Wednesday, February 3, 2016

No Blizzard for us...Yet!

Yup, just a little bit of snow and a bunch of slush! The weather forecasters were really off in our area-sorry folks to the North of us though-they really got it bad!
 Foggy and flakes, and let's hope for some rain and no freezing!
Off to work I go!
Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bow Tie Success!

My sweet son's finace has been thinking about bow ties for their upcoming wedding. Of couse that got me thinking too! SO I saw this blog post from Sew Like My Mom and besides being an excellent Blog name-she had a free pattern.
 I cut it out and interfaced
 and sewed
 and used my pinking shears to trim away the seam allowance and clip the curves and points.
 Honestly the hardest thing was turning it inside out! I used my tube turner tool(I knew that thing would come in handy some day!!)
 There all pressed and I sewed the turning opening closed.  Now to google!
 How to tie a bow tie-well obviously I'm not the only one who doesn't know how there must be 1000 tutorials!
Doesn't it look good! What a great help Sew Like My Mom's tutorial was! Now I'm ready if the bow tie is the final decision!!
Sunday, January 31, 2016

Kalona Shop Stop

SO DD and me made a stop at the Dollar Store in Kalona and also HAD to visit Willow Creek Quilt Shop. I'd never been in there before. Look how pretty their displays are.
 I really like that ornament quilt....
 We had to chuckle at the fire extinguishers stacked waiting for their proper installation!
 It was such a nice day outside and the town of Kalona is just made for tourists to walk around downtown.
 So after Willow Creek
 We walked down the sidewalk-with cement quilt blocks no less...
 to The Shop. Look BEN was waiting for us!
 They have lots of unique vintage things and are just crammed with fun ideas!

 What do you think of this lighting?

 I loved these books cut into letters. It's hard to cut books-I mean not hard to actually cut them, but hard to get over a lifetime of not tearing a page, and treating books nicely.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Another Mrs. Fix it Day-- Clothes Dryer Belt

SO I was happily doing a  load of laundry when I heard a lack of sound from my happy little laundry area. Never a good thing when things get too quiet. And there is was, no tumbling dyer.
 SO I did a quick search on you tube and gee, it's not too hard to dis assemble a dryer-look I just unscrewed the two screws on the lint trap opening, then pulled forward and up to lift the top up.
 Then there are just two little screws to remove the front. TA-DA! And there's the broken belt. SO I stopped at Lowe's on the way to work and got a belt. It was only about 8 bucks!
 Ok Day two, I got up ready to dry! I couldn't figure out how the belt fit through the tensioner though, so off to you tube one more time. A lot of the dryers have a wheel for a tensioner but mine has just a little guide place. This Video on You Tube had the kind I have so I could get the belt on right.
 See how it kind of just loops through there? There! That's done. Now to re assemble!
 Getting the front back on was kind of tricky-it's hard to line up the two clips at the bottom while keeping the drum in place, but I got it done! The two screws back in place at the top...I'm so close to done!
 Now to put in the last two screws on the lint trap and I'm ready to dry!
 LAUNDRY IS GOING ON NOW!! That's a lot better than buying a new dryer, have you seen the prices on those things?

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Junk in the Trunk and In the Cubby and in the Glove Box...

So, when you get a new car and trade in your old car, you have to clear out the stuff from the trade in car. Now, I know I have some stuff in my trunk, but I didn't quite realize how much there was!
 One whole shopping bag full of shopping bags! Plus a 4 way wrench, an emergency kit, a bucket of emergency things like rain ponchos and a water bottle and gloves and paper towels. I have no idea why I had a plastic party tray in my trunk. I had 10 years of oil change receipts and 10 years of registrations in there too!
 And the little stuff from the cubbys! OMG-look-Yes, that's a cookie-it might be a dog cookie!! Coins, pens, lint brush, salt packets, multi tool, spare sunglasses-3 pairs!, toothpicks, receipts for who knows what, a hose clamp, at least 3 phone power cords, mints, lottery tickets-did you know they have to be redeemed within 1 year?, a tire pressure gauge, hair brush and last of all an entire bag of CDs.
My new Jeep doesn't have a CD player! I am a big fan of books on CD-I get one every week from the library, but now I am learning how to have books play from my phone! It's pretty darn cool! ANd I only have a bag of bags in my trunk now!
Friday, January 22, 2016

It's New!

