Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Birthday Fun!

So the family gathered to celebrate the fall birthdays. The kids rode horses,
 and played in the hay barn and had a good day.

 We determined the good looking wooly bears were telling us that we would have a mild's bound to be better than last year, right?
 As always when we go to my older sisters house she had a project. This time it was a big gas grill she wanted assembled for her BF's Christmas present. So Uber Son and SIL went to work on that job!
 This is my Mom & Dad. Don't they look great! Dad cut up a little bit of firewood from a fallen tree-he avoided the grill project successfully!
 Uber Son with the multi person birthday cake.

 Lunch was late...sorry, who knew that Stouffer's Lasagne took a long time to bake, but it was pretty good by the time we finally ate!
Fun was had by all...horses, kids, wooly bears and cake! Who could ask for a better day!

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