Wednesday, May 5, 2010

See I have something done

See lookie here, I got the front of the house ready for a weed-whack-free-summer.I HATE mowing the lawn and I REALLY HATE weed whacking the edges so I put in this edging plastic stuff that you can mow right up on. Then I put on that wood stuff over a layer of fabric stuff that says it will last 10 years and keep the weeds out. We'll see about that though. I hope it doesn't kill off the day lilies!!!

Then see here how pretty the lilac bushes are!! They're coming along pretty good-you know the though love method in Bonnie's yard and all. They smell WONDERFUL!!
Then next door the apple trees are blooming-they look so pretty. I love the spring time-when it's cool. A day or so after I took this picture it rained and the blossoms on the ground looked like snow!