Monday, November 24, 2014

Done, Done, Done!

 The creepy Creeper Minecraft quilt is done! Yay! Three spools of thread for quilting and it's a wrap!
 Looks like the pictures I see on the internet all right.
 Awww, Hello Kitty on the back! I had to cute it up somehow didn't I?

Black binding looks good with Kitty and with creeper...creeper kitty, HEY I think I just made a new cartoon character!!
Saturday, November 22, 2014

Standing in Line

SO, my paper shredder dies. We had been best friends for YEARS! All the sudden while I'm shredding a pile of stuff, he just up and stops shredding. SO I did some on line "research" and found the best deal was at best Buy. SO I traveled over to my neighborhood best Buy.  Now I hate to rant too much, but....this is one full week BEFORE Black Friday, and there was ONE check out stand open at Best Buy. YES ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are you people thinking??!!After about a 7 minute wait...yes I know seven minutes doesn't seem like much, but when the kid in front of you is waiting to spend his birthday money on a new Skylander figure, and the guy behind you is trying to get back to work on time, well seven minutes is a LONG time. At long last another cashier comes along.  Phew-paper shredder purchase COMPLETE!
 I stepped over to Target next, see what's in my cart? Yeah, not anything fun or festive at all.
 But here's something fun! gas over at Costco was only $2.64!! Now that was a cheery thing to see!
 Then I went to JoAnn's because I needed some thread for the quilt I'm in working on...yes I went to JoAnn's and I only bought two spools of thread. The line at the cutting table made me avert my eyes from any fabric at all.Again standing in a long line to check out, and this is a full week before Black Friday...what are these retailers thinking??!
 I had to relax after standing in line everywhere I went, so when I got home I whipped up some sample stockings. We're planning to hand out stockings with crayons and a coloring page in them for the kids on Christmas eve at church. I'm so proud I thought to get started on this before December 23rd.
I googled fast Christmas stocking and found several ideas, so I had to try them and see which was actually the fastest. They're all pretty fast I have to say. More to come on stockings!
Friday, November 21, 2014

Thanks So Much Cards

So, after all the work for the annual church auction, I needed to get thank you notes sent out to our generous contributors. After all, I wil likely be asking for their help for something in the future, right?
 SO I stamped some thank you sentiments and embossed them, see how they are pretty and shiny? Ohhhh, nice!
 Then I used my tiny envelope punch and made envelopes-so cute! and inked the edges of the sentiments
 and glued the sentiments into the envelopes
 And TA DA, look how cute these cards are!  I chose a lot of bright scraps of paper to make the 4"X5" cards.
 Now for envelopes. I'm still working through the old atlas pages and they make great envelopes! I used the cool envelope punch board to make unique envelopes.
A few folds and A little glue stick in the proper places...
 Then added address labels and YAY! I'm done! Off to the mailbox now with my handmade, pretty much free thank you notes!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


So I don't really uinderstand the Minecraft trend. I understand it's an on line interactive multiplayer video game. But beyond that...not so much.
 But my dear girlfriend-in-law pointed out tome that her eldest daughter is a big fan and saw a "creeper" quilt on line. Is that something you could do? So she sent me the link, and I googled  creeper quilt, and what do ya know? There's a whole bunch of grown ups who are indulging their kids Minecraft passion.
 So I cut 5 1/2" blocks of 6 different green solids plus black for the "face". I started out with the easy to make 9 patch blocks and the went to single blocks to make the face part. 
Here it is all laid out and ready to sew the rows together. Looks like the ones everyone else is making, but I imagine the darling girl will love it. It's got to be the most unusual quilt I've ever made!
Saturday, November 15, 2014

Auction Day

It's a cold day for an auction but DD and me went anyways. We were going to take a lookie loo at these anvils for Dad. Just our luck they were near the end. But that left us lots of time to lookie loo around.
 Lots of old iron around this sale. It was on an old farm, lots of farm equipment.
 Lots of old buildings..there's an old Cadillac in this barn. It's in rough shape, but the cars seemed to do pretty well.
 Love the old paint on these doors-people try to fale this kind of look all the time, but these are the real deals.
 These old sleds went for $50. They were sure pretty.
 The electrical in some of the buildings was pretty hazardous looking. The folks who lived here seemed to have a lot of livestock and then gave it up to cars and machinery.
 Check this barn out! Wooden peg construction...boy those were the days of craftsmanship!
 This old 2 door station wagon Pontiac went for $8000. It was pretty rough.
 The trim on this old Pontiac was really pretty, I bet it was really something back in the day.
 Wooden spokes on the wheels, and
 a wooden steering wheel, like I said we had a lot of time to look around.
 These fire extinguishers went for $50.

Then it started to snow. I've hung around at some cold auctions and in the rain auctions, but I don't think I've been snowed on at an auction before.

 He crowd was getting pretty small by the time they sold the anvils, and doesn't it figure , they went for more money than I had in my pocket. $250
We left in the snow empty handed after a day at the auction. Maybe we'll have better luck next time!
Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday All Ready?!

So let's see, I better catch up!. Thankfully the church supper, bazaar & Auction is over! YAY! Very good results this year. right about $3850, only slightly less than last year.
 The snowman table runner went home with someone else.YAY!
 These quilts that the ladies group of hand quilters had for sale went for the asking price...$150 for the two bed size and $100 for the smaller stained glass pattern quilt. The bed size quilts are both cheater quilts, but all hand quilted.
 These auction items are all sold! And almost all of these chairs and tables are put away again! Phew!
 These hams have been eaten and auctioned off too! We sold one of them for $50!YAY!!!!
 Hubs and I stopped over to the Stringtown grocery the other day too. We hadn't been over since they moved next door to their old location into a new larger building.
 Stringtown is operated by the folks in the Amish community near Kalona , Iowa. They sell bulk food stuffs repackaged into various manageable sizes.
 And they also sell some unique items that you don't find anywhere else.
 The new store is really spacious! Look at these beautiful, colorful squash and gourds in the bins out front.
 And I also got a swap box in the mail. One of my long time website forums for craftiness has several swaps throughout the year and this time it's the RAK box swap; The box is stuffed with craft supplies and things that you are willing to part with then it's sent on to the next person who takes what they want and adds some stuff and sends it on to the next person. and so on.
 I took out these two cute little sewing panel cutouts, and some decorative cording trim. Now I need to add a few things and send it on.
Now I'm all caught up!
Saturday, November 8, 2014

Candy Tractors

 SO remember about 2 years ago I posted cute candy tractors that my friend from work made? Well I got around to making some of my own for my Church's bazaar. I got a heap of candy, and went to work to recreate the tractors.
 They came out pretty good I think. I had to change it up a bit, because I couldn't find the packs of gum that were used in the original version. See that's a kit kat bar for the base, then I was lucky enough to find Dove chocolates in round-ish shapes for the front wheel. The original version had peppermint patties for the big rear wheel, but I don;r like peppermint patties, so I got these  chocolate candy circles-some are peppermint!
 Then I used a candy mint for the seat. I just glued the twisted ends under and stuck it on the kitkat bar. I made some with a dove bite  for the seat, but I liked the look of the mint better plus they cost less than another bag of Doves.
 Then 2 miniature Hershey bars for the motor part and a Reese's bell for the steering wheel. Pretty cute with just some hot glue to put it all together.

I tried to think of something for the exhaust pipe that would go out the top on  a real tractor, but couldn't find anything that was small enough. oh well-they nearly sold out at $2 each at the bazaar!