Wednesday, October 19, 2016

New Pillows

So, they say you should replace your pillows every two years....weeellllll, it MAY have been a LITTLE bit longer than that for me.  So now I have new pillows and thought they should have some new pillow cases. And I want to make an effort to use up some of my stash of fabric too!
I am still in love with this Micheal Miller dress form print. Doesn't it make nice pillow cases? I haven't made a pillowcase since last year, I think I'll make a few more! Off to sew!!
Sunday, October 16, 2016

Chespin Halloween Costume

So one young person who is a true Pokemon FAN asked to make her a Chespin costume for Halloween. Chespin is one of the latest Pokemon. Now you know.
 I came home from work the other night and this little toy was waiting for me by my sewing machine.....guess who!?!?! Chespin, left for me by  said young person. She's a hoot isn't she?!

So I dug around in my costume patterns and decided Chespin can be made pretty much the same way Pikachu was a few years ago. Here's the hood-looks good! 
And the rest of the costume. I just used ordinary craft felt for the whole thing and a regular quilters cotton for the linings. 

And here's the model. She was very pleased with how it came out. 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Auction Day!

 So , lookie here! I scored these really pretty vintage ornaments at an auction on Sunday over in Shueyville, Iowa.
 They are the smaller sized ornaments and I think I was lucky to get them for only $10.
 The auction was a good one, not too much junk , and a lot of good stuff. Plus I got to meet my Dad there!! YAY! he was looking to bid on a couple of anvils.
 Of course it took forever to get to them. But it was a nice cool day and things moved along pretty well.
 There were several quilts that went pretty well and lots of kitchen ware.
 And just look at this dining room set! OH MY! If I had a place to put it I would have bought it in a heartbeat. That Asian influenced mid century modern look...WOW!
 And sheds full of scrap iron and lots of shed type pf things. I liked the look of this big hank of rope.
And Dad got both anvils and some other blacksmith type of things. A good day for all!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Drive In Time!

So Hubs and I made a final fall trip to the drive in on Saturday night. \We saw the Magnificent 7 and the double feature included Sully.The Magnificent 7 was pretty good.I really liked the diverse make up of the 7, even though the story has a few faults, like why don't the miners join the town?
I am kind of annoyed with the costuming for the girl lead...I don't know her name, wait, Google......Hayley Bennett. She was a fine actress, but really? No  wife in 1879 California gold country is going to wear a dress cut this low to a meeting at the church to discuss how to save the town.
And really, you're traveling 3 days riding a horse to hire killer gunmen to save your town  and you choose to wear a hippie girl-off the shoulders- peasant dress? Give me a break. Apparently someone is VERY enamored with Hayley's collar bones.Whoever designed the costumes for this movie should have been given the BOOT!
On to Sully. I did not have high hopes for this movie, we already know how it comes out. But I was surprised at how engaging the movie was. It wasn't as dull as I anticipated and it was interesting to have a peek into the world of how investigations go on.  Tom Hanks did a great job I think! No costume issues here! YAY!
So Cowboys and Tom Hanks at the drive in, not a bad Saturday night!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

What Cheer Flea Market

 SO, I made the journey over to What Cheer, Iowa today! They have a big flea market 3 times a year at the Keokuk County Fairgrounds. I had never been here before.
 There are vendors EVERYWHERE! Outside, in the livestock buildings, in the race track, on the sidewalks, every space has stuff!!!
 Since it was Sunday a few vendors had already moved out, but there was still so much to see!
This person was selling Mary Kay, Pampered Chef and rusty stuff!
 Lots of old furniture-some new old, and some just old and some just furniture.
 Lots of license plates-some vendors had them cut into individual letters so you could craft your own project out of the letters.
 Lots of vintage glass, see those green salt & peppers-they wanted $48 for them so they stayed there.
 Hubs just told me one thing before I left the house, he said, "No chairs"...well jeez, when they jump out in front of me...what am I supposed to do!!!!!!!
 mmmm, look at that pretty green picnic basket...I left it behind too, it wasn't in very good shape on closer inspection. But I do want one like that.....
 I tried to get a veiw of the rows and rows of vendors inside the dirt race track, not too successful.
 There were quite a few handicrafts folks there, and they were ready for fall with lots of outdoor decor.
 I thought about one of those corrugated metal pumpkins, but decided against it...lots more to see here!!
 Look iron pikachu, and iron snowmen, what a cool bunch of yard art!
 I chuckled at the barb wire yard art too.
 Oooo, look there's another picnic basket...darn $22 and not in great shape, it's not like there's a basket shortage! And notice that silver lunch bucket on top there-I can remember my Dad had one like that for a lot of years!
 I swear there was so much to see, there was one guy who had a truck load of banana boxes just full of junk, spread over about 20 tables-people were rooting around for treasures there for only $1!
There was even an anvil, Dad! It was a huge one, and a littler one too, but they were in pretty beat up shape I thought. SO the next time I'll know what to expect, the flea market happens in May of 2017 next!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Taunting Fabric

 I blogged about this quilt I got started
Back in July of 2015 here.
But things happened and I kind of lost interest and got busy, and this quilt was taunting me, wanting to be finished. 
And today I finished it! It has been sitting over on the sewing table taunting me. I guess I showed it a thing or two!!
 I did a kind of sloppy meander all over to get it done!
 Sometimes, you just need to finish! And I always plan for my quilts to be used, not just looked at, so it will be durable.
 I do love this fabric, but I'm glad it's not giving me that unfinished glare any more!
 And here it is all washed up and ready to cuddle.
I turned out good and I think this is my favorite binding ever!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Scattered About Saturday

 So, there was an auction sale over by Amana, Iowa today. I thought I'd drop by and see if there as anything I had to have.
 There sure was a lot of stuff, probably 6 or 8 hay racks full of...well..junk. And a lot of it was really just junk, at least to me. One whole building was table after table of glassware. I sure don't need any dishes!
 This family sure lived it up back in the 60's or so I'd say. There were at least 4 sets of golf clubs, tons of water & snow skis, boxes of badminton, volleyball and who knows what kind of nets. Anyways, I gave up on the treasure hunt and went to the grocery store.
Have you noticed, tis the season for pumpkin spice everything?  Did you see this? Even Life cereal has gotten into the act with pumpkin spice cereal!!! I passed on that.
 When I got home I finished a little October door banner or my friend in assisted living.  The other day I cut out the pumpkin shapes from a piece of black fabric that had been in the fusible bin for quite some time. See I thought I would be so clever and make it look like stained glass...sort of.
 I just sketched some pumpkin shapes and started cutting away. It really didn't occur to me that the orange scraps would need to be fused on there and there really isn't much room for the pieces to over lap. but it worked out pretty well.
 I'd have to think a little more to make it a little more fool proof if I ever get this idea again. But not too bad!!
130 is her apartment number in case you were wondering. I felt like it needed something in that space so why not?
The pumpkins are fused to the scraps of orange fabric then I stitched the whole thing to a piece of Pel-tex for some firmness. A little rick rack around the edges and October is done!!