Thursday, October 16, 2014

Randomness Thursday

So I've been on the wrong day of the week all week, and as it turns out I'm a week bhind in blogging too I guess! So last week...did you see the klunar eclipse? I did, it was kind of cool, but as always hard to ccapture on a cell phone!

 Lookie here, Hubs made me cinnamon rolls for my birthday...there's a reason I keep him around! LOL!
 I escorted SIL to his Dr. appointment over at the University of Iowa. I don't usually have visits to the South end of the facility, but that's where his appointment was.  Look at the construction of the new Children's hospital building! WOW!
 It's pretty impressive looking. I hadn't seen this side of the construction before, and it sure does look good there I think! This is looking Westward.
See the red bricks of Kinnick Stadium in the center of the picture? They say there's going to be an overlooking view of the stadium when it's all finished. That should be interesting!  Now I better get back on track!

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