Friday, November 10, 2017

A Little Bit of This & That

So, I did a little bit of shopping with my Mom on Saturday. We had fabric on our minds! She's planning to sew a couple of birthday/Christmas gifts so that was one thing. The other thing was this serger machine! Mom has been wanting to see one of these for quite awhile. It has the ability to thread the machine loopers AND the needles too! I know, how does it do that!?!?!
Well it impressed Mom enough that she bought it! So on Sunday, I loaded up my helper Dannie and we went up to assemble the new cabinet and get the new machine settled in the sewing room. Hmmm, no assembly pictures....boy I was really slacking I guess. Anyways, we got that project done, and made a stop in Marshalltown, Iowa at Relics Midwest. They had windows on sale for 50% off.
 There's always a big assortment of junk to look at.
 There's never enough time to do everything I want on the weekends! I need more free time!LOL!

Free time like these two!!
Thursday, November 2, 2017

Good Times

I had to have Dannie get a picture of the tail on Charmander. It's the best part!
Halloween went well. I was at work, but the kids made quite a haul! It was cold out so they were determined!
 It was also dog mani-pedi day...maybe that's pedi-pedi day for a dog. LOL! Anyways, Ben was the holder, First up was Ladybird, who loves him so much, she just lets him pick her up and Dannie clips her toenails.
 Then it was Ringo's turn. Let's just say Ringo wasn't quite as calm about it.
 Ben & Dannie tried to clip his nails in various ways.....
 Ben finally found the sweet spot...
 Just enough squeezing to keep him still, but not too much so he didn't squirm.
Toenail Success!
Monday, October 30, 2017

Charmander and Bob

SO the youngest kiddo wanted Charmander this year...lucky for me, I had a pattern for Charmeleon, and the only difference costume-wise is the bump on the head!
 Isn't she cute! Darn it, I didn't get the tail in the picture.
 Aghhh, isn't she spooky!!!!! She wanted to cover her whole face! I told her it wasn't very safe...I doubt she'll enjoy the face covering. It's supposed to be cold out, so there's plenty of room for winter coat under the costume!
 So while I waited for the driveway sealant to dry, Bob couldn't wait.
 He obviously walked thought it and then needed to perch on Hub's car. Yes, black kitty Bob prints on the roof, the side mirror, the hood......
Thankfully, a little scrub with  a Bounty with Dawn paper towel and it came right off. Glad it wasn't hot out, I bet it would have been sticky then!
Saturday, October 28, 2017

Fixing the Cracks

So our driveway has some pretty good sized cracks in a few places. You may recall that my wonderful family sealed the whole thing a couple of summers ago, and it's a good thing! I imagine we'd be falling apart if it hadn't been done! I googled around and saw suggestions to use polymeric sand to fill in cracks. We had a couple of warm days forecast so I got right on the job!!
I used my handy power washer to clean out the dirt and weeds growing in the 3 big cracks I wanted to fix.
 And while I was at it I washed the green stuff off the North side of the house too!
 That power washer does a nice job and fast!

Then I used my handy cart to wheel out the supplies.
Including the proper tool for the job and empty corn can!LOL!
 I got the sand at Menards-it has cement-like properties, so it get hard when it gets wet. It's commonly used to fill the spaces between paver bricks, so they don't shift.
SO I followed the directions and filled the cracks.
 And used the broom to work the sand in good a tight.
 You can see how deep those cracks are! I think the ice this winter would totally wreck the asphalt!

 So I worked along and got them all filled in.
 Then I watered the sand lightly, then waited 10 mins and then sprayed it again.
 Then wait ten minutes and spray it a 3rd time.
 Ok, that's all there is to that!
 SO I let it sit up good over night and then I got some driveway sealer to go over the whole thing.

I started out to try this powdered epoxy sealant.
 It says you can make it any consistency you need.  So I thought I'd start small and try a little bit.
 It mixes with water....
 I stirred it like the directions say....
 But I wasn't very impressed with the resulting goo. I mixed like crazy, but the powder doesn't stay suspended, so by the time I started to pour it, it had all settled to the bottom. 
 Well, dang, that's not going to do it. SO I gave that up and got a 5 gallon  bucket of regular driveway sealer.

 There! I smeared that over the filled cracks and left it to dry over night. Looks like this is the last warm day I'm going to get for this project, so I hope it works out OK!
 I guess it's as ready as it's going to get for winter!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Past Week Round Up!

So, we started the week off with a little get together in Des Moines. We met at the flea market at the state fairgrounds. That was pretty fun-lots of junk to see there. Then we dropped in to the Big Steer for some lunch! 
Yes, there is a big steer at the big steer! 
Lunch as very good, and we got caught up on my cousin's goings on, and a good time!  Then Wednesday was my birthday...deep sigh!

 But look my Mom made me this little design board for my quilt projects. NICE!
And hubs got me this! I'd been wanting one of these for quite awhile! Ana White is my hero-and she builds great things with this cool device.  We'll see if I can too!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Weekly Quilt A Long

So  over at the Moda Bake Shop they offered a weekly quilt a long. They post a block every week and when it's all through you have a quilt. 
 Moda Bakeshop Week One---Here's the link if you want to see it.
 Here are my past weeks blocks. It's been kind of a mystery block too, since they don't really show you what the finished quilt looks like exactly.
I had a few yards of the gold fabric to get started and I added another gold fabric to it to have enough-it's a pretty big quilt to make. 

And there have been quite a few little problems with the whole thing really. One week the host said she would post an alternate block , because so many people were having trouble with it, 
then never did, but I'm plowing on.
 And I should have known it was a bad deal, when it started off with the poor directions saying "Use a scant 1/4" seam" Scant...that's BS in my opinion, it's either a quarter inch or not! Scant...I call BS!!
 Just a few more weeks and I'll have all the blocks done! I'll not do another one like this again!!

Grrr, scant! Never again!!!!