Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Back Roads Junk-it Trail

SO Darling daughter and me went and picked up my Mom and we headed out to see some junk.
 We didn't go to every stop on the trail-that would be a serious road trip!
 We stopped in Haverhill, Iowa first. What a cute shop at Picker's Emporium and Reclaimed Treasures. Look they even had some jadeite!
 I don't remember where I saw these picnic baskets, but they are sure pretty!
 We checked out the iron at another place...I really should make notes.
 This was probably the prettiest shop we went to. It was out on a gravel road near Baxter, Jonnie's Red Barn-every door you opened had an adorable display in it. There was no dust and she had such pretty things!
 ANother picnic basket-see how the top is different? Cute, huh!
 I think this lighting was at another shop in Baxter-Bushel and a Peck on Main street.
We had such a great time. It's always fun to talk in the car and choose where to go next. We made several other stops, but the rain moved in so we headed home. We just might need to do this again in the fall.
Saturday, May 19, 2018

Mowing the Lawn and Sandy

 So my Darling gardener had lawn mower trouble. The belt came off- I thought it was a crop circle and she was abducted by aliens. But thankfully , no!
 So I got right after this little job, loosened the pulley
 and got the belt back on the correct way....see I'm a genius, because I made a copy of the belt diagram and keep it handy in the garage for just such an occasion. I think if she would keep the deck at a level 3 instead of level 2, the blades will not get hung up and cause the belt to jerk off the pulley. We'll see.
 THei is what we're doing on Saturday! Going to look at JUNK!
 Oh and Sandy got mowed too!She's so happy with a little buzz cut.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Springtime at Last

 I thought I wasn't going to have any lilacs, but POOF! They just popped open this week!
 THe violets...they're so sweet and are all over the yard.I wish they lasted longer!
 And those tulip bulbs my gardener panted are great!

 And the silly beasts have been here in the last few days too....
 Too bad the lawn needs mowed again. Thank goodness for my gardener AKA my Darling Daughter!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Ol' Ball Game Plus Prom

 So, Saturday was a busy day-it was Prom night, so Lovely Jean had the task of getting Caitlynn and her date out the door on time.
I took a quick snapshot before the evening got underway with a quick stop at the Depot in Tiffin. Don't they look sweet?
 And cute shoes too!
 SO then the rest of us plus Kayla & her son Ryker headed for the Ol Ball Game. It was P&G night so I got tickets from my employer, P&G. #pandgemployee!
 It was beautiful weather for the ball game! Plus they showed the Kentucky Derby on the big screen TV in center field before the game!
 Kevin & Ben were having a great time....

 And there were Pokemon there to be captured too!LOL!
 Selfies were fun of course!
 Jaymie & Ryker had a good time-there was cotton candy involved...
And fireworks to finish the night off! Always a good time at Memorial Stadium in Cedar Rapids-and the Kernels WON!
Sunday, May 6, 2018

I'm A Genius....hahahahaha

 I'm a genius, see I figured out last fall that I could tape my quilt to a board in the garage and spray baste it with out making a mess in the house. However I also found out that when it gets too cold, spray baste doesn't stick well to anything.
 So now that the weather has cleared up and turned to spring, I decided to try again. I didn't have a space big enough to lay this kid sized quilt on, so I taped it to the garage door! This is the back of the quilt-right side down against the door, I just used masking tape to stick it up.
 Then I sprayed the backing and stuck on the batting. This is the first time I used this needled poly batting-it looks kind of thin, but the finished quilt washed up wonderfully. The batting stuck down just fine and I felt like I could use a little less spray to keep it together. I just smoothed it out and then sprayed the batting.....
 and stuck on the quilt top! I love spray basting, and it is the only way I will make a quilt sandwich. Doing it on a vertical surface instead of on a table top or counter top works the absolutely best!
I read all the time about how folks lay their quilt on the floor to pin it or baste it...OMG! Not these knees!! ANything is better than crawling on the floor!! Here's the way it all layers together.
 Backing, batting, and top, all smoothed down. The garage door has textured squares, but I didn't have any trouble with that making bumps in the fabric.
 When I was all done and took it down I was happy with the way it all laid nice and smooth.
Peeling off the masking tape was easy and I already posted the finished quilt HERE.
Now I'll try the garage door method for spray basting for a bigger quilt...when I have one done I mean!
Thursday, May 3, 2018

A Little Quilt finish

So, I mentioned that Mama Klux had given me a little  pile of fabric to use when she moved. 
 There were 6 panels of this little puppy kitty print-vintage from the 80's I'd guess. SO I thought I'd turn it into a quilt for the church bazaar coming up in October. I trimmed off the ugly edge prints.
 I made some of those easy star blocks to go with and give it a scrappy look. I think it helps it not look so dated. I'm planning to have this be toddler bed/crib size. Here's the layout-I also used the border print for the star center squares-the puppies and kitties are pretty cute!
 I also used those dreaded cornerstone borders. I have a hard time getting them to match up, but I must be getting better because these came out pretty good!
 I used a big meandering quilting design and I also used a different batting this time.
 I was at Hobby Lobby and they had needled poly batting, so I thought I'd give it a try. Bob said it was OK.
 See I used the border print on the back side too. And I used a dark print for the binding. It looks great! So the whole thing was completed from stash/scrap fabrics! YAY!
 And after a wash it looks great! I didn't know what to expect with the poly batting, but I like it a lot.
 It still has the same crinkly goodness as when I used the cotton batting. I used my coupon at H.L. and the regular price for the batting is only $3.99/yd!! What a good deal!!
Next up, I have a couple of Doll panels that Mama Klux also gave me. My Mom made some of these same panels for DD when she was a little girl!
Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Riverside Antique Show Fun

 So 2 weeks ago-Jeepers, I got behind on blogging- DD and I went out to the antiques show at the casino in Riverside with our friend BJ. There's always something to see there!
 See that little brass anvil? Yeah, but $75 is waaay tooo much I think. It wasn't that cute.
 We always keep an eye out for Jadeite Jane Ray dinner ware for DDs collection. She tells me NO MUGS!
 Look there's a corn platter!
 If we could see a pair of S&P in Jadeite, we'd probably get em, but they usually are in pretty poor shape-the word Salt is almost always worn off.

 Oh and Christmas stuff. My favorite!
 I just love to look at all this old stuff...
I probably should have bought those balls, oh well, I bet we see them again at the next antique show! Now that the weather has finally turned to spring, DD came and burned off the hillside.
 Get all those winter weeds burned away!
 It was such a nice day!

Look Dennis & Ben came over to get Ben's motorcycle going. These goofy kids tried out the roller blades...Dennis thinks he can dance!
 Yeah, OK you can dance...sure, dance....
 Kids and dogs in the driveway, sounds like a movie doesn't it?
Speaking of dogs, here's the latest to join the pack. He is DDs roommate for now. His name is Tank....
 Stupid name for a dog, I call him little brown dog.
 He's just a pup, but pretty smart and sweet.
The rest of the dogs all do pretty well with him. There, now I think I'm all caught up! New quilt finish soon!!