Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A Little Yard Work

 So the power company cut off a bunch of tree branches at my Mom & Dad's house. Being good kids, my Sister and my kids and me went over there to get the wood moved. See DD is almost done...see the pile behind her?
 We probably won't get an A for neat wood stacking but it's better than it was! We stacked it closer to the garage so Dad can cut it up to burn in the garage when it's cold.
 One thing was a pretty big deal, see that? Ben drove Grampa's pick up! He pulled close to the piles of wood that the power company left.
 Then we loaded it in the pick up and moved to the next pile. Then unloaded over by the garage.
 At the same time. Julie and Dad were burning the pile of sticks that was piled up.
 It was a pretty fast burning pile!

 One thing I can tell you is that hackberry wood is a lot heavier to pick up than walnut!
Dad pointed out this big old walnut tree is almost all hollow-look at it on the North side-I sure don't know why they wouldn't take the whole tree down! It's bound to fall at some point. They're putting in new power poles, so they cut away the branches they wanted, but you's think they would be a little concerned over a whole trunk falling on the lines.
 All done for now.  Really good weather for the fire-hardly any breeze. Glad this work is done.

Friday, March 16, 2018

One Year Later-Ringo the Dingo

One year ago, I got the phone call.....
 Moooom, this dog needs you.
 Really? I don't think so!
 Gosh he is cute isn't he......
Look at those pretty eyes-he looks like he has eye liner on!!

 Weeeelll, I don't need another dog......
 Somebody will claim him I'm sure-I'll check and see if the vet can detect a chip......
 We got him an appointment for shots and neutering.....
 And here it is a year later......We've loved having Ringo be OUR dog.
Happy Gotcha day!
Saturday, March 10, 2018

Saturday Running Around

 I stopped at the library to get return/get some more books and this Jeep Renegade was parked next to my Jeep renegade. A Burrito Utility Vehicle from the Dept of Burrito Relations! HAha! Panchero's does have really good burritos! After grocery shopping I drove out to the Johnson County Fairgrounds for the annual Kiwanis Antique Show.
 This notice was posted on the door-I guess we're going to have some dancing in Oxford on Sunday evenings!
 I always keep my eye open for Jadite for Darling Daughter. She says he doesn't need mugs though. This booth was asking $12 each for them!
 Pretty quilts seemed to be everywhere. Some are actually old, but a lot are newer machine sewn reproductions. At least it seems that way to my untrained eye!
 This booth was only asking $8 each for the mugs. It pays to shop I guess!
 I do enjoy seeing all the old "junk". This basket was unique-they had it marked as a sewing basket. Seems like it would be tippy with the narrow bottom.They were asking $58.
 And I changed the runner on top of the fireplace. I saw this bunny pattern and thought it was cute.
 The pattern, called Easter Parade, is free at Center Street Quilts. 
I don't think I have good contrast, so I'm not really crazy about it. I didn't put batting in it, just backed it with some scrap flannel. But it will do for the short time before Easter is here!
Time to move the clock forward!
Monday, March 5, 2018

Darling Daughter's Birthday Semi Surprise

 SO Dannie's pal arranged for a surprise birthday celebration for her. It was really very fun. I chatted with kids I hadn't seen in years!
And anytime you can enjoy family time, it's a good thing!

Dannie and her friend Susan-we've known her since she was just a little girl!
 And me and hubs.....

 And here's the pas Kayla-she really did a nice job of organizing and getting things ready and she made the BEST cookies ever!

DD wasn't entirely surprised, but she was surprised enough to see so many of her friends! SO that was all worth while! Happy Birthday to my baby girl!
Sunday, February 25, 2018

Home Show with Jean

So, a couple of weeks ago I went to the local Iowa City Home Builder's Home Show with Lovely Jean. I always come away with a lot of stuff...pens, shopping bags, a snow scraper,and a T shirt too!Jean and me both need more shopping bags, right?!
 There's a lot to see at shows like this. These guys had ways to make your cement floors look great.
 I just had to laugh at the name of the roofing company....Malarkey!
 Pretty furniture from the folks at Amana...always so nice to see.
 OOOO, look at these beautiful tiles! I'll take some! Wouldn't that make a wonderful back-splash in the kitchen!
 And take a look at these beautiful glass shower doors. A gal can dream, right? We worked up an appetite dreaming about all those great home products!
 We stopped to have lunch at twelve01-it's inside the Hampton Inn. I had a Cuban sandwich and Jean had the Shrimp Flatbread. It was a pretty good lunch.
Twelve01 has a nice menu and is not too crazy expensive. It was nice to go to a place with no crayons for a change!
Monday, February 12, 2018

Disposal Disposal

 So, the garbage disposal broke-the little teeth things broke off from the retaining pegs and were banging around in there-YIKES! SO I did  some on line shopping and found a great deal at Costco.
It's a big one and only $89.99!!
And they had it at the store so i didn't need to order it and wait! WIN!
 See I got the old one off-it was a tiny 1/4HP and look at the new one I got, on the right, it's a 1 1/3 HP that thing will grind!!
 So they stress that you have to put it together the way it's shipped! So I took pictures.

 Lookie there! It's all going well!
 Except that I need one more hand to get it up there. You have to be able to push it up and twist it all at the same time. KIDS to the rescue.
 Dannie came over and got it up there-she had to go though, so I was going to finish it myself,  then I lost a screw for the connector INSIDE the housing!! Ben came over and un installed it for me and got the screw out. Pretty good plumbing for an electrician guy!
We're all good now! I have a tiny drip on the P trap dang it, now I'll have to get under there again. Poor old knees!!