everyday!
Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day Flea Market

 I stopped by the Johnson County fairgrounds for the annual Ralston Greek labor Day Sale.  Lots of good stuff to see And what a nice morning. See those bird feeders made of vases and bowls. Pretty clever. I don't want to feed the birds, but a good idea is a good idea!
 I have one of the lightning rod dealios, DD got it for me-they were asking something like $30 for this one.
 This guy had lots of cool stuff, but nothing I needed to buy.
 I wonder if I should learn to use a spinning wheel? Maybe not...but they had one for sale here!!
 See these NOS (New Old Stock) Halloween bags...$12 each! Wow!
 There was a good crowd and it seemed like a lot fo folks were buying stuff.
 I almost bought this picnic basket....I really should have....but I have enough for now I guess.
 These folks were selling wooden spools and they made some into clocks. That yellow painted one was $175. I do like that idea of the treadle legs with a spool top though. Another good idea!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Back In June I Made an Obelisk!

So I haven't posted about this yet. I made an Obelisk! Yup, and it's working great!! SO I made a rain barrel to catch rain water, but the gutter going to it was always in the way of the lawn mower and was right where you want to walk too. 
So here's the obelisk at work just the other day.....

 I bought one by one lumber-the pressure treated kind, for the four corners and then I used one by 2 pieces to make the cross parts.
All I had to do was build two sides that were the same,
Well you know me, the picture of perfection...snort..... mostly the same.

 I used short screws to put the whole thing together and I pee-drilled all the holes, because it seems like no matter what i do, I end up splitting the wood if I don't pre-drill.

 SO I made the two sides the same and the, since I was going to have this obelisk hold up my down spout, and the place it was going to stand is on the hill, I made one side of the lower legs shorter than the other!
 Here's the obelisk taking shape.
 I think if I have to do this again I might figure out how to miter those corners...but then again, it's only holding the downspout to the water barrel, so maybe not.
 And here it is!
 This was back in June, before I got tied up with other projects!
The obelisk has been working well all summer now! I made it tall enough so that people can walk under the downspout and the mower can get through there too!
 And the water barrel has been filled all summer! We've had a lot of rain.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

One Last Look

 So isn't this a great photo! Lon-the bride's Dad took it and I'm so glad he did. One fun thing about this venue, was that everyone who walked in had a memory of something that happened in this over 100 year old building. Some guests even went to school here!
 I think all of these pictures were taken by other people. It's so nice to have another view.
 Here's a better look at the messengers. Are they the most adorable kiddos! These are the bride's nieces. And I still can't get over how well the dresses fit and I'm so happy with the way they look! The grey lace just look wonderful in the bright sunlight and that blue sash is PERFECT!

 The Bride with her Dads. I haven't seen a nice full length view of her dress so this is about the best so far. She just looks lovely!

 And here's a look at the 3rd grey dress. Doesn't Jaymie look adorable in it! The lace at the yokes on the dress really stand out in the sun. And again that blue sash is sooo good! She was tossing petals, and did a great job!

 Here the siblings are! Kevin did such a good job keeping the rings in place on that little pillow.

The suspenders are so perfect! Lovely Jean really hit a homer with those! And no one complained about wearing the bow ties, so I think I got them right too!

I'm glad someone was able to get a picture of the dumping of the dirt! I joke about it but it was a nice symbolic moment for them all. And the tree is doing fine so far!

I guess that's all for now. If I see more pictures I'll have to share them too. Time to move on!