Monday, October 6, 2014

I Have to Learn to say No!

So  a guy I work with brought me this fabric and asked if I could make covers for his furniture. I said, "You mean dresser scarves?" Yup that's what he wanted. He has antique furniture and knick knacks displayed on top and wants to keep the tops protected from dust and scratches.
 I am just apalled that the person who sold him this fabric thought it was the best choice. Not in a million years would I even suggest this fabric.
 It's like LINING fabric! It's acetate or something ravel-ee and fuzzy, and slippery, and slimy and is just awful to try to get and keep square. And on top of it all he wants 5 pieces and 3 of them are 40" long! FORTY INCHES OF HELL I say! I starched the crap out of it, and pressed it to death.
 ON the first piece I turned the hems under, on the 2nd one I just serged the edges-after spray starching and pressing to death!
 This method ordinarily makes a really nice flat mitered corner......well it is flat, but not so square as I would like. Oh well......
 Two down 3 more to go. I really need to say no whenever I get asked to work with awful fabric, but who knew it would be this bad!?

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