Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Auction Fun

SO, DD and me went to an auction over near Amana, Iowa on Saturday. I confirmed what I always suspected, Tupperware lids live forever, while Tupperware containers disappear.
 Take a look at this GIANT deep freeze. DO people still call it a deep freeze? This freezer could hold a few bodies with no trouble-it's a good 6 feet long- and it's like new! It sold for something like $100.
 There was lots of furniture,
 all set out for easy viewing,
 and for easy test sitting-Hi Honey! We actually bought that chair! It was $5.
 Oh yeah, look at this giant crock-it sold for about $145. There was a ton of small stuff, it took forever to get to the dishes.
 Yup, can you see what the auctioneer is holding up in his left hand? Yes, it's Jadeite.
 Poor DD was just a little nervous when Auctioneer Bret Wears was waving those two dishes around, but he didn't drop them, she bid and won the two dishes for $30.
 I came home with this chair which, while a little low, is soooo comfortable! and this little stool, which will be an ottoman for me. You know how I love those hairpin legs. This little stool was sold along with a whole pile of stuff, so DD asked the guy who bought the pile if he'd sell it, and he did! We kind of thought he wanted the pile of stuff and not the cute iron legged ottoman, and we were right!
Now it's time to focus on what's coming up...Antiques Roadshow in Chicago!!

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