Monday, February 20, 2012

Chocolate Raspberry Twist or Chocolate Vanilla Twist?

So our church is pretty poor, so we do different fundraisers and one of them is to run the ice cream stand at sporting events at Carver Hawkeye Arena on the University of Iowa Campus.The place is pretty empty when we are required to arrive and have the ice cream stand manned -or womanned--- and ready to go.
All  this nice empty space will be filled with folks wanting ice cream in just a little while. And I don't mean a few people, I mean stuffed with people!
A few hundred ice cream cones and waffle bowls later, the arena is filled with fans for the basketball game-Indiana vs the Iowa Hawkeyes. We have one machine that does chocolate vanilla twist and one that does chocolate raspberry twist. I think we should get paid extra for saying those words over and over again!!

$5 for a waffle bowl and $3.50 for a cone. We stack the cones as tall as possible-the company that runs the concessions only counts cones and bowls not ice cream. SO theoretically you could bring your bowl back and get more ice cream...we'd probably think you were crazy though.

A few thousand dollars-yes I said thousand- and we're done, Iowa WON!  Too bad we don't get to keep all the profits! We just get a percentage. And we are ready to go home!