Saturday, October 12, 2013

Big Time Gambling

So when my birthday rolls around I try to go and gamble for some free money.  I don't think you'll be calling me Maverick anytime soon.

1st stop- I rounded up Uber Son and we hit the Meskwaki Casino, over near Tama , Iowa. On your birthday, you get $20 of bingo credit! Yay! So I could play bingo for pretty darn cheap. Son had never been to Meskwaki Bingo before, it was an eye opener.

You notice there's only white hairs and blue hairs in the background there.....
After getting settled in guess who was our big winner of the night? Yup Uber son WINS!!!

He sure needs the money since he's....... "currently between positions". It was a pretty eventful night at Bingo-there was a scandal! One lady called Bingo after the caller had moved on to the next number and the lady who had the next number got cheated! She went to management I guess and later ended up showing them all, by winning the $900 fishbowl pot!!
So I continue my losing streak. But there's one more chance. Hubs and I head over to The Riverside Casino. For your birthday there, you get $9 in free slot play and a free dinner buffet.
Alas! Still a loser. But I at least got to have supper with Hubs and DD. DD was baby sitting little mason. Look how cute Mason is......
He hitched a ride with Hubs, and Mason was also the accomplice, hubs was boosting a big ol' hunk of fried chicken out of the buffet right under the boy!!!  Oh well I may be a loser at gambling, but I am always entertained!

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