Sunday, August 2, 2015

Power Show-of an Antique Kind

So, DD and me traveled over to Marshalltown, Iowa to have a look see at the Mid Iowa Antique Power Show. My Dad took an engine over to show-just one this year.
SO we wandered around the show grounds-they have a huge area with nice parking and shuttles to haul you around too. 

 Dad told me about this engine. He said he saw it sell at an auction in Nebraska, for nearly $20,000. Well here it is the guy who bought it must have a big hobby budget!
Since we came on a Sunday the crowd wasn't very big. There were some guys who had already loaded up and headed home. But the weather was lovely and there was plenty to see!
 Every year the show sponsors have a featured engine or tractor. This year, you might have noticed all the red, it's IH.
 Miles and miles of red tractors this year!!
 More red tractors....
 And the saw mill was fired up, but no sawing was happening. Dad said they ran into some iron in a log they were sawing yesterday, so they might need to have a tooth replaced on the saw blade. It's a big 60" blade and Dad says it is pretty finicky.
They had a big coal fired tractor belted up to the mill.
 And here's some of the wood from yesterday.
 But there was the tractor pull!
 Here's one of the first pulls. They hired a pretty fancy sled for the tractor pull. I'll have to check the website to see if any of these folks were the winners.
 Here's the tractor pulling the sled back to the beginning....
 And the tractor pulling the roller to smooth out the pulling area for the next contestant.
 It's fun to watch the tractor pull, but there was ice cream being froze using gas engines! It was very delicious. I like to see the antique engines doing such yummy work!
 There was also hay baling going on and some threshing too.
 The threshing is always fun to watch-glad it wasn't too hot today, because that's a lot of work!
 They'll bale the straw later I suppose.
 There is so much farm equipment to see....
 and next year, we'll try to come on Saturday. They had live music and a flea market as well as a lot of other farm displays.
Here's a link to the Mid Iowa Antique Power  Web page. I'm marking my calendar for the 1st weekend in August next year!
Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Drain! The Drain!

SO there was a wet spot on the floor near the back door. I thought our little house guest Ladybird had a weak moment...but as the spot grew and got wetter, genius that I am, I figured out the air conditioner unit is leaking water onto the floor!
 Ack! I kind of know what the problem is-we had this happen once before. There's this drip tray kind of thing in the bottom of the A/C unit, it has a drain that goes outside and drains away the condensation.
 As you can tell by the towels on the floor, the drain must be clogged. Well instead of calling our favorite A/C repair company , I went to my friends at YouTube. Yup. They had the answer.
 They said to use your shop vac to suction out the crud and clear your drain. I'm game!  So I rigged up the shop vac with the handyman's secret weapon..duct tape. And then went in the house where it's cool to wait for awhile and mop up more water. About 15 minutes later I hear that wonderful sound like a straw in an empty glass-TA-DA the drain is draining!!
 I let it run awhile longer to make sure-then look at this crud! ICK! But so far so good. I kept the shop vac rigged up JIC. I'll check it again tomorrow.
 Now to relax in my chair...WAIT A MINUTE! Ladybird! Well I guess I owe you since I blamed you for the wet floor.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Random Grocery Picture

So while we were in Minneapolis we stopped at Lunds & Byerleys-it's a grocery store. It reminded me  a lot of Lucky's in Iowa City. Lots of natural and/or organic stuff.
Anyways, I'd never seen apples packaged like these from Rockit. $3.49 gets you 3 apples in a plastic protective tube. They're pre-washed and ready to go. What a brilliant idea!
And we purchased some treats! I chose some Cedar Crest Ice Cream. Rainbow sherbert. It was some of the best ice cream I've had from a carton. I forgot to take a picture, but it was really good and flavorful!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Shopping & Element Wood Fire Pizza

So we ran some errands and did a little shopping while we were in Minneapolis. We stopped at a couple of uniform shops looking for the ugly green scrub tops that DD is being required to have for her work. One shop had a nice assortment so we got pants there and I saw this sign in the window...It says 
Always Be Yourself UNLESS you can be Batman then you should always be Batman. HAHAHA!
Made me laugh!!
 Anyways, then we traveled to another uniform shop-and WOW they had EVERYTHING anyone could want! Did I already mention how nice it is to have a person who already knows where to go and the best ways to travel around Minneapolis? It is a wonderful thing!
Anyhow, this shop had a ton of stuff and we got several ugly tops and pants and a pair of shoes too!
 Then it was time for lunch...or did we have lunch first...whatever!
 It's a wonderful thing when the person driving knows the way to go! None of us had ever been to Element Wood Fire Pizza before so it was a total surprise for all of us! Here's the Link for Element Pizza's webpage.
Element Pizza ® 96 Broadway St. N.E. Minneapolis, MN 55413
(612) 379-3028

What a cozy little place for lunch! Lovely wood tables and a rustic cabin feeling. There is also a patio so you could eat outside too. We love air conditioning......
Stop at the counter and order from the huge menu of pizza choices. one size fits all! And you can watch the pizza bake in the wood fire oven too!
 MMMM- I ordered the Hawaiian with basil.  Look at that! The crust was perfect, crispy and light and the sauce was so good. I loved this pizza.
 My dining partners.....I love them so much too!
 And pizza for everyone, look at all the toppings. Pizza is delivered to your table and the folks there were very nice-smiles all around! How nice to have service with a smile!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Mission: Organize Closet

So DD and me traveled to my favorite Cousin's house to help her orgtanize her closet. What FUN we had!! There was sorting, and packing and donating! We toted away more than a dozen bags of lovely clothing to the ARC donation center in Minneapolis.
 There was folding....yes you saw it here folks...folding
 Like Sheldon.....side, side, bottom, flip.....
 folding and more folding......and hanging too!
 And look how the finished closet came out! WAHOO!!!!!
 We didn't just hang around in the closet though, we ate and shopped, and had a wonderful time as always in Minneapolis!
The final result was just so nice and organized, but more than that DD and me got to hang out with one of our favorite people!  I'll show you where we ate...tomorrow!
Thursday, July 23, 2015

Big Excitement

So I have absolutly nothing to blog about except that I got new steel toed work shoes. Cute boots actually.
Aren't they sweet as can be?

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bra Phone Holders

So, my Girlfriend-In-Law has been running in 5K fun runs. I know, right? What an athlete-she likes to run!  She saw the phone pocket I made for DD last year to hold her phone while she was mowing the lawn. It just clips to her bra strap.
 SO I worked up a prototype to fit her phone. I made it have two narrow Velcro clips to hold it in place around the strap on her sports bra.
 I hope by using two strips it will keep her phone from bouncing around while she runs.
 I'll have to get an action shot of her! Meanwhile I made a new one for DD's phone. Her phone is kind of giant!
 I made it with a button hole for her on the bottom to feed her headphone cord through-she listens to music while she mows. She also texts me to come out and pick up the dog toys!
 See how it just Velcros around the sports bra strap.
 Works pretty slick. I think the idea is genius-I better get on Shark Tank with it I think!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Too Hot

So there are some new flowers on the hillside-I have no idea what they are. Do you?
 This one appeared today. So pretty. I hope they aren't some evil foreign plant.
 The milkweeds smell like lilacs. They are wonderful, I don't know if they acquire the smell from the lilac bushes or what but they smell great! And they are just getting ready to spew their pods.
 Since it's so hot I just whipped in to the library to turn in my Summer reading paper, and get a few new books.  I'm staying inside today I think!
 Maybe I'll finish up the quilt blocks-I only have a few dozen more to do.
 Staying cool is the plan for today!