Monday, December 10, 2012

The Sister Surprise

So I'm finally back to a blog post! My older sister and me decided to surprise our mom for her Birthday. We decided to fly our baby sister home from her home in California. After some deep searching for cheap flights I booked her on American Airlines. We got a great deal I think. Anyways, she gets here Mom is Surprised, Dad is surprised and it was an awesome weekend with her and the family.
Now here's what I do family is not skilled at taking photos.
Here is the evidence.....
well, at least nobody's head is cut off this is what I can see with no glasses on......
well a little bit better....
Sure, can we make sure we are all making bad faces please?
More bad faces...Oh good....
 Well if you like eyes closed photos, we got that!
Ok well, as you can see, we are not models OR professional photographers, BUT we sure were thrilled to have the sisters all together. Happy Birthday mom!
See I'm not too good either, I guess! But eyes are open, the head isn't cut off and it's not too blurry...wahoo for me!
But I'm a little bit better I think!
I love the pictures of Dad in the Garage.
It was pretty cold, so Dad had a fire going in the stove.
Anita hadn't seen the anvil collection.
If her friends are reading this be sure to ask her about Mouse hole anvils.

At least the anvils stay still, don't make bad faces, and  and they look good in any light!

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