Saturday, November 23, 2013

Antiques R Us

SO DD and me stepped over to the Riverside Casino for their annual antique show and sale.
Lots to see, and a ton of vintage Christmas...which I just adore...
Couldn't you just cry that we don't have our silver tree any more?
Yes, that tag says $!
This wire tree was already sold, it was awesome.

Look at these Tupperware cookie cutters, selling for $3 each! I think Mom still has hers!

Hat pins and Jadeite...DD loves that green stuff, but it doesn't come cheap.

Several booths had vintage tins for sale...sad to say I think Mom has a few of these still in her cupboard!! Keep hanging on Mom! It's kind of sad that my childhood is for sale at an antique show!!!

There was quite a crowd, Lots of jewelry for DD to drool over too.

And pleanty of these vintage ornaments that I like so much. I wasn't a buyer today though, most of the ornaments were running $2-$6 each.

I have to remember that this kind of stoneware bowl is pretty expensive even though we saw several at different booths from different companies.

Look at the mink coat that DD tried on, this booth had several vintage fur coats, they were very soft and lovely. Don't get all huffy about the fur, these critters have been dead a loooonnng time!

We came home empty handed today but had a great time looking at all the stuff.

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sweetvintageofmine said...

Sounds like you had a great time "antiquing"! It's always FUN to look and remember things growing up even if you don't buy! Have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving~~~Roxie