Saturday, February 15, 2014

Olympic Quilts

My spousal Unit (bless his heart) said I was crazy, well he didn't say it he just gave me that look.
 When I opened my P&G Holiday ( Oh ummm #PGemployee) gift box there was a lovely blanket in there. It's soft and bright. I love it.
 I said to my DH, I love the print on this fabric, it looks like a faux quilt. I wonder if it will be the design for the Olympics this winter? Remember this was back in...December-I blogged about it here.
Well imagine my delight/surprise when I viewed the olympic coverage last week.
Look in the background...see it in a purple colorway?
Look there it is in blue!
Look at the Slope Style venue, it's in pink!
And at the speed skating venue too! I love this diamond patchwork quilt design!
And a quick Google shows that I'm not the only one, look at the stuff you can buy with this print...
Hamel's Fabrics blogged about it here. How cool is that!!!

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