Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday Random Round Up

SO today is my last day of vacation this week. SO sad! Anyways, I was noticing I had some random photos in my file. 
 See that cute black and white bag/box that Gramma made for DD? Bob likes it a lot!
That Bob! He was missing for a couple of days-glad to say he's home again.
Look here's DD and her hubs and the Godchildren, Wyatt & Mason. They were all at that auction we went to last week. 
I got hubs a new chair from Staples. 
I laughed at the directions. Trey say "...we develop our instructions to have  the right amount of detail you'll need for easy assembly."

 Then look at the instructions-there are NO WORDS! LOL!!! I laughed so hard!!!

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