Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Camera Pill

So, I know  it's thanksgiving today-Happy Thanksgiving to you! Anyways, yesterday hibs had another appointment at the Digestive Disesases Clinic ant The University of Iowa Hospitals 7 Clinics. THey are trying to figure out how come he has weak blood and his red blood cells are wimping out, So they had him swallow a camera pill. It was really odd to see this blue blinking light and then see him swallow it!
UGH! Shaky pictures! DRAT! Anyways that's the pill Cam there held in his fingers. GULP!
Then he carries the Man Purse, and belt set, then we return the whole shebang back to the clinic. Hopefully it will find the issue, but it was pretty darn 21st century, Star Trek ish indeed!

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