Friday, November 1, 2013

Church Bazaar Baby Bibs

So, my Mom has been busy. Look at these adorable baby bibs she made at her Bernina Club.
Little flowered ones for girls and Sheriff ones for boys. Aren't they cute!
I used my latest tool to attach snaps The snaps for mom. I am really liking these plastic snaps and the fastener for them. It works great and comes with everything you need to put on snaps easily.
Just use the pokey tool and make a small hole for the pokey part of the snap...
Then put on the snapper part..

and use the tool to squeeze them together and viola! 
Cute bibs are complete. Since we don't have any babies in our family, I told Mom if she wanted to make the project i would take them to my church's bazaar. See that's kind of the trouble with her Bernina Club-sometimes the project isn't something you really need, but the technique or the item is so cute you still want to do it. 
Stop buy the Oxford United Methodist Church in Oxford Iowa on Saturday November 9 at 4 pm  if you would like to buy a couple of them.

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