Thursday, September 17, 2009


Finally! This is the beautiful view from the Great Smokey Mountain National Park. What a nice drive!

Then on to Savannah! Here's Tybee Island with it's sweet lighthouse. I went to see the dolphins on the dolphin tour boat and it was great fun! I'd show you a dolphin photo, but those critters are FAST!

Look spanish moss-yes I'm easily amused!

This is one of the squares in downtown Savannah. I really loved Savannah, I'd go back there anytime!

Here we are at the Winn Dixie. Piney & BettyAnn took Hubs to every grocery store in town! He wanted Salt Pork-go figure, well I saw dolphins & hubs saw salt pork!

My uber awesome B-I-L took us to his work! He's in the Air Force, part of the 23rd Equipment Maintenance Squadron, and these jets are back for maintenance at Moody Air Force Base. It was VERY impressive to see. You really don't get a sense of the size of these planes until you see them in person. They're not all that big! But very mighty!

We also went to Stone Mountain Georgia, and to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. That's enough of our vacation now I think.