Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Bucket Garden

 SO we love garden fresh tomatoes in the summer. Who doesn't? They are so good, nothing like what is available in stores. In past summers we've planted them in pots on the deck and in the yard. This year I wanted to try something new. SO I made this highly detailed, perfectly rendered drawing of the bucket garden. Off to Menard's to get some lumber!!
 Look! I got Hubs a Mother's Day gift for me while I was at Menard's! I've been wanting a workbench for the garage,and it was on sale!
 So DD stopped by and helped out with the assembly. Following my detailed drawing, I cut and she assembled. She made fun of my old-school drill (it has a cord) but it works every time I plug it in and it doesn't run out of power. So there HA!
 It's been chilly, but I want to be ready to put those tomatoes out as soon as we can! It occurs to me I could have save a couple of bucks by making the corner posts shorter.....maybe next time!
 There! All done and ready to go!
 And now 3 weeks later I'm ready to pot some tomatoes. We drilled holes in the bottom of the buckets, and I dumped in some rocks before filling with dirt.
 Ringo is inspecting the work....
 He approves! We've had a ton of rain in the last few weeks and it has been unseasonably chilly! But the plants we bought have been sitting out on the porch and they really need to get into their new buckets.
 Look at the river we had in the back yard on Saturday!
 It's like the rain just won't stop!
 Well I'm glad the planting is done-we'll see what happens with the bucket garden.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Rainy Auction Day

 This big hill is where cars parked to go to the farm auction at the top of the hill. It was a little hike-a lot of hike for my Mom though! Thankfully they had golf carts running folks and their purchases back and forth throughout the day.
 Dad out bid the competition to get the two anvils he wanted....and thankfully the carts gave him a lift to the pick up with them!
 See these two anvils on the bumper of the cart? It was a good way to go! And a great way to get through the mud!
 Most of the .ittle stuff on hay racks was in the machine shed-the rain just wasn't letting up!
 I saw this giant safe-it's pretty cool-I bet it weighs more than anvils!
Mom and me got out of the rain and went to the fabric store...we're smart that way! We got back just in time to help get Dad load up to go! He had to get pulled out of the mud though-poor pick up just couldn't manage the slimy mud! I don't think we'll go to day two!
Monday, May 13, 2019

Mother's Day Weekend Running Around

 Here's my Mom & Dad I love this photo-Mom looks absolutely worn out! Beautiful, but I can only imagine what a time it was for her. That's my older brother-just think, no Pampers, no daycare, man, times were tough!  So, for Mother's Day on Saturday sister Julie and I took Mom out for lunch. We went to the Chinese buffet in downtown Marshalltown. It was pretty good. As I was leaving town, I took a couple of pictures of the work going on at the county courthouse.
 It had been damaged last year when a tornado went through town.
 They seem to be making good progress.
 Then on Sunday I stopped by Helio's Quilt Shop in Mt Vernon. The new fabric line for the All Iowa Shop Hop was on display.
 Isn't that panel cute? It's not available until June1, when the shop hop begins.
At least they had plenty of other fabric for me to shop!.
Sunday, May 5, 2019

Red Shoe Run Volunteers

 Today was the Ronald McDonald House Red Shoe Run. DD and some of her co workers, and me, signed up to be volunteers.
 We helped at the registration check in table. We helped check in runners and hand out runners numbered bibs and t shirts.
 The event was at Carver Hawkeye Arena in Iowa City-see the golden Arches-that's the start line.
 .....and here they come!
There was a half marathon and a 5K walk/run. There were something like 200 people running to benefit the Ronald McDonald House! It's always a nice thing to be a do gooder!
Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Oh I Almost Forgot Easter

 SO before I tell about Easter dinner at our house, I'll show you the cool trick I got from Pinterest.
Since Hubs got his new stove, he can't put his knives down the side between the counter. SO I was looking at Pinterest and saw this idea...
I didn't think the cracker box would be big enough for all of his knives, so I saw this cute container at Hobby Lobby-on sale-of course. SO then I stopped at Target and bought all the skewers they had!
I had to break them all of to be the correct length
And after about an hour of snapping skewers, I stuck all the knives in and they are now safely stored and easy to get to! I think I could have used a few more skewers, but I bought all they had!
Anyways, we had a nice dinner, Ham, scalloped potatoes, cole slaw, Mom's Deviled eggs, a nice salad, and vegetables and nice warm rolls and Costco cake for dessert! Yummy indeed!

 That Ben-always messing with my pictures!!
 I got together enough chairs and the tables looked pretty I think!
 It was so nice to get everyone together- we haven't been very good about that with the crazy winter weather!
The night before, Hubs was assembling the potatoes and look at little Riley, Dannie's pup, she was just waiting for some food to drop on the floor under Hub's Chair!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Rainy Day Trip

So we have  some crazy weather today-rainy with a chance of SNOW!- so I decided I better find an indoor activity today!
 So I drove over to Kalona, Iowa to visit the Quilt Sale. SO many lovely quilts to see.

 I took pictures of just a few of the quilts available for sale.

 Ok, maybe more than a few.....

 There was a nice display of antique/vintage quilts as well as "new" quilts too. All of them were hand quilted though.

 They have a really nice community center in Kalona.

 Isn't this one pretty! I love the way the colors melt together.

 This is the 12K quilt, I wonder if they sold it? And the Cathedral Windows Quilt was so pretty too!
I didn't buy one...sooo SURPRISED...Way out of my quilt budget! LOL!
 I did stop at the Kalona Creamery-I had to get some cheese curds!
 It reopened awhile back after being closed for a bit.
 It's very nice looking now-very hip furnishings and souvenirs for all!
And it's still raining and it's down to 35 degrees now, my poor tulips in the front yard will be sad in the morning I bet!