Saturday, November 19, 2011

Deep Sigh....

So Wednesday morning when I got off work I had a really low tire on my car. I hurried over to the nearest gas staion and put air in it and came home OK. SO I checked the tire again when I got up and sure enough it was low. SO I called around to try to get my tire fixed and NO ONE could get me in to fix it until Thursday! Grrrrr. SO I air that tire up again and go off to work and go out at break time and air it up again and then go and wait at the tire place until 7am when they open. THursday wasn't shaping up to be the greatest day-a late go-to-bed time and had to be up at noon to go to the dentist. Deep Sigh..... Anyways Look at this...just look. OH MAN!! Deep Sigh!!!!

So I had to dust off the ol' plastic-I thank God I was able to drive without dying.