So, it's about time I went car shopping. I know, I know, the G6 is such a great car. But it's 11 years old and it's time. I made my chart and started on line shopping. I had 5 cars on my list and got it down to the Chevy Trax, the Buick Encore, the Ford Escape and the Jeep Renegade.  I was  stalked by salesmen and test drove like crazy.  The ford just lost me on the bottom line price-over my budget, so on to the Chevy & the Buick-which are really the same-just the Buick is more fancy-I LOVE fancy! But it is just a tiny little 1.4L motor and just didn't have the power I wanted to merge aggressively on the interstate.  So on to the Jepp, I've never even looked at Jeeps before, but I really liked what I saw! SO look at this.....yes, that is the control for heated seats and heated steering wheel and the passenger can control their temperature too.
 Yup, that's the dash.
 And lookie here! This is it!
 New 2015 Jeep Renegade front wheel drive. This color is called Glacier. Looks gray to me, but whatever, that warm steering wheel when I got off of work last night was the BEST!
So I'm styling in the Jeep! Gotta love that new car smell!
 Here's a look at the back seat area-there's enough leg room-I always sit in the back seat when I test drive...
 and here's the passenger seat and take a look at those fancy Jeep branded floor mats. They're the kind that don't let the snow and crud get out on to the floor!
And a whole new thing to me-these "keys" they aren't keys at all! They work like keys but have no keyhole! I can open my doors without even pushing a button! Lots to learn here let me tell you!!
But it's so fun to have a new car!If you're shopping, go see my pal Alan Baker at Deery Brothers in Iowa City. He'll do his best to get you a deal like he did for me!

Saturday, January 16, 2016


 So on Wednesday morning I was going over to SIL's house to wait for the furnace man to come and saw a rainbow! Weird right?
 It was crazy cold, like 10 above zero,  and I think you can just make out one end of the rainbow to the left of the sun. It was a pretty amazing site!
And here's where I am today watching Saturday afternoon IPTV sewing shows and keeping warm with a Fixer Upper marathon on HGTV. When it's 10 degrees or less, I sure am not inclined to get much done!
Monday, January 11, 2016

oopsy, Forgot to Post!

 Saturday night was Roughriders Hockey Night!
 SOme people text throughout the game!!
We had such fun!
 Lots of cow bells going on as the roughrider win!! 4-0!!!!

 And see I can PARK! Rock Star parking! It was soooo cold!!!! And see those kids on the hill to  the left of the picture-sliding on the ice like it was summer!! Kids!!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

What A Drip!

I have a drip under my ladies room sink. 
 Look at that-the darn fitting is broken! How the heck do these things happen?  Off to the hardware store I go! Hopefully in one trip....hahahaha so funny, one trip, hahahah trip two! Lesson learned-- two sizes for drains-1 1/4" for bathrooms and 1 1/2" for kitchens.
 Here we go, I got one one these nifty strap wrenches-worked great to loosen the fitting that was probably glued or something.
 Of course, when I made my 2nd trip to the hardware store they didn't have JUST the part I needed, noooo, but they had this bag-o-parts that had one little fitting that I did need. FINE! Oddly enough it was only 15 cents difference in price-weird. Slap that baby back together-darn still a drip...add that handy secret weapon-teflon tape to the rescue!!
 TA-DA! Done! No drip! I'll let it think about what it's done over night to make sure no dripping is happening! Happy New Year!! Drip Free in 2016!!