Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pinterest Made Me Do It

So for Thanksgiving dessert, I thought ice Cream Sundaes would be awesome. I got the requisite chocolate syrup, strawberries, cool whip and I got to thinkin' you know hot fudge and caramel would be awesome. SO I remembered that Pinterest had a ton of posts about how awesome the caramel is that is made from sweetened condensed milk in the crock pot. Super easy and yummy the posts say. Like this oneSlow Cooker Caramel, and this one Slow cooker caramel . SO I though sure, that would be great. I set out the crock pot and put my cans in there on low covered with water and trundled off the bed with visions of wonderful caramel in my head....
In the morning I took those little silver gems out of the pot and put them in the fridge while my potato casserole baked. 
And here's what happened when I took them out...
Splut out the top-no big deal, I opened them up though and
NOT creamy, not smooth, not caramel-ee. Sure they tasted OK, and I do mean just OK, nothing wonderful, nothing yummy. I thohght well maybe if I zap them in the microwave before topping the ice cream it would be better. NOT. SO there's my Pinterest fail. I should have tried it like this slow cooker caramel.
Then I wouldn't have glue residue from the can stuck to the sides of my crock pot either. Funny how a lot of posters on Pinterest mentioned they were worried about the can causing rust marks on their crock pot but no one seemed concerned over getting the glue residue off because it didn't occur to me to thoroughly clean it off the can after removing the, no one mentions this problem. I may need to give up on pinterest recipes. One more fail.......

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