Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chili Cook Off & Soup Supper

Well I gotta say I'm glad that's done. I've been busy getting my church's Soup Supper & Chili cook off organized. It went off really well!! YAY!!  Here's our pal Val & DD enjoying the chili samples.
I was so thrilled! We had 10 different chilies entered and this was the 1st year we tried it! The enthusiasm was awesome! Here's Heavy Kevie-his chili was excellent with lots of add on goodies.
Here's Millie. SHe made white chili aka chicken chili. I told her it should be Millie vanillie Chili!!LOL
And this young man with the kiss the cook apron was set to win the whole shebang but was overtaken at the last moment. Adam and his Chili wanna be will be a wanna be next year I'm sure!
Look at the back-see there's Bill with his signs pushing for his favorite chili wanna be! Poor Jill in the foreground was about as tired as can be after a long day of traveling. I'm so glad she could make it!
A very fun time was had by all. And a pretty good fundraiser for the church!