Sunday, June 22, 2014

Yard Sale Saturday

So on Saturday DD and I made the trek to my Mom's house to check out the yard sales. On the way we stopped in LeGrand Iowa...those folks know how to yard sale!!
 If you are Gary or Peggy, I was at a yard sale that was made for you! Look at this awesome vintage metal platter. I am in love with it!
This is the way to make a table! I love the good use of walkers!!!
 I always have an eye out for video games for Uber Son. He sells and trades them a lot! I think these were priced too high, so they did not come home with me. We did find a couiple of cute tops for DD and some shorts for the kiddos-in-laws.
 In Albion Iowa, where my Folks live, there was a sale in the building that used to house the local grocery store. Keeler's Grocery. Oh the fond memories! It's so sad to see the old building falling apart. After the Keeler's closed the store (they couldn't live forever, right?) it became a feed store for a little while. The upper floor was used as a meeting hall for the...Odd Fellows?, Kiwanis?.... One of those brotherhood groups anyways, now it's just pretty decrepit. I peeked in the front windows-  it is just filled with junk.
I can remember  parking my bike on the sidewalk in front of these windows and going into the store to buy candy. The wood floors would creak and it was always cool in the store. Walk past the freezer where the Popsicles and ice cream bars were and to the counter where we'd buy pixie stix and candy cigarettes. Mr Keeler, Grassy, is what everyone called him, would wait on us kids like we were just as important as any one else. Mrs. Keeler was mean (we thought) and wanted to charge us tax for our five cent purchases. The candy was behind the counter and Mrs. Keeler didn't want kids to hang around too long deciding what to buy, she'd always tell us to hurry up! Anyways That was a long time ago!
 The sale was in the backside of the building, we went in and saw that the floors were all the original hard wood but had a lot of places where plywood had been put down to presumably mend a hole.  
But look at the tin ceiling. Oh my, isn't it lovely!
 Look at the molding around the edges. Oh it is awesome! I can't imagine anyone restoring the building but I sure do hope someone comes along and re purposes this beautiful tin ceiling.

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