Saturday, May 25, 2013


I wanted to go to this auction today . It was over by Solon, so just a little ways away. But it was raining when I picked up Darling daughter....and it just kept raining the whole time!
It was cold, it was wet. We were chilled to the bone!!!

the pots and crocks were filling with water...
it was hard to look at what you wanted to bid on because they covered everything with plastic.
Anyways I came home with 3 boxes of vintage Christmas ornaments.
Almost as cool as the ornaments, look at this sturdy cardboard box that had a 17 pound turkey in it for 6 bucks back in the day...what's that? 36 cents a pound or something?!
But here's what was in the box
And in a couple of plastic storage boxes-so they were fairly dry...
So I laid them out on the bed to let them dry out-they got rained on for a bit, and see that cool ornament in the lower right corner of the photo? Yup, the one that looks like a teapot? Yup, that's the ONE ornament that Bob pawed off the bed and broke. Sad deep sigh.....
But just BTW, that figurine of one of the wise men, was something called Lladro, and it sold for $200!!!! The other figures sold for $50 each or more. And that purple glass covered butter dish...sold for $100. When DD and I were looking at stuff before the auction began she said, "oooh, that's sure pretty", she was right, pretty expensive.

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Dannie said...

Yeah I was freezing to death and now have pneumonia thanks momma!