Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dutchman's Store

So on the way home from St. Louis, we stopped in Cantril, Iowa to visit The Dutchman's Store. A fella I work with suggested I might be interested in the large selection of fabric and stuff that they have at this Mennonite store.
He was right, they do have a ton of fabric.

 They also had unique notions, like these snaps and pins, sold in bulk.
They also sold completed quilts, I was pretty amazed at their prices, but being a pretty busy tourist stop, I imagine they get the price they want.

 They are also a grocery store. You could buy almost anything in repackaged quantities. Their fresh produce prices were very good. I was pretty neglectful taking pictures for some reason, but they have a meat & cheese counter, and tons of frozen foods. A lot of  the prices seemed good or the same as in our area. Since they mainly service the Mennonite community and tourists they did have a lot of ingredients for home canning and home cooking.
They also sold shoes and jeans and books and toys and a great big mish-mash of merchandise. Outside the store they sold farm stuff like gates livestock supplies as well as bird feeders and outdoor stuff.  As you can see from this map, Cantril isn't close to much of anything. But it's a nice drive in Van Buren County Iowa. We were just glad to get home after a two day vacation!

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