Sunday, May 12, 2013

Weekend Browsing

So I went over to Walford, Iowa on Saturday. They had community wide yard sale day. It was insane! It's a pretty tiny town, but the streets were packed with cars parked everywhere and a zillion people browsing for the yard sale find of the day! I didn't hang around too long!
I stopped over in Amana on the way home. I saw they were having a market at the Performing Arts Center. I saw this cute old cigar box and look what was inside!
 hmmm, stamps!
 The seller, Denny..(he was sure wanting to make a sale) told me they were from the old post office  in Amana. Too bad they didn't say that on the stamp still, pretty cool. He had the box marked down to $15.
I couldn't pay $15 but I got him down to $10. Yes, not something I need. but cool anyways. And look
1910! I can turn the wheel for the SENT or RECD, but I can't move the year part.
 And I got this cool picnic basket. I liked the one got i got awhile's my stash basket for photos, so I talked with another guy selling stuff, he was asking $45. Not!
 I got it for $10. I like the slats that make the lid, my other one is a solid wood hunk, like plywood, so this one is pretty!
Don't they look good together! I think I'll need a couple more of these....haha!

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