Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Auction Fun

SO, DD and me went to an auction over near Amana, Iowa on Saturday. I confirmed what I always suspected, Tupperware lids live forever, while Tupperware containers disappear.
 Take a look at this GIANT deep freeze. DO people still call it a deep freeze? This freezer could hold a few bodies with no trouble-it's a good 6 feet long- and it's like new! It sold for something like $100.
 There was lots of furniture,
 all set out for easy viewing,
 and for easy test sitting-Hi Honey! We actually bought that chair! It was $5.
 Oh yeah, look at this giant crock-it sold for about $145. There was a ton of small stuff, it took forever to get to the dishes.
 Yup, can you see what the auctioneer is holding up in his left hand? Yes, it's Jadeite.
 Poor DD was just a little nervous when Auctioneer Bret Wears was waving those two dishes around, but he didn't drop them, she bid and won the two dishes for $30.
 I came home with this chair which, while a little low, is soooo comfortable! and this little stool, which will be an ottoman for me. You know how I love those hairpin legs. This little stool was sold along with a whole pile of stuff, so DD asked the guy who bought the pile if he'd sell it, and he did! We kind of thought he wanted the pile of stuff and not the cute iron legged ottoman, and we were right!
Now it's time to focus on what's coming up...Antiques Roadshow in Chicago!!
Tuesday, July 22, 2014

We Are Handy

So our riding lawn mower has been having a tough time cutting the grass lately. Hubs suggested we change the blades-have them sharpened and then the problem would be solved. DD and I thought we could do this-she's my gardener you know- so we googled how to change lawn mower blades on YouTube and referred to the owners manual-yes, I have it! So the guy in the video did it in like, 15 minutes. We figured we're good to go. Gee I'm glad we had the manual other wise how would we know that one side of the mower deck is help on with a rusty bent old cotter key and the other side is held on with a shiny easy-to-remove snap clip? Hang on I gotta go get the pliers. This is definitely a 2 person job! OK we're good to go, we got the deck off-even though the guy in the video obviously didn't have to dink around with the spring that connects the PTO cable! Look there it is-all gently flipped over and ready for removal.
 Wait-I don't have a socket wrench big enough for that bolt.....Hey DD run up to Stewart's and borrow a bigger socket. I sweep up grass while she's gone.
 Ok now to get that bolt off-c'mon muscles!!!....wait we need a cheater bar-good thing I have a handy dandy fence post- we never would have gotten those bolts off! They were really tight! The guy in the video obviously had his bolts loosened up for him-he probably didn't have to use a fence post for a cheater bar.....
 Anyways, look one blade on one to go! So far so good-no bloodshed, no injuries-just a lot of dirt... and grass stains. OK re assemble again-lucky I have more cotter keys-that still burns my butt-why the heck would some manufacturer do that!!!????
TA-DA!! Off to mow the lawn! Oh it works great! We are awesome!! OK so the guy in the video did it in about 15 minutes and it took us a little more than an hour, but we are HANDY!!
Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tires For Wellie from Discount Tires

So our old pick up Wellie,  needs tires. Deep sigh! Have you looked for tires lately? YIKES! SO I called around to the local guys and clicked around to the internet guys and then I checked the newest guys in Coralville, Iowa- Discount Tire. 
I checked their on line tire selection and for the size our pick up needed, I found prices better than anywhere else I had looked. I called to confirm that they had what it said on the internet, and that I could get an appointment, and WOW! I got all 4 tires, and the spare changed out for less than $350
 Not only that, but the folks who work at Discount Tire were really great. They were polite, not greasy, showed me a couple of options and didn't make me feel like I was bad because I wanted to pay the lowest price. And they didn't come tell me that they had to charge me more, because "you need to replace this" or" that thing is bad" or some such crap like a lot of other tire places I've been to.  The price I saw on the internet was the price I paid at Discount Tire-how awesome is that!? And on top of all of that, they have a nice clean store with a comfortable waiting are-but we didn't have to wait long, less than half an hour later we were outta there!

And I can drive into Discount Tire anytime and they'll check my air pressure-for free and I get free lifetime tire rotation too! Looks good right? These tires have an 85000 mile warranty, with almost 200000 miles on her, I don't know if  Wellie will last that much longer, but she's got the tires to do it!
Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pinterest Attempt Plus Pantene

