Monday, March 24, 2014

Sunday Business

Look what I did! Can you believe it? I was quilting along with a nice meandering line and look! I caught the backing fabric folded over.  ARGGGGGG! A little Un-sewing and we're back on track though!
 There! all done quilting this baby boy quilt. I think it will be going to the church bazaar in November..
 I love how it came out! I used navy blue thread to quilt it, and the back-after a little un sewing-came out really good! Now I just need to do the binding, maybe tomorrow.
 I am really getting to like not piecing the backs of these smallish quilts.
SO the pirate quilt I made for baby Brennen hasn't been delivered yet.
His parents requested a book instead of a card so I got this nice story book from b&n. And we all know a book needs a book mark right? SO I laminated a some scrapbook paper to make B bookmarks for Brennen. Love some alliteration! haha

 They look good! I also had space in the laminating pouch so I always tuck in some scrap paper to fill in the the space and make book marks for myself. Can't let that space go unused can I!
And I laminated the little cheat sheet I have that tells bed sizes on it. I'm going to keep one by my sewing area and one in my purse so I will know how big I need to go when creating quilts or buying fabric unexpectedly. But no buying fabric until I use up a little bit more of what I have! I'm debating between a few projects. The chat sheet I laminated is you-never-know-when-you-will-need-this-bed-sizes-and-dimensions/
here, you can print one out for your purse too!

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