Thursday, January 14, 2010

NEw Gadget-Sidewinder

So I saw this new sewing gadget, and as luck would have it Wonderful Mom already had it. The Sidewinder is a bobbin winder machine. The idea is you can wind your bobbins without using your sewing machine.
I like the idea, and the gadget works fine, I just wasn't thrilled with the result.

It seemed to wind the bobbin fuller at the top than at the bottom.See in the picture the black bobbin was wound on the Sidewinder, and the white bobbin on my sewing machine. I had a better result with short spools of thread like Coats & Clark spools. Taller spools like Guterman still were pretty lopsided.  Plus it winds counter clock-wise which is the opposite of my sewing machine, so that's a little hard to get used to. So I told Wonderful Mom that I'm glad she didn't pay full price for it, but it is still a mildly useful tool, I did wind a ton of bobbins before I started a quilting project, but heck I could have done that with my sewing machine. Either way you still have to unthread your sewing machine unless you have more than one spool of thread.
I give it a grade of C.