Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Out and About

well there was a short repreive from the snow so I ventured out on Saturday. It was the winter farmer's Market at Sycamore Mall in Iowa City.There were quite a few crafts people selling a lot of nice things. But the thing I really went for was the Annual Shelter House Book Sale!
 Books, Books, Books, I love books. I picked up an armful of kids books for Girl-friend-in-law's kiddos. There was a big crowd, and a lot of books! I could have spent all day there!  But DD and I wanted to stop over at the Kiwanis Antique show over at the fairgrounds.

 Lots to see there! Look at the jadeite! DD tried to dicker with the guy selling this but couldn't quite get him to an affordable price. Oh well!

 I had to chuckle, these little enamel pans were marked $5 each. When I clear my elderly friend's driveway, she has one of these in her ice melt bag! I'll have to tease her about that.
 DD really liked this dresser, I told her it might hold most of her jewels!
It was so great to get out for a change, too bad when we left the building it was starting to snow again! Deep sigh!!!

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