Saturday, April 19, 2014

Craft Your Environment

Today I went to the Craft Your Environment event at the Iowa City Salvage Barn.
I blogged about the salvage barn before, Here. It's at the same location as the Re Store store. Today was a crafty show of recycled craft items, and fun things for the kids to do too. DD was babysitting for Wyatt and Mason and Will today so they all came out.
 Here's Will and Wyatt planting a sunflower seed in a reused newspaper starter pot. They also went on the reusable water bottle hunt...they all found a water bottle! YAY!
 This crafts person, made lamps and decorative items out of gears, and car parts.
 The girls that had this booth had really awesome re-purposed paper notebooks and comic book covered shoes and all kinds of interesting things. But what caught my eye was the table. Look it was once a treadle sewing machine table. See the foot treadle and belt reel? It's so different!

Look at the very back of this picture they made tote bags out of grease rags. I remember those pinkish colored grease rags from  along time ago!

 Over in the Salvage Barn is a lot of really wonderful wood parts.

 It's so great that they do this work to re use the wonderful old house parts.
Look at this pretty fireplace surround. It is awesome. It must have been a really sad day when it was removed from it's home. So with the wonderful weather it was an excellent day at the Salvage barn!

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