Sunday, September 25, 2011

Toilet Paper Rolls..Really? Do You HAVE to?

 OK maybe it's just me, but have you noticed the influx of folks being crafty with toilet paper tubes? Jeeez! Must be folks get to thinkin' while they are sitting..... I think you should just toss the things in the recycle bin and call it a day.

Dawn's Stampin Up

Chica Artist
Yes some of these are pretty cool art work really, but toilet paper tubes,,,ICK!

Really? You want to wrap your napkin in a toilet paper tube? I think not!
Oh yes let's celebrate Christmas in style with toilet paper tubes. Or NOT!! And don't even get me started on candy in a toilet paper tube..YUCK! And why does every single Sunday school craft page include at least one craft with a toilet paper tube? WHY??!!
Let's stop this people. No more bathroom craft supplies! Just say no to toilet paper tube crafts!! Recycle the tubes, don't use as a craft supply!!


Chasity Marquez said...

Ahhhh! Thank you! I find the TP crafts to be totally disgusting! Yuck! I'm happy to see someone else feels the same way!