Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's Baaaack! American Idol!!

Yes, my favorite TV show is back. American Idol started its 12th season last night. Who woulda guessed it would have such a long run!? I'm not quite sold on the lady judges this year, Mariah Carey does indeed have a lovely voice, but she and her breasts may not have the vocabulary to communicate with  American Idol viewers, and Nicki Minaj....well let's just let it go with  this...wearing an unusual costume and a clown wig makes it pretty hard to take one seriously. Randy is back as the patriarch of the bunch and I'm thinking the folks at Idol made a good choice by finally getting a country music judge. Keith Urban is a treasure among the other newcomers.  It's about time they got a judge who understand the country music dynamic especially since so many Idol Alums have gone on to make great careers in the country music world.
So after one episode, I hope the ladies stop their hen picking, I sure don't want to hear that all season!! I hope Randy & Keith will keep things moving without the snarky commentary from the women.

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