Thursday, November 1, 2012

Done, Done and Done

So I finished table runners for my church's tables...
Don't those look nice!?
I used a tutorial called The 10 Minute Tablerunner, well they might be 10 minute for folks who don't choose a one way print fabric and make a cutting error...well it might have been a 20 minute table runnerX8. Anyways here's the link I used.
I'm pretty sure you could make it in 10 minutes if you do it like the directions say...but what kind of fun is that?
I also finished a couple of these
Cute huh? These will be for the bazaar coming up on November 17. Maybe I'll get a few more of them done before then. Here's the link for the tutorials on how to make these..Christmas Stocking Fun
And lastly, I was on a mission to find some dollhouse furniture for a handmade dollhouse that was built for Our Church  Auction. SO if you haven't priced doll house furniture lately, it's pretty pricy. But I got a little bit and it will be enough to get some lucky little person inspired. Dang I guess I didn't take a picture of the whole house, anyways it's huge and heavy and will last a long time!
Here's a link to our Supper, bazaar and auction information too! Come and bid on the doll house!
Oxford United Methodist Church Auction, Supper & Bazaar


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