Monday, October 15, 2012

A Whole Lotta Randomness

We celebrated October birthdays at Mom's house a little while back and fun was had by all.
Ben cut the cake and scooped ice cream...looks like sis and girlfriend are worried about his scooping skills. Fear not! All was scooped and served fine.
See? Good cake huh kids?! These are Ben's Girlfriends kiddos-are they cute lil redheads or what??
It's a good thing Ben's Grandma keeps toys from back in the day!  Oldies, but goodies.

I don't think I mentioned a cool thing they have on the top of the Uof I Hospital. They have a great snack bar on the roof-elevator F to the top- and they installed these binoculars there. It's pretty fun-you can see all the way past Coralville. 
Love seeing the towers of Old General-the hospital just kind of grew around it. When DD was little she called it the Beauty & the Beast Castle.
And lookie here-they're building a sky walk from across the street over to the hospital. That will be nice in the winter!
At Target the other day I laughed...
Because NOTHING beats Halloween decor above the Christmas cards!
Guess that's all the randomness today.

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