Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Picking the Pickers

So we made a stop on the way to Chicago at LeClaire Iowa to visit the Pickers. I've blogged about them before. I'm a fan of the TV show American Pickers, and DD hadn't visited the Antique Archeology store before so here we are on a rainy Friday morning!
 The new building-which you probably heard about on the show-looks great! It's a lot bigger than the old building. There are a lot more room in the new building. And they replaced the old hillside rocks with big blocks allowing a little bit more parking.
 Plus almost all of the old stuff is for sale. We liked the lamp made with electric insulators for shades here. It was for sale, for something like $245, I think. But you could always buy a souvenir!
 I remember the episode when Frank & Mike Picked this bike in a wood frame.
 Then we stepped over to the old building and had a lookie loo over there.  Most of the old stuff in the old building is not for sale.
But you can sure buy souvenirs!
Did I mention that it was FABRIGANZA next door at Expressions In Threads, and I DROVE ON BY!!!!!

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