Saturday, September 28, 2013


So it was rainy all day..yay! SO I thought I should finish this yellow HST quilt. DONE!

I used my walking foot to do straight (ish) line quilting diagonally. I have one of these line follower thingy-ma-bob, but I can't fit it on with the walking foot.

Not quite duct tape, but still tape to the rescue!

Working on it wasn't too bad. It took a good solid couple of hours though, and a little more than 3 bobbins. Funny how I hate running out of bobbins, huh?

This one is going to the church bazaar in November.  Here's the back side. I had a bunch of this yellow fabric left from pillowcases-the fabric was donated by pastor Diane, so now it's going to a good use!

All ready for a wash and dry and I hope wonderful crinkly goodness!

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