Friday, March 8, 2013

She Asked For These....

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So DD mentioned she wanted some no paper-paper towels. They're all the rage on pinterest.

 So I read up on what they were doing. Terry cloth with cool cotton print fabrics. Some sewists used the sew and turn right side out method while others used the serge the edges method.
 I went with the serged edge-FAST! And I might mention quite a lot cheaper than the $52 the Etsy seller wants for 12 towels that snap together.
 I cut a bunch of scraps into 11" squares, then dug to the very back of the linen cupboard for a couple of old towels and cut them into 11" squares. Then I just serged the edges, rounding off the corners as I went. Don't you love the trendy mustache fabric?
I chose not to add snaps, it seems to me like it would be annoying to un snap them to use. One blogger said she folds and stacks hers on the counter-like this.  I think that makes more sense. Now if DD wants to add snaps, well have at babe!

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