Tuesday, February 14, 2012


It's Valentines day today but I'm covering the birthdays instead.
We're pretty multi purpose at birthday time at Mom's house. One cake to cover all the birthdays. See Daughter is 24 on March 6, Dad is 77 on Feb 18, and my much older sister is 54 on Feb 5.  Got all that covered!
mmmm so much good food. My Mom makes the best cabbage slaw and she also made a delicious Apple salad.

I made cheesy potatoes and brought bread from the bakery at New Pioneer Co-op

And look how pretty these strawberries are that Darling Daughter made! I think it's a sin to ruin a strawberry with chocolate, but they are sure pretty.
I made a good card for my much older sister.

And gifts, I got my much older sister some delicious Alba skin cream,it's awesome stuff. And for Dad, I got a book about Mousehole Forge Anvils.

You can get the book here Amazon
 and Alba skin care is available on line here
Amazon but I find it locally at the Organic food store.
I'm just being mean about my much older sister, she's really only a year older than me, she's 46!LOL!!