Monday, June 30, 2014

At The Ol' Ballgame

The annual pilgrimage to the Kernels game was just a little bit damp this year. But look, see that guy sitting at the table? Signing autographs? That's Rod Carew-he's a famous ball player-even I know that! He had a line all the way down the concourse waiting for him. I feel so bad for his writing hand!
 Since Uber Son had to work, and Hubs thought it was too hot, DD and girlfriend-in-law went to the game with me along with DD's friend and his kiddo.
 Aren't they cute! The Cedar Rapids Kernels get off to a good start-look we had great seats on the 3rd base line! Hi Mr. Shucks!

 Uh Oh...clouds are moving in......

 Things are looking a little bit dreary..... then Whoosh, the rain let loose!!! DD and her pals were wimps and left! Not me and Girlfriend-in-law though! We are good fans!
 We got pretty damp, then they pulled out the tarp so we headed up top to wait it out.
After resuming play, the rains came again so we called it quits. We were ahead when we left and YAY! Kept the lead when the game was called after the 5th inning.

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