Thursday, January 10, 2013

Radio Rant

So on my way home from work I usually listen to Schulte & Swann on Z102.9. I like them, they're usually bright and I LOVE Clare-why isn't their time called Clare with Scott and Rick? Anyways, Scott went off on how he didn't like the fragrance of his Old Spice body wash. WHOA-HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! He said it smelled like his Grandfather. Well, YEAH? What did you think CLASSIC would smell like?And maybe you have bad gramps memories.....SO drop off the one you don't like with the high school athletic department.
Then Go NOW and buy some new Old Spice Body wash Scott! Oh and Scott, when you are shopping for that bodywash, I want you to think and reflect on the several hundred folks down at the Procter & Gamble plant, right down the street in Iowa City, who made that body wash for you. People you know, people who are your friends and listeners, all working hard to make you a body wash you can love. Don't dis the Old Spice, embrace the Old Spice in a ton of different fragrances!
Oh and to comply with P&G's Social Media Policy, I have to tell you I work at P&G.


Dannie said...

Mom! I thought about calling them!

knuckstermom said...

You read my BLOG!! Awww Honey!!!!