Saturday, October 19, 2013

Look Honey! I Bought A Stick!!!!!

I went to a couple of yard sales this morning. I also went to the largest indoor yard sale out at Sharpless Auction Center near West branch, Iowa. 
The vendors were outdoors and indoors too. Almost anything you could want was here. 
My favorite-Hey A snow blower or earrings...hmmm, tough decision!!
And yes, I bought a stick. It was in a bin with a bunch of canes and stuff. So maybe it's a walking stick....
It says The Aultman Company Mfr's of Threshers, Engines,Etc. Canton O and then on the other side it says 
Sold by The Cedar Rapids Supply Co.m, Cedar Rapids and Des Moines Ia. 
Pretty cool stick I think!!
I also bought this cool lock-I'm going to hang it on the blue wall...
I know it's very cool isn't it! Well, yeah, there's no key, but still.....
So, OK I came home with a stick and a lock with no key.......I know it sounds bad but geeeee they are both cool as can be!

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