Monday, February 12, 2018

Disposal Disposal

 So, the garbage disposal broke-the little teeth things broke off from the retaining pegs and were banging around in there-YIKES! SO I did  some on line shopping and found a great deal at Costco.
It's a big one and only $89.99!!
And they had it at the store so i didn't need to order it and wait! WIN!
 See I got the old one off-it was a tiny 1/4HP and look at the new one I got, on the right, it's a 1 1/3 HP that thing will grind!!
 So they stress that you have to put it together the way it's shipped! So I took pictures.

 Lookie there! It's all going well!
 Except that I need one more hand to get it up there. You have to be able to push it up and twist it all at the same time. KIDS to the rescue.
 Dannie came over and got it up there-she had to go though, so I was going to finish it myself,  then I lost a screw for the connector INSIDE the housing!! Ben came over and un installed it for me and got the screw out. Pretty good plumbing for an electrician guy!
We're all good now! I have a tiny drip on the P trap dang it, now I'll have to get under there again. Poor old knees!!
Friday, February 9, 2018

The Hits Keep Coming

SO this is my employer. Sad News indeed. Here's a link to the news release.The Gazette
I had high hopes for 2018, but maybe not so much. Or maybe this is just one of those doors opening that I've heard of. Who knows.  I'll keep you posted.
But in better news lookie here! I finished this quit! Sewing keeps the mind occupied!
I started making blocks back in mid January, I found that I couldn't close my scrap fabric boxes, so something had to happen!
 I used a block that I saw on Cluck Cluck Sew.
 Bob helped, he's very good at holding down blocks.....

 I set the blocks on point-I hadn't done that for a long time....and I love the way it came out!
 When you make the star blocks you trim off a corner and so I sewed them together and used the scraps for the outer border.

 I know they don't make triangles like a professional might do it, but I really like the random non fussy look!
I just did a big meander quilting job on this one. I was anxious to get it done-therapy I guess.
 I used this really cool fabric for the back-I've had it for quite awhile, so it was time to use it up!
 I think I'll sleep with this one for awhile!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Snow & the Moon

I made an effort to ttake pictures of the lunar eclipse. These are posted backwards though-see how tiny the moon is in this picture as I was almost home from work.
 And this is about halfway home....

 And see here it is when I just got started homeward. I know not very impressive photos, but the eclipse was pretty cool to see.
Then on Tuesday, I had to get my snow blower friend running!
 See here's my friend!
 We did a good job getting that dome!
 And the dogs enjoyed playing in the snow!

 It was a clear morning

and I hope I don't have any more snow to blow anytime soon, but the news says tonight. Sad face.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Hockey & Interstellar Cave Dweller

So it was time to go to the Roughriders hockey game a couple of weeks ago- time flies by so fast! DD was too sick to come so it was just Bean and me this year! ( you know Ben+Jean =Bean)
 It was superhero night so Lovely Jean and I had to get our picture taken!
 We had a great time t the game-those little girls behind us were adorable! They clapped hands in time to the music, and screamed and danced when they were supposed to and finally they got to be on the giant TV!
 We had kind of crappy seats this time-I know, I shouldn't complain since my employer gives us free tickets!
 Anyways, afterward we popped over to the Sundown Bar & Grill in Williamsberg to see our favorite local band-Interstellar Cave-dweller.
 They had a really good crowd, and they played really well-I have to admit, I haven't shut down a bar in quite a while, but the band was good and I was the DD.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

What Next!?

So in December we had a little trouble with the furnace-a new igniter had to be installed. $300 for the guy to come fix it. SO last week the furnace was acting up again. I called the guy we always call and they sent a rookie guy to try to fix it-it's only -12, gee who needs to have a furnace. Well Rookie couldn't get the thing going, so a 2nd guy came out-the guy who fixed it before. He finally got it going after sending rookie out to this truck so many times, I'm surprised there was anything left in it! So we're warm at least. He suggested we replace the furnace- to the tune of about $5000!!!! SO I got Hubs on the job and he called and had 4 or 5 different outfits come give him an estimate.
 We chose to have Affordable Heating & Cooling come in and replace the furnace. On Tuesday they brought us a Lennox High Efficiency unit (they had to go pick it up over in Marshalltown!) and installed it for about $3000. Let the work begin!They could have used a little more space I think.  I took the dogs over to DD's for the day-no need for them to be helping.
 The guys from Affordable arrived on time, came in and got busy. By the time they finished it was down to about 65 degrees in the house. They took away the old unit and now we have this! They did a really great job-installed a new thermostat and cleaned up all their debris perfectly!
What a difference! It's quiet and seems to be working really well! We're all toasty now! I hope nothing else breaks down any time soon!
Saturday, January 6, 2018

Merry New Year!

SO, I got the New year off to a good start. I finished my last UFO project before I watched the ball drop.
 This Hexi table runner was something I put together, but kind of lost interest in, I still don't know if I love it or not, but it's done.
 I wasn't too sure how to bind it around the zig zag ends, but it came out fine.
And it looks good on the fireplace. Then this week it's been super cold! Like below zero cold-I had to snow blow for the first time on New Years Eve Eve too!
 Then last Tuesday morning at 4 am hubby called me at work and said-"hey, do you know how to turn off the smoke detectors?" I said, Are you sure there's no smoke? He said yes and he had used the stick to push the hush button but they weren't shutting off. I could hear them (all 5 of them) going off in the background-so he had to suffer through that noise until I got home from work-I had to work late too! SO I unplugged them all from the ceiling. Did you know you're supposed to replace your smoke detectors every 7-10years?
 Well I know now! I picked up replacements and Ben came over and helped me get them installed. Look at his silly dog baby Ladybird on the chair helping him! She's a circus dog! Of course the brackets were just a tiny bit different than the old model, a little bit more effort! He did 4 of them in half the time it took me to do one! Thanks Sweetie!
 Then it was time to take down the Christmas tree. Ringo helped. I like to think he felt badly because he was the cause of the only ornament breakage this year.
 Don't the vintage ornaments look good in this bowl?
Ringo pushed by me and rammed into the hairpin leg table(he always takes the smallest possible route to squeeze through) and that made a picture fall off the wall, and that landed on the bowl of ornaments.
 And of course it broke one of my favorite vintage ones! Oh well I'll find some more I'm sure.
 Sad news too....Dannie hit a deer on New Year's Eve night, and poor little Sparky car is a goner. She was driving down Old Hwy 6 and a deer ran right in front of her. Not an uncommon thing- luckily, she was right near the trailer court so she could pull in there and stay safe and warm. It was below zero of course!
 Thank God Dannie & Yeager are fine, but a new car will need to be found!
So today we went to the car dealer to look at a model we saw on line. It was almost too much for Dannie to stand!
 But we got the job done, and here's the new part of our family fleet!
 It's a 2017 Jeep Renegade-just like mine, but newer, and has 4 wheel, drive, and a removable sunroof....and heated side mirrors.
It's really nice car, and we got a good deal on it too! SO January is really off to a busy start! I could take a little bit less busy while I get over this darn cold!!