Friday, September 2, 2011

The Price Wasn't Right....:-(

Well Drew didn't welcome any of us up on hooo!
We did get a little bonus background look at the backstage area, because the wheelchair folks us the elevator. But of course-no pictures allowed.
The show was fun to do though. We waited a LONG time outside. We thought we were going for the noon taping, but instead were the 4:30 taping. So we arrived about 10:30 thinking to be early...oh we were early all right! Handicapped folks wait at the gate on benches and the rest of the group waits outside the fence on the street. When the line moves in you are given a number then you stay in number order and wait on benches in the pre-staging area outside the studio. Thank goodness they had a snack bar and restrooms there!
The producer of the show comes outside and has a few moments to chat with every contestant individually. There's a guy following him around taking notes and that's how they select the folks to be called to come on down. Deep Sigh!!!! I guess we were not what they wanted. Darn it! Anyways we were then herded into another area to wait to be led to the elevators.
While we were waiting the Fire Department came! I guess they had some kind of Haz Mat situation, so we were at least a bit entertained by the business of fire fighting.At last to the elevators we go! It was about 3:30 by this time and we were getting pretty tired of waiting. The studio was so much smaller than we expected. It seems so big on TV. They played loud music to get everyone pumped up and excited and then stage folks ran around behind the cameras to make us all clap and yell at the appropriate times. The taping went right in order as you would see it on TV. During the commercial breaks Drew Carey would chat with the audience and make little jokes with the announcer guy. He was very personable-and I think looks better in person. So anyways the air date is September 22 so tune in to see us in the audience. We're in the back row and when the model stands in fornt of the big screen to show a trip to somewhere you'll see Ben just to her left.