Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tea Light Snowman

So I whipped up a few of these snow man pins using some tea lights that I have had around for a long time.  I took 6 to the church bazaar and priced them at $2 each and they all sold out in the 1st hour!
So here's what you do to make them...
My tea lights had little legs on them so I snapped them off with my crop-a-dile, pliers would do the trick too.
Then I punched out a circle for the back and nibbled away a little hole for the on off switch to poke through.
 I made sure to test the tea lights before I built them because that would have been depressing to have one all done and then not work!
I used sticky strip/red backed double stick tape to adhere the back to the tealight.
  I think glue would work too if you let it dry.
Next I punched out a circle for the snowman face. I had to use a punch to nibble away a hole in the center to fit over the tea light "flame". I wish I had a punch the correct size, but oh well...
I put a little glue stick glue on the paper and slid it on to the tea light. Now I fussed with paper hats for awhile and decided it needed something a little more hat-like. SO I colored a little bit of sticky back foamy sheet black and cut the shape I liked and added a little paper red and white band to the hat.
Stuck that on when the marker was dry. Now I could see where the face should go. I also wanted to make sure the on off switch on the back was at the bottom so I had to pay attention where I placed the hat. 
For rosy cheeks I  punched two dots of pink paper and glues them in place with the glue stick, then used a Sharpee marker to make coal eyes and the smiling mouth .
I wanted it to be a pin so I had some pin backs and I added some sticky foam tape to them and stuck them right on. I gotta tell you this sticky foam stuff is awesome. Worked excellent!
and it might have been helpful if my thumb wasn't covering the on off switch....
And DONE! So cute right?

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sweetvintageofmine said...

VERY CUTE!! I can see why they sold out!! Are you ready to make more? Blessings~~~Roxie