Friday, September 19, 2014

Sewing for Others

SO, look! I finally figured out how come I couldn't get pictures. SO here they are!

Here are pillowcases in progress for the Sew A Long next Saturday. These pillowcase parts will be sewn together for the ConKerr Cancer organization. They give cute pillowcases to children who are in the hospital for cancer treatment.

 Then there's this vest. It was one of those pre-printed cut outs you buy in a panel. It was donated to the fabric for church sewing. SO I sewed it up and added a few buttons and will have it for sale at the Annual All Church Bazaar on November 8. Pretty cute,huh!
 Look at my In Progress bucket! My Mom made it for me and it's getting full! I got green fabric for a Christmas quilt for my grilfriend-in-law's daughter. Hope I can get it done! And I got the brownish fabric for the Infernape costume I was requested for Halloween.  Don't ask....Infernape is a Pokemon....
 And I'm finishing up with some repair jobs for others too. A trouser zipper-YUCK! and a jacket zipper and I'm sewing for a princess or two ....
 See Cinderella needed a little repair
 and so did Snow White. For the price Disney charges for these dress up clothes you'd think they'd be a little nicer fabric. It's yucky! It ravels and just falls apart under the needle. Oh well I think the princesses will be Ok for awhile now.

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