Saturday, May 24, 2014

Origami Owl

SO who knew about origami Owl? Yeah, me neither. Well it's cute jewelry lockets (and other stuff) you buy at a know,  like Tupperware!
 DD hosted a party yesterday. I needed to go check it out. Look at all the tiny little charms and dodads that you can put inside one of the lockets to "tell your story"
 You select each part of the jewelry you want, the chain, the charms, the dangles, the locket and then add it all up.....
And you get a cute necklace like this one. Here are some examples from around the web.
And they have earrings too. You can add any tiny charm you want to them. Such a clever idea!
If you want to order on DD's party go to her designer's webpage, Courtney Petrick. Here's her link
I had to laugh a little bit though, see they have charms for hobbies and occupations, like knitting.....
 and police....
and like medical caduceus,  and
sewing....wait a minute...what's wrong with this sewing machine.......
yup, it's BACKWARDS! Obviously a non sewer designed this one...and I checked at the party, it's not just flipped over, this is the front! Yeah, so I didn't buy this one!

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