So you've seen these ideas for shower cleaners on Pinterest right?
Found on
  Found on
I decided to try it out. I got a spray bottle and added white vinager, and then just a little bit of Dawn dish soap. 
I emptied all the stuff out of the shower...jeez, It sure seems like a lot of bottles in there...anyways, then I sprayed the entire shower about 2 hours before I went to take a shower myself. A little vinegar stinky, but I shut the door and it was ok.
 So take a look! It really did work well! I just used an old rag to scrub with and it came out pretty darn good. I haven't seen a Pinterest post about how to manage seeing in the shower without ones glasses on..... So I did miss a few small areas, but all in all I am pretty happy with this. Next time I'll do a little bit more Dawn because the areas I missed were pretty grimy.
Hey while I'm hanging out in the shower, have you seen this New-ish Pantene? I am in love with Pantene again! You know I hated Pantene for a time, when they changed the formula-you'd think they would have learned from Coca-Cola trying to make the public take to "new" Coke...anyways, this is really nice shampoo! You know I work for P&G, and we make Pantene at the manufacturing plant where I work in Iowa CIty, but I don't always like what we make, but I do like this Pantene Smooth & Sleek with argan oil. I actually bought this bottle of shampoo at the store!  Must be the argan oil that makes it so smooth and bubbly, and nice on my hair. Here comes the hashtag to comply with my employer's Social Media policy... #pgemp

 OK so now you know! The Pinterest shower cleaner works and Pantene Smooth and Sleek with Argan Oil is really nice shampoo. 
Thursday, July 10, 2014

Making the Switch

SO Hubs made the change from Dish TV to Southslope Cable TV. Dish wants their stuff back. So I got my handy dandy ladder-I love this ladder, I got it for Christmas one year from my Mom & Dad. Thanks Mom & Dad!!
 SO after adjusting the ladder and climbing back down to get the correct tools, I got the part they want us to send back off. It's that knobby looking thing sitting in the gutter now. I also removed the dish part too, because, well it seemed like the right thing to do while I was up there.
Well that's one thing done at least! Now to have Southslope come and adjust or fix or something, because their TV picture isn't anywhere near as clear as Dish was. See the reason he dumped dish was because they were just costing too much, and when we had a problem getting HD channels, they wouldn't come out and fix it with out paying a huge service fee. We had been with Dish for many years, but that did it for Hubs. He loves his TV, so he called Southslope and they came out. I'm sure there will be more to come on the TV situation around here!
Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Look what came in the mail today! I can hardly wait to hit the windy city with DD!! I better decide what to take....hmmmmm, what to take, what to take?????
Sunday, July 6, 2014 rest!

So DD and me buzzed over to Marshalltown, Iowa to go to an auction at VanMeter Acutions. They had some really nice antiques up for bid.

 They have a nice auction space too. Places to sit, and a nice layout so you can see what is being sold. This is what we were after. We were pretty sure they would go higher than we could afford. And we were right.

 Each of these sets went for well over $100.
So we came home and I finished this baby quilt.
 Finally, I'm done. I have lost my motivation for baby quilts, but this one is ready for a nice wash.
 and become crinkly wonderful! It's only about a week of so late for the mommy-to-be's baby shower, Oh well!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July Parade

 It just wouldn't be 4th of July without a parade. I like our small town parade best of all. It's just long enough to enjoy and short enough so it's not boring.  The fire trucks come from all the surrounding communities, and they have a full day. THey go to the small town parades one right after the other. Coralville was at 10am,we were at 3pm, Hills was at 5pm, I'm sure there were a few others in there too!

 The AWANA kids had fun on their float-yeah, float-AKA hay rack! Hi Caitie!
 Kids with no cause also had fun! Gotta love the way kids think!
Vintage tractors and farm equipment-look at that little girl handle that Farmall...  followed by a herd of 4 wheelers and motorcycles and bicycles and of course the politicians are out in force!
And of course the horses bring up the rear! ANother 4th of July is in the books!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th

Image from

Rain Rain Go Away

 On Tuesday we had a downpour! I am thankful that we are high and dry!
 It was crazy windy and the rain was coming down in buckets!
The river that runs between our house and the neighbors was too big for Bob to ford. I walked over and got him back in his own yard-that should teach him, right?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Like A Girl

So, Have you heard about this? Like A Girl? Watch this video. 

 Wow. Like a punch to the gut, right?
I work for P&G, the sponsor for this campaign, and I'm proud that they are. #pgemp
Monday, June 30, 2014

At The Ol' Ballgame

The annual pilgrimage to the Kernels game was just a little bit damp this year. But look, see that guy sitting at the table? Signing autographs? That's Rod Carew-he's a famous ball player-even I know that! He had a line all the way down the concourse waiting for him. I feel so bad for his writing hand!
 Since Uber Son had to work, and Hubs thought it was too hot, DD and girlfriend-in-law went to the game with me along with DD's friend and his kiddo.
 Aren't they cute! The Cedar Rapids Kernels get off to a good start-look we had great seats on the 3rd base line! Hi Mr. Shucks!

 Uh Oh...clouds are moving in......

 Things are looking a little bit dreary..... then Whoosh, the rain let loose!!! DD and her pals were wimps and left! Not me and Girlfriend-in-law though! We are good fans!
 We got pretty damp, then they pulled out the tarp so we headed up top to wait it out.
After resuming play, the rains came again so we called it quits. We were ahead when we left and YAY! Kept the lead when the game was called after the 5th inning.