Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Grand Canyon-I knew there was more!

Grand Canyon has a program with re-usable water bottles-you can refill them for free with Grand Canyon spring water.
 Ben got one and we refilled at Hermits Rest at the top of the Canyon.
 These pictures are at sunset, when we first arrived,

 See, that's all the closer Dan wanted to get to the edge.

 These are some of the cabins that they rent out. Next time-yup!!

 They have these markers all along the rim og the canyon. They help you to visualize the amount of time that formed the Grand Canyon.

 Ben on the other hand wasn't worried about falling in at all!

 See the river waaay down there?

 See Ben over there? I think you can click the picture to see it bigger.

 We parked the car and rode the bus to all the best sites. It was definitely the best (and only) way to see the Grand Canyon, Ben was standing in the front of the bus, and I told him it was like a where's Waldo picture-Oh there's Ben!

 There's Ben dangling his feet over the side......

Look WILDflowers...they're in a cage...hahahaha..actually they are trying to protect some plants from being eaten by animals and picked by humans.