Thursday, August 18, 2016

Project Finishes!!

 SO these cornhole boards are ready to get a shiny finish. I bought polyurethane in gloss finish and it says to put on 3 coats and sand in between, OK!

Here we go, I sanded the tops where I wood burned the design to smooth out any bumps. Then I wiped all the dust away with a tack cloth. then started slathering the poly on!

While I'm waiting for the coat to dry, I'm getting the Yahtzee paper ready. I made the big wooden dice for the yard game awhile back.....Here on my blog.
So I think we'll need jumbo sized Yahtzee score cards too. These tablets of paper are about 18'X 24" or something like that. I downloaded a scorecard on line so I would make it correctly. Bob helped me draw the lines
...yeah, thanks loads....

 Anyways, then I just wrote in the scoring information and then I did it ten times...not all at once! I had coats of polyurethane to sand and apply in between times!
 Another coat on.....
 And look the Yahtzee score sheets fit perfectly on the sign boards I made last year!
Ready to go for the yard game/cocktail time at that upcoming wedding.
And one other wedding related project is complete. This is the sign that the little grey dressed girls will be carrying.
Friday, August 12, 2016

The Final Stitch!!

 SO, I think I have finished all the sewing for the upcoming wedding! I know! right? The 4 little girl gray dresses are now hemmed! Look how nice that looks!
 So I had thought I was going to make the taffeta and the lace the same length, but I had some feedback that said the lace should be a little bit, OK I can do that.
 I just used my rotary cutter to cut the lace smoothly and neatly about an inch longer than the taffeta.
 Easy peasy!
 I hemmed the taffeta layer with the tiniest little hems.
 I used the trick I learned from the internet...just press the hem where you want it to be then sew as close to the edge as you can, then trim the excess fabric away as close to the stitching as possible then turn it over one last time! See how I move the needle over to the right as far as I can, that way the presser foot can grab well, and I can sew close to the edge.

 I love those tiny little hems! I also finished up the addition of the corset back to the loveliest Cait's dress. I think she will look so beautiful in this dress!
 I added the "modesty panel" can hardly tell, I finally found some fabric in a really close match in color and made the panel out of that. Now I don't know which color ribbon will be the final look, gray or blue? Hard to tell but I'm sure either way it will look great!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Antique Power Show

So DD and me went off to the Antique Power Show in Marshalltown, Iowa.Dad always has a few things there to show too. This year just one engine. It's a Fuller & Johnson. 
 Look here;s DD and my Mom! They kind of look like the blind leading the blind...I think they are safe though, because there are no curbs for either of them to step off of.
 Here's the big sawmill. See the power belt leading back into the shed that shelters the sawmill.
 Here's the hay balers and the threshers. I don't know what was wrong with me but I couldn't take a good picture to save my life!
 There was a pretty good flea market....
 If you wanted a rusty almost anything, they likely had it.
 DD did get a good buy on an old fire extinguisher.
 John Deere was the featured engine this year, so as in all years the green machines made a bold appearance!
 This is a Root and VanDervoort...Dad says it might be one of the best engines there this year. It's kind of rare and is a good looking engine.
 There are lots of vintage tractors of all colors around-one thing for sure, the folks who own this iron are very happy to chat with you about them!
 I took this picture of the horses on the way out the gate, they were pulling a such a pretty fancy wagon to ride in.
Now I'll have to mark my calendar for next year. It's always the 1st weekend in August.
Thursday, August 4, 2016

Bow Ties

So with the wedding countdown under way, I better get busy! This time it's bow ties!
 I LOVE this Marvel superhero comic book fabric. It's perfect! I'm making the ring bearer pillow and the flower girl basket out of it too!
 SO I hunted around for a pattern and made a few test ties...and now here we go!
I interfaced one side of the tie and then sewed around, leaving an opening...standard stuff. I used my handy pinking shears to cut away the bulk and help make good points and curves. I hardly ever get to use the pinking shears, but they are are handy for a job like this. 
 Now to turn those ties right side out..I used this handy tool The Quick Turn. It comes with 3 sizes of tubes, you put the tube in side your project then use the rounded dowel to push the fabric through to the other end.
 Like so, take it slow and easy....
 and like magic you're turned right side out in no time!

 Lookie there! Now to poke out those points and curves and press the heck out of them!
 I used the Sewing With nancy trick to close the opening. A little bit of fusible web in there
 Like so...
and that's a job all done!!
 Nobody will ever know! Now I think I'll add a hunk of velcro to the center of the ties, that way they fellas won't have to try them on so I can adjust them, They'll be adjustable already.
 There! All ready to go. Now off to alter one bridesmaid and whip up a toddler dress!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Pokemon a Bridal Shower

So The Lovely Jean was honored at a bridal shower on Sunday.  DD and I went and had a fine time-really good cake!
And someone kept entertained playing Pokemon Go! at the! What can you do!!??LOL
 Turns out there are Pokemon everywhere...even in my garage!
 DD is showing little Jaymie the finer points of catching Pokemon. We had to stop by the local water tower because it's a Poke-Stop!

Here's the only shot I took at the shower. Lovely Jean got quite a lot of great stuff and a basket full of gift cards and well wishes. We're on the wedding countdown now!!