Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Purple Cherry...not the greatest name, but great frozen yogurt!

So I went to visit Mom & Dad on Sunday, and she told me about a new frozen yogurt shop in Marshalltown. It's called the Purple Cherry. Not such a great name IMHO, but OMG what great yougurt. Here's the store, in downtown Marshalltown, 101 Main St, just a block West of the courthouse. What a nice place too! They have modern decor and a very bright seating area, with a perfect view to watch the traffic go by. I was trying to remember what had been in this store space when I was a kid, Mom said it was a men's clothing store, I remember JCP was just a block down, and what a shocker Willard's is still across the street!  Oh anyway the yogurt, I'm usually not a big fan of froyo, but this stuff is awesome!! When you go in the frozen yogurt machines are right there waiting for you
...mmm they have so many flavors and change all the time! They have really big dishes for you to serve yourself.
Then the yummy toppings, look strawberries, bananas, brownie bites, cake bites-Oh I gotta say those strawberry cake bite...I just should have filled my dish with them!!! There are also fudge, butterscotch, marshmallow and chocolate toppings, and nuts and candy crumbles, the assortment is unbelievable!

Then there's the candy, cookies & cereals. I had some animal cookies in my yogurt.
 Then they weigh your dish and you pay up. This dish was about $3.50, if you filled the dish all the way to the top it would be more than you could eat, they're really big dishes!

 Here's what one of our dishes had, I think this is my cousin's, we had to call and have her and her friend meet us for some of this deliciousness!  I hope they can keep up the good work, it's a real pleasure to see a new business in the old downtown! I'll be back Purple Cherry, every time I'm in Marshalltown! Purple Cherry website