Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Finished Barns

                       So here is the finished Barn Quilt table runner. 

Don't you just love it! Yes, I do, but it's going to the United Way Silent Auction at my workplace. Remember I work at Procter & Gamble? (There, now I've complied with our Social Media Policy:-)
Every year there is a silent auction of various things donated by the company and by the employees. Can you guess what the items are that get the highest bids?

I just love the cars and cats and dogs in two of the barns. I'm glad I left one of the barns kind of empty. It looks good I think.
The backing fabric is Juggling Summer by Zen Chick for Moda-what a name!!
I just free motion quilted it on my home Baby Lock, with  shiny grey polyester thread. I think I may need to make another one of these sometime, but when I get the book by Lori Holt called Quilty Fun-which I have heard includes this barn plus the silo barn and a lot more-I might move to another cute project. 
So, what do you think the item that gets the highest bid is? So far every year it is parking places. Yup, the company puts up several prime parking places. These places are very coveted because it means you don't have to walk through the snow, rain, sleet or heat from the employee parking lot. You get to park up close in the visitors area. The highest bids are usually well over $300 for each space offered.

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