Thursday, December 1, 2016

Google "How to fix Washing Machine Lid Switch"

So on Thanksgiving Thursday, my washing machine stopped starting. Well, you know it would run water in but then just sit there. I knew my lid switch was getting worn out-I had to press hard on the lid in just the right place to make it work...but now it was a goner. 
So I Googled, "How to fix washing machine lid switch" and it seems this is a common problem. And that almost all brands of top loaders-especially those who have an almost vintage age-use the same switch set up. I chose a few youtube videos to see how they took the thing apart.
 There are little screws and a cover and then these big clips....I knew I would struggle to remember how to put them back in when I was through so I took a few extra pictures.
 Man! It's dirty in this washing machine! See my washing machine is full of wet laundry! But I was fearless and took it apart anyway! The whole front tips off when those clips are removed.
 Anyways, one of the youtube videos told how to use a ziptie to repair the switch, so I thought I'd give that a try, since it was a holiday and I sure wasn't going to get a part today!
 Here's the switch on the underside of the top of the machine. I used a ziptie like the video said-I didn't even remove the switch, I just pulled the ziptie as tight as a could with pliers- and then tipped the front back into place to give it a try....and it WORKED!!! YAY! The laundry went great! Then it was on to Amazon to order a new part!
So the part came today!It was almost just like the original, except it had a longer cord protector piece of plastic covering-I had to cut that off-see it has a slit all the way down the hard plastic so I pulled out the wires and chopped that excess plastic off. Now it will fit around the corner of the washer.
 The other thing the new part didn't have was this metal protector part. I just popped it off of my old part and slid it onto the new part.
 And of course there's always one thing that's annoying-the ground wire uses a hex head screw instead of a slotted screw so I had to go hunt down a wrench for that. I sure hope that saved Kenmore a nickle.
 Now that I have the old switch out, you can see how it broke right between the light gray top and the dark gray bottom, with the ziptie pressing it back together again. It probably would have continued to work for quite awhile, but the new part was only about $7 on Amazon, so I thought I should go ahead and replace it.
There! All cleaned up and re assembled! And a test batch ready to go....
And we're agitating! YAY! This wasn't a hard fix at all-the hardest part is to put it back together again and taking pictures made that really easy too! So glad this is fixed!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It's Getting Cooler Outside

 Just a quick random thing...Have you seen this? The dog food I switched Sandy to has Velcro closures!!!
Yes real velcro. I LOVE this bag!

 And since it's getting cooler out I better make sure the snow blower is ready to go-move the lawn mower to the back of the garage and bring this little beauty to the front! Check the oil and gassed her up and she started right up!

And lookie here, my pallet Christmas trees are out front. Hubs says I should paint them, but I think I'll leave them rustic. Maybe I'll run some lights out there if it warms up a little bit in the next few days.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Lovely Thanksgiving!

 There was a delicious turkey...Hubs cooked himself silly! We had such a great meal with the family

And we celebrated the upcoming birthdays too-Kevin's is in December along with Mom's and Daniels is actually today!

 Not much conversation going on with all the great food! Lots of veggies and the pies...hey where's my pie picture...Oh well, they were delicious!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Another Auction

 I went to an estate auction up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa last weekend. The auction numbers were on these, key punch cards! I hadn't seen one of these in years! Anyways, it was really cold out!
 See what I got? A little sew of treadle sewing machine cabinet drawers.
 and a few odds and ends too in the bundle. for only $6. While I was there I saw this giant crock! Look at that thing. It was too cold to hang around but I bet it sold for a good price!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Corridor Arts & Crafts

 So today I stopped by The Bella Sala Events center in Tiffin, Iowa and visited the Corridor Arts & Crafts fair. I saw so many cool things. And most of them I had not seen at other craft shows. Beautiful hand made baskets!
 These boots are up cycled and very awesome!
 Cast leaves.....
 Canvas printed photos,
 Look at these cute Christmas trees!!!
 I had never been to Bella Sala before, they are a favorite venue for weddings and other big deals I hear.
 SO many different things were on display. ooo, paper!
 Love the boxes and there was a booth with alpaca yarn!

 Pretty furniture....
 Look T shirt quilt! I couldn't get over there to see what they were asking to make one.
 hahaha Hella Sassy! made me laugh!
 It was worth the $5 admission to see all the goodies. There were a lot of baby themed things-hair bows, blankets, bibs, blankets, that kind of thing.
And they had a guy playing live music-he was really quite good...Zachary Freedom, I bet that's not what his mom named him.
Saturday, November 19, 2016

Off of the Fabric Shelf!

 So, I'm not really much of a fabric hoarder. I usually only buy fabric if I have a project for it. But sometimes I am given some this really cool black and white totally mid century modern style upholstery fabric. It was cut into 8 pieces so I decided to make them into grocery tote bags. It is cool fabric and now it's out of my fabric shelf.
 Then there's this cute travel print-honestly I didn't buy it, I'm sure I didn't! But here it is, so I stitched it up into a couple of pillowcases for the spare room. That dark red color is a scrap I had in the bin, so now that's off of my shelf too! And it looks really good with the blues on that bed!
And last there's this polar bear border print. I think it was in a pile of fabrics that was used in pillowcases for the ConKerr Cancer donation. There was just "bear"ly enough of it to make this Christmas Tree skirt from the magazine called Quilts & More.
I used scraps to make the star corner blocks and now those bears will be under the tree one of these Christmases or under someone else's tree! At any rate that fabric is off my shelf. Still a few more pieces to go, but making good progress with the time I have.
Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Torrid at CoralRidge Mall

 So Saturday was grand opening day for the new Torrid store at Coral Ridge Mall. The first 50 people in line would get gift cards! I'm in!!! Well, we (I mean the folks in line near me) thought we were within the 50 people, but when the doors opened, apparently there were some "invisible" people ahead of us...darn it I missed it by 6!! Grrrr....
 Oh well, I better go have a look around, cute jacket-I can see that on DD!

 Cute sporty was kind of hard to get a good picture-kind of crowded!
 Jeans, they have a lot of different styles and fits. I'll wait to shop until it's less crowded another day.
 Cute dress attire too.
 I bought this cute pair of round toe shoes...they came in size Sasquatch!!

 And I got these earrings too. They have the backs I like, so I couldn't leave them there! And I got a free shopping bag for joining the insiders club. Oh boy! I'm a Torrid Insider......I hope they do a good business. I'm all for another shopping option for plus size gals!