Thursday, November 8, 2018

Little Snappy Project

 I had an email that mentioned how easy these little snappy bags were to make so I thought I'd try it out! My Mom made some of these a few years ago, and they were pretty cute, so here we go.
 I had a little tape measure that wouldn't go back in it's case, so it was the perfect thing to try out this project. You just cut the metal tape measure to size, then cover the sharp ends with a bit of tape. These bags are lined, with a layer of scrap batting in between. You make a pocket for the tape out of the lining layer.
 And a little square folded to make tabs on each side. Then just sew up the sides and  TA-DA!
 I sent these down to the church bazaar. I'll hope they all sold!
 My scraps are getting a little bit out of control again, I better make something else out of them!
Here's the video from Riley Blake designs so you can make some too! These might just make an appearance at Christmas!
Wednesday, October 31, 2018


So the ladies at my church make noodles to serve and to sell for the annual bazaar & supper-which is coming up soon, on November 3. They put out the call for help and a group showed up to learn the secrets of Church-made noodles.
 I had a little time before it was time to go to work so I stopped by too! The process begins with mixing the dough. Marie's husband Larry took care of that by keeping the mixer going.
 Another person kept the eggs coming-cracked and in a bowl, ready to add to the flour-regular and semolina flour-I think that's the secret!

Then the assembly line continues with the next ladies in line making the big glob of dough into smaller balls and then the smaller balls are sent over to the folks running the pasta machines. The balls get run through the machine twice, once at number 3 and then through number 5. It's just like play dough!
Then as the dough is pressed into sheets, they are placed on the tables covered in sheets to dry. There were about 11 folks there, and we got done in just about an hour! I had to go so I didn't get to see the cutting and packaging. But the hardest part was done!  I think I was the only one there who had to go to work-ie: likely the youngest person in the room!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

The Hankie Quilt

So, I've had this stack of vintage hankies around for awhile-some were from an old friend who passed away, some came to me in a box I got at an auction, some I don't know where they came from, but they are so pretty. I saw on Pinterest where folks were making quilts out of them...I can do that I thought to myself! So probably a year ago, I washed and ironed them, then I cut a bunch of white squares to back the hankies, then I got distracted.
 So it's September 2018, and I don't have a project going so I go outside to spray baste the hankies to their backing fabric. They are all different sizes, and a lot of the time they do not have nice straight edges.
 But I ignore the oddities and I also ignore the dozens of different shades of white/ecru/ivory/off white.
And after about an hour, I have them all spray basted to their backs...then I get distracted......
 So now it's October, and I have finished a bunch of other've read my blog, right? So I start to lay out the backed hankies into a pleasing design. And I notice that some of the ones with just a small motif in the corner are too plain to hold their own against some of the bright printed charmers.
 So I think to myself, I'll just cut them into quarters and make one block out of four of them. Trouble is, I can't cut that pretty hankies can I???? Deep's just like the first time I cut up a book....bad bad it's OK, it's for a good will be used and pretty!!
 So here we go!! I had to cut them just slightly larger to allow for the seam allowances, but I did it!! This particular hankie had a little sticker on it-it had never been used!!!!
 Now let's see about that layout.....hmmm, better!! And just to be even more of a hankie rebel, I SERGED THE WHOLE THING!!!!
Yup, I serged the blocks together, fast as you please!
 Don't they look great! Serging them together kept all the threads and messy-ness out and kept the layers together too!
 Look at that little 4 into one block! It looks great! You'd never know they were serged together!
 SO I press the heck out of it, and decide I need borders. In addition to getting to a larger size, I think it needs a little calming influence.
 So I pick up this pastel 30's print from the quilt shop over in Amana-Heritage Needleworks. I don't have really any pastels in my stash, I'm not much of a pastel person....I was trying to not purchase anything, but..... it's a nice print that kind of brings it all together. And I used it all up!
 I used more of the plain hankie motifs in the corners-I had plenty of them basted to the backing so it was easy to cut them for the corner stones. Oh and see that hankie with the pink flowers-it's nylon! Or some kind of slinky synthetic like that and it was pretty large! It had a crazy wavy edge, so I spray basted it so two edges were in the quilt and two were hanging over the edge, when I serged it the edge was trimmed off and it looks great!
 These blocks really did shape up well. I'm glad I serged them-it cut off the edges that were on the oversized hankies, and made it super easy to press the seam allowance to one side.
 I do love these 4 into one blocks-I just thought of that name, pretty clever, right?
After spending their whole lives in a dresser drawer or box in the closet, these hankies are ready to shine!
 I go outside to my garage door to do the quilt sandwich-spray baste is my friend! And those little magnets are awesome! This is the biggest quilt yet using them!
 It was pretty breezy on Saturday, but I want to get this project done, so I brave it with my trusty magnets! I used warm and natural cotton batting, I'm hoping the natural color won't allow shadows behind the white.
 It worked great! I am so happy with the results! Magnets rock!!
 And so I do a big meandering stitch on the center and loops along the border.
 I get it all trimmed up and get the binding on it. I think I'm loving this quilt now!
 Here it is! Outside on the clothes line...
 It's breezy today, but it looks really good. I wasn't really loving it until now.....

 I'm glad I ignored the many white shades and added the border!
And now into the washer for a good clean up-so many of the hankies have stains, and even after one wash, they still have quite a few issues.
 And now after a wash-almost all the stains are gone-Thanks to Tide....I kind of feel like those that remain are OK because it shows those hankies were used, not just put away.
 And the back-I had to piece it, but it looks good too! This quilt washed up so nice and soft!
Gosh all those pretty hankies get to see a new day!

 I'm really pleased with how this came out, and it came together pretty fast using the serger!
 And no one will ever know the difference! I don't know why it took me so long to dive into this one, but I'm glad I did!
Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Back Roads Junk It Trail With Mom

 So it's that time again-the Back Roads Junk It Trail! DD, Mom and me went last year and visited quite a few shops. We cut back this year and only visited a few of the more North East shops. One stop not on the map was Kathy's Barn-jeepers does she have stuff!! Building after building of stuff!
 Then we stopped in Gladbrook for lunch at a newer place called Spanky's.
 Mom had the meatloaf special.
 I had Francis's  grilled cheese Pizza sandwich. Our server told us they had a little contest going where they all thought of a special,and this sandwich was one they came up with. It was quite good!
 They are very reasonably priced and the building used to be a movie theater in the olden days. Our service was great and the food was very good. Excellent stop!
 We stopped at a shop called The Old Mill Road-lots of nice things there-they are closing the shop after this event though. Then I felt like we should have a little fabric fix.
 So we popped over to Conrad, Iowa and stopped at Hen & Chicks Studio. I had never been there, but it's a cute shop. It's in an old store front, and I am in love with the floor and the grate in it as well as the front door!
 They have lots of nice fabric and they are famous for their retreat space.
 And of course we had to stop at Ken's Collection! My Aunt Francie's husband Ken has a huge collection of stuff. His is the cleanest, most organized collection you will ever find! He had this little anvil-too expensive for me though.
 And his entire shop is just full of good stuff. And not a speck of dust anywhere. 
 I did get a bag of tennis balls from him for only $8-he was asking $10!LOL I think I'm the only one who got a deal!!
Such a fun day cruising the back roads with my Mom. Looks like we need to make this an annual event now!