Friday, June 15, 2018

Vacation Preparations

 So I'm planning to visit the Atlantic cost while I'm on cousin's vacation. I think I need a sun hat to keep my porcelain skin from becoming like a piece of bacon.  I found this hat that fits pretty good.....
 In addition to porcelain skin I have a big head too......and I need a place for my pony tail to come through. Well, yes, of course I have time to do an alteration before I have to leave in just a matter of hours! So I zig zagged a round button hole shape in the center back of the hat.
 Trimmed it close to the stitching and gave it a test fit.....
 It's a little too small-my pony tail won't fit through!!!
 SO I'll just enlarge it and I also noticed that an oval shape would work better so I oval-ed it a little bit.
 There all done and it works GREAT!!!!
 Let's see if I can get a photo....hmmm, how do kids do that???-they take pictures in the bathroom mirror all the time!!
 It's not as easy as it looks...maybe the other mirror will work better.......
Ahhh, there we go!!! It looks good doesn't it! Ok, now get packed!!
Monday, June 11, 2018

Sitting on the Bench

 I was sitting in the back yard on the bench talking to my Mom on the phone, when Bob came up for a little pet. My Dad's been in the hospital in Des Moines since Wednesday,and today he had heart surgery.
 I've been routinely calling to check on things with my Mom in the mornings while the dogs play outside and it's nice and cool. I keep moving the bench around so my darling gardener won't have to mow around it. Bob must like it where it is right now.
The surgery went fine, they took a vein from his leg to replace some that were clogged. It's so unreal, that a heart issue is what put him in the hospital. Now an anvil falling on him, I would believe that, but who would ever guess a serious heart problem. I'm just thankful that Mom made him go to the ER to get checked out and the Doctors figured it all out.
Tuesday, June 5, 2018


 I stopped by my local polling place this morning. The nice folks there looked at my drivers license and then asked me my address and birthday...really? You've got to be kidding! I really think it's wrong to ask for ID to vote to begin with and then to think that if I was trying to cheat I'd not know what it says on the ID I just handed over??  Boggles the mind...

Monday, June 4, 2018

Weekend To Do List

 I found a little screw on the floor when I was sweeping the other day and hubs found one too....hmmm where do these screws go? A little detective work and here's the spot! This is the under side of our dining table. It's a lovely old table I was lucky enough to get from my family. This lever pulls the two halves of the table together when you remove a leaf. The little screws have become stripped out of the wood. I put a little Gorilla Glue on the screws and put them back in. Hope that will hold it for awhile!
 I've been wanting to do some work in the yard...look a butterfly....I love a good distraction.....
 anyways, I stopped by Lowe's to get some dirt to fill in the pots for the annual tomato plant planting. As I swung around the lot, I saw this....SCORE! $1 per bag for broken bags!!!  Load em up!
 I got some rocks for $1 too, I'm planning to fill this area out back with rocks and make it pretty instead of weeks and stuff.
 Plus then ,my gardener won't have to mow so close to the house.
And look, I got some new shoes to go on vacation. Ringo says they make a pretty good pillow.
Saturday, May 26, 2018

Weekend Rest

Look at the peony bush-it's ready to pop! I went out front and ran a new flag up the pole.
 UPDATE_look at the peonies today! They just love this hot weather I guess! The neighbor has white ones-so pretty!

 It's a beautiful morning and who doesn't feel a bit patriotic when a bright new flag unfurls against the beautiful blue sky!
 Ringo was busy talking
 And I gotta mention how much I LOVE these things! Tide pods are pretty awesome at any rate, but these 4 in 1 with Downy? WOW!!!
 I just use one pod in my regular load and two pods if it's a full big load, and it's the just right amount of softening and good smelling and clean. I just have a good old fashioned top loader-nothing fancy here, but I would imagine if you have a fancy modern front loader you'll still get excellent results too.
If you've liked Tide pods you gotta try these 4 in 1 Tide Pods. Full disclosure, I bought these on sale at Target last week, I work for P&G, but they don't really know me, and I wouldn't blog about them unless I really did like would be great if they paid me like a bazillion dollars to say how much I like Tide Pods, but they didn't, so there ya go.
Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Back Roads Junk-it Trail

SO Darling daughter and me went and picked up my Mom and we headed out to see some junk.
 We didn't go to every stop on the trail-that would be a serious road trip!
 We stopped in Haverhill, Iowa first. What a cute shop at Picker's Emporium and Reclaimed Treasures. Look they even had some jadeite!
 I don't remember where I saw these picnic baskets, but they are sure pretty!
 We checked out the iron at another place...I really should make notes.
 This was probably the prettiest shop we went to. It was out on a gravel road near Baxter, Jonnie's Red Barn-every door you opened had an adorable display in it. There was no dust and she had such pretty things!
 ANother picnic basket-see how the top is different? Cute, huh!
 I think this lighting was at another shop in Baxter-Bushel and a Peck on Main street.
We had such a great time. It's always fun to talk in the car and choose where to go next. We made several other stops, but the rain moved in so we headed home. We just might need to do this again in the fall.
Saturday, May 19, 2018

Mowing the Lawn and Sandy

 So my Darling gardener had lawn mower trouble. The belt came off- I thought it was a crop circle and she was abducted by aliens. But thankfully , no!
 So I got right after this little job, loosened the pulley
 and got the belt back on the correct way....see I'm a genius, because I made a copy of the belt diagram and keep it handy in the garage for just such an occasion. I think if she would keep the deck at a level 3 instead of level 2, the blades will not get hung up and cause the belt to jerk off the pulley. We'll see.
 THei is what we're doing on Saturday! Going to look at JUNK!
 Oh and Sandy got mowed too!She's so happy with a little buzz cut.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Springtime at Last

 I thought I wasn't going to have any lilacs, but POOF! They just popped open this week!
 THe violets...they're so sweet and are all over the yard.I wish they lasted longer!
 And those tulip bulbs my gardener panted are great!

 And the silly beasts have been here in the last few days too....
 Too bad the lawn needs mowed again. Thank goodness for my gardener AKA my Darling Daughter!