Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July Parade

 It just wouldn't be 4th of July without a parade. I like our small town parade best of all. It's just long enough to enjoy and short enough so it's not boring.  The fire trucks come from all the surrounding communities, and they have a full day. THey go to the small town parades one right after the other. Coralville was at 10am,we were at 3pm, Hills was at 5pm, I'm sure there were a few others in there too!

 The AWANA kids had fun on their float-yeah, float-AKA hay rack! Hi Caitie!
 Kids with no cause also had fun! Gotta love the way kids think!
Vintage tractors and farm equipment-look at that little girl handle that Farmall...  followed by a herd of 4 wheelers and motorcycles and bicycles and of course the politicians are out in force!
And of course the horses bring up the rear! ANother 4th of July is in the books!

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