Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Farmers Market week 7

Well, it was sweaty and hot and muggy and humid and all those adjectives to describe summer in Iowa. But a pretty good turn out of kiddles. We went with the 5 loaves and 2 fish feed 5000 theme. These cute little baskets were given to me by my DD who got them from the lovely Kelsey who had thought to use them at her wedding. So I found this cute little card game matching loaves & fish, and cut them out to keep ibn the baskets. The kids seemed to like them-they like counting and stuff that's kind of educational it seems.
Then the cutest of all I made this cute little project see, the wheel of fish & loaves fills the basket and never ends. I think the kids liked this because they got to use scissors and there was a paper fastener involved. I tell ya, these kids like tools and gadgets! Anyways I made the clip art baskets to fit two on a page of card stock, and the wheel fit 3 on a page of card stock. Then I pre-cut the slot in the basket with a razor tool and punched the hole in the basket for the paper fastener.