Sunday, December 25, 2011


I almost forgot to post my finished Christmas presents.
So here's the QUILT I finished for the Family gift exchange. It's just lap sized but I never have to see that Santa fabric again. I mean it's cute and ll but I've had that scrap faaarrr toooo lonnng!

Then the inside of my Gramma's house gift exchange
Handmade apple baker and apples! It was a really good gift I thought. When we went to the thieves market a few weeks ago I got the apple baker and it turned out to be a great gift.
Oh and see what was in that package from Dannie? A Pineapple-OK that's a really tasty gift, but guess what Gramma thought it was a great tasty gift too! SO we came home with Pineapples too! YUM!!

As always it was a wonderful Christmas!