Monday, May 25, 2015

Bike Flag

So a couple of weeks ago, I hauled a bike from my Dad to my girlfriend-in-law's kiddo. It's a pretty awesome bike, and it got an extra special bit of awesomeness thanks to my SIL John. He added a flag stick to the bike, but the flag was pretty much no good. 
Young Kevin wanted a Batman/Flash flag to go on the stick. SO here we go! I cut out the two flag backgrounds-one red one black- out of heavy duck fabric. Then used heat-n-bond to fuse on the designs.
 Then I stitched around the appliqued designs and then sewed the flag together. Flash on one side and batman on the other. I made a pocket to fit the stick-it should just slide on.
Asking a kid to hold a flag up so you can take a picture is impossible....

 Impossible I say....
Here it is though! Looks great on the bike!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Tree Change Dolls

So I had some free time and was trolling around the internet on this rainy Sunday and came across this-
Amazing, right? This is one brilliant Mom/Artist/Revolutionary.
Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Vendor Event Recap

SO the Vendor Event that DD organized at our church went really well. Table rental fees made $335 for the church's fund.  I set up the room for 15 vendors, and 12 showed up. I don't know what happened to the 3 no shows but I hope all is well with them.
 As it turns out, the room fits 15 with no problem, and we could have easily slid in 3 more and still have plenty of room between tables. We learned a lot from our wonderful vendors. They appreciated the space to get out from behind their tables. They also suggested we not go until 4pm. They were right, business dropped off dramatically after 2pm.
I chose to have refreshments for our vendors-sandwiches and snacks and bottled water-they liked that too. 
We also are pretty sure we're going to do it again in the fall. Our vendors said they see good sales in the weeks before Thanksgiving and of course around Christmas, so I think the fall might be good. We were a little bit heavy on the cosmetic vendors so we'll try to limit that to maybe 3 next time too. I think all the vendors had at least one sale and interest in their products, so that's a good thing.
 Those wooden sign boards look good, easily readable from down the block! YAY! Better placement nearer the corner would be good I think though.

 The vendors supplied door prizes which we drew for from those that registered. We had about 30 folks register so that made a good assortment of winners.
 And the kids had fun with the lemonade stand! They made $10.50, good job kiddos!
And my favorite gardeners did some yard work after that busy day!  What a great day over all!
Saturday, May 16, 2015

Lemonade Stand

So here's the project that has been taking the most of my time. The lemonade Stand.  It was mentioned that the kids at church would like to have a lemonade stand. The guy who could get some lumber is really busy with kids and life, so I told him to drop off the lumber and I'd give it a go.
I looked at a ton of plans on Pinterest and it looks like the way to go is build 3 frames and hook them together. Got it!
I had 2X4s and some of this beadboard looking plywood to work with. SO measure, measure , measure.....
Lean it up for a test.....
Looking pretty good....Dang it I'm out of screws...DD picked me up a box...these a excellent screws. They even come with the bit for the drill.
SO I wanted to have a place for the kids money box, and a place for the lemonade container to sit. and I was thinking I'd hook a basket under the center of the shelf to hold cups.
I bought two boards to make the counter top and to make the little shelves.  I traced around a roll of tape I had to cut the rounded edges. Then cut them off with my jig saw. They came out pretty good!
Now for a lot of sanding! Thank goodness for that dandy belt sander!
It's shaping up pretty good. Now to add some wheels, because the thing is pretty hefty. I wouldn't want to carry it around. Wheels are kind of pricy and I'll never understand why hardware stores only have 2 or 3 wheels of the same size, same kind. Never is there 4 of a kind! I had to go two different hardware stores to get 4 wheels! These little 2" guys work just fine!
There! Now for the 1st coat of paint!DD says it's not a lemonade stand she says it's a rolling bar!LOL!
I got a gallon of glossy white trim exterior paint in the clearance section....unfortunatly it's oil based not latex and it stinks and it's taking forever to dry!
For sure it will need 2 coats....
Two long stinky coats...
But it's shiny and very white!
You can see here where the corners don't match-there's a 2X4's width gap there on both corners. Yeah, I know, but it's what I had to work with! And who knew you had to put another 2X4 in there to connect the two corners....oh well!
It's shaping up pretty good, don't you think?
See that little corner shelf is for the lemonade jug with a spigot on the front to hang over the edge. I figured the kids won't knock it off like they could if it was sitting up on the counter.
Now I put on the last coat on Wednesday morning before I went to work thinking the paint will be dry by Saturday....
We loaded it in the pickup  on Friday evening and there are still some spots that are wet! I can't believe it!
Oh well the kids are having a great time with it. I need to figure out some kind of awning and sign business for above the stand, but it'll do for now I think.
Cute right!? Remind me not to volunteer for assembly again ok? LOL!
Friday, May 15, 2015

Sign Making

So, I got the sanmdwich sign boards done, now I need the paper to clip on there. I chose a pretty fat font on my computer and printed it out at like a 325 size. It took a few pages, but I just cut them and taped them together to fit in my space. 
 Lucky for me the size of my sign boards is about the size of my kitchen island! YAY! I taped my printed out sheets to the counter top, making sure to keep them level. Then I just traced onto my clear white freezer paper.
 Until I got to the smaller letters. Tracing takes too long. SO I just winged it and used my Sharpee marker to color them in. I did all the sign paper so I could color later...and give my Hubs back his counter top.
 I love the way these signs came out. Freezer paper is a really good fit for the boards and I can create a sign for any occasion!
 Ready to go!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It's Like Magic

 It's so magical. I go to work and the lawn needs mowing and when I come home WOW! my lawn is mowed. It's like there's a gardener elf at our house!
 Isn't that nice! And look the new peonies are blooming!
 That little pink guy needs a little help-he's all droopy....
 There a little wire cage helps him up! I can't wait to see the old peonies come out. They are coming along after there fire event.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother's Day

The older I get, the more appreciate my Mom.
 Happy Mother's Day. I love you Mom.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

It's Alive!

I've been having trouble with my remote keyless entry fob, it's been making me crazy.  I called the dealer and they couldn't even get me in to look at it for a week! So I called the key guy at Mike's lock & Key in Iowa City, Iowa. He told me to order  a new fob, and then call him. SO I went to Amazon and ordered a new fob-$13-what a deal!
 Then when it came I called Mike's Lock & Key and popped over to his shop and TA DA he plugged in the magical computer and I know have remote fobs again! AND he only costs $35. WAAAAY cheaper than the dealer-and no waiting a week! YAY! I know in relation to the problems of the world, the ability to lock and unlock my doors is a pretty small thing, but it's amazing how spoiled one gets when you have to get the key in the lock-especially when it's dark or rainy!

So, A few weeks ago, DD, my gardener, burned off the hillside by our driveway. I thought she had killed off the peony plant. I gave her guilt about it so she went and bought 2 new peonies.
 But lookie here! The old ones a popping right up!
I'm so happy to see it's alive too!