Friday, January 6, 2012

I Won!

SO at my work they like to think we are a safe place. Yeah, whatever, anyways to prove to us how much they care about our safety the company trained all of the employees on the Safe Start program. In a nutshell, 4 things-rushing, fatigue, frustration and complacency cause 4 unsafe situations-eyes not on task, mind not on task, Line-of-fire, and balance/traction/grip. Got all that? So anyways when were were done with the traiing-5 2 hour sessions! we got the chance to call the Safe Start company and answer some questions on the phone and randomly have a chance at winning a "prize". OH BOY! A PRIZE!

They have prizes at different levels for you to choose from if you "win", A prizes are pretty cheapola, the Z prizes look pretty awesome..there's a Segway! Anyway I didn't get a Z prize but I did get a J prize! I looked at the stuff you can choose from and I got this...

Pretty nice huh?
Ben took it for a trial run...

Yum! What a good prize! And the price was ninety nine!!
Now if my family watches these...
The Safe Start home DVD's then they can call in and win a prize too maybe.