Friday, July 4, 2008

Guess Where We Went....

Does this look familiar at all? No? Hmmmm

How about this?, (I know not the best picture)

Yup you guessed it! We went to the drive in! We like to try to go at least once during the summer. We saw Wall-e & C of N- Prince Caspian was the double feature. There are a couple of drive ins left here in Iowa. This one, The Valle, is in Newton, only about an hour away, so not too much gas. The best part at this drive in is that you can choose to listen to the movie through the provided speakers on a pole-just like back in the day-or tune in your radio to listen through your car stereo. We stopped by the KFC for a bucket of original recipe and made a picnic out of it. Bring a comfy folding chair, and bug repellent & help keep the place in business by purchasing popcorn and you're all